Chapter 1: Dooming The Innocent

Colonel Young couldn't believe what he had just heard from the Scottish scientist. The man had obviously hit his head so hard that it caused severe damage because there was absolutely no way in hell that Rush was asking for help.

"What did you just say?" Young asked as he placed his hands on his desk in his office and leaned forward so it was taking his weight. He might collapse from the shock if he had indeed heard him correctly.

"Why must I always repeat myself? I said that I need you to assign someone to assist me. I need two sets of hands and being human despite what everyone on board thinks; I am human and thus only have one set of hands." Rush explained annoyed and frustrated and gestured with his hands. "I need someone who can learn quickly and be open minded, someone who is willingly to work closely with me for long periods of time."

'I need to sit down, Rush asking for help? I never thought it would happen.' Young thought to himself as he did sit down and take a deep breath, when he really thought about it was fair enough that Rush needed someone else to assist him, after all he was human and couldn't do everything at once, but why was he asking him? "Why are asking me to find you someone?"

"I thought that would be quite obvious, I have so much work to do that I don't have the time to go search for another assistant. Eli is too busy doing something else and that just leaves me alone, plus none of the scientists are willing to talk to me longer than necessary." Rush almost smirked at this; just thinking about how everyone feared him was mildly amusing but mostly annoying.

"Fine, I'll see what I can do." Young said, getting up again and making his way to where the majority of the scientists would be. They all generally stuck together out of feeling safe in numbers.

Rush probably should have thanked the man but he was too stubborn and besides the Colonel hadn't actually done anything for him yet. He left as soon as Young said 'fine' and made his way back to the control room, he just hoped that whoever the Colonel picked wasn't incompetent, they would be an idiot compared to him but that couldn't be helped.

When Colonel Young entered the large room that had been unofficially dubbed my Greer as the 'geek nest' he wasn't expecting the scientists to be arguing fiercely over what seemed to be some equations. The scientists all got along with each other with the exceptions of Rush who was an outcast to them but that was completely understandable.

"You're wrong, it has to equal off the same amount of energy if not then it's going to blow a section of the ship up!" Dr Park was yelling at Brody as she pointed to a Datapad that was on the table in the middle of the room that everyone was gathered round.

"How would a geologist know about that? Did you ever study physics? No! So shut up! I know what I'm doing, it has to have more energy at the final stage if not then it's not enough and it would be useless!" Brody shot back at her and the two entered a glaring contest.

As Young watched the argument unfold he noticed that the other scientists had stopped whatever they had been doing and were taking sides upon reading the information on the Datapad. They hadn't noticed him enter the room as they were that focused at yelling at each other and Young was about to step in when he saw a female scientist get up from where she was sat in the far corner of the room. He was surprised that he hadn't seen her, she must have been just sitting there listening in on everyone.

He couldn't see her face so he had no idea who she was, but she just strode to the middle of the room, picked up the Datapad that was on the table, glanced at it for a couple of seconds before announcing to everyone in a shy voice. "You're both wrong." She then tapped her fingers on the Datapad, presumably inputting the new information and set it back down on the table and stepped back, allowing everyone to see what she had done.

Brody and Park leaned over and looked at the Datapad in silence until they both sighed in unison and stood up straight; nodding at each other as if they were conceding defeat and muttered "Thanks, Woods." Before returning to the work that they had abandoned, the rest of the scientists followed their example but as they were leaving they gave the female scientist strange looks as they departed.

The female scientist sighed heavily and slouched her shoulders forward as if in resignation. Her right arm lifted up and rubbed her temples probably trying to soothe the headache that was no doubt beginning to form.

They were the only two left in the room as the other scientists had immediately left upon seeing him and somehow they could all tell that he wanted to speak to the woman who had broken up the argument. Young cleared his throat and took a couple of steps towards the scientist. She jumped and swung round to see the intruder and relaxed when she recognised whom it was. He was just as surprised as her when he was finally close enough to identify her face.

She was young looking and one of the youngest people on board, next to Eli. She was roughly 5'7, slender and extremely beautiful. She had brilliant hazel eyes that just seemed to shine and gorgeous long dark brown hair that was pulled up into a ponytail. She wore a red t-shirt with a small black waistcoat over it, snug blue jeans and brown boots that were similar to what the military wore.

"Dr. Woods, do you have a minute?" He asked politely, out of all the scientists on the Destiny, Woods was the nicest and understood the way in which the military worked, but unlike Rush she truly respected them and was completely compliant with them.

"Yes Colonel, what is it that you want?" She asked just as politely in a weak English accent and clasped her hands behind her back. Most of them time she sounded just like the rest of the American personnel, it was only when she was frustrated or very happy that her English came apparent.

"I was wondering how you feel about being paired up with Dr Rush? Turns out he needs another assistant and after seeing you handle things in here, I thought that you'd be perfect." Colonel Young had seen the fear that had flashed across her eyes but it was gone in a second. He felt about asking her, it was well known that she was shy around others, he had read her file like all the others and knew that the reason behind it led back to her parents.

Her parents had slaved her to work continuously since she could read, and drove her to be the best of the best and that unfortunately had excluded her from having friends and not interacting with people her own age. She was highly intelligent and Stargate Command had their eyes on her for years, but they didn't act because she was so young. She had only turned 21 a month before they arrived here. She had been disclosed on the information regarding the Stargate on her 18th birthday and had been working on equations that would have practical implications for space travel ever since.

"Sure, I'm up for the challenge." She answered uncertainly, she knew what she was getting herself into, and she had met Rush once before Icarus base and that had been a brief visit to Atlantis. He had been nice and kind to all of the scientists that they had met during their visit, especially Dr McKay who seemed to share a lot of the same qualities, they both didn't like youth trying to work along side them. Pure arrogance that they were the only ones capable of anything useful.

"Thank you Dr Woods." Young hadn't been surprised that she had accepted, he knew that she wanted to prove herself to not just Rush, but all the scientists on Destiny. "He's in the control room, you should probably head straight there. If he gives you any trouble let me know." And he definitely meant it; Woods may be a genius but she was socially inept due to her lack of socialisation growing up. She couldn't defend herself from a verbal confrontation however she flew through her field training with great efficiency that it was just plain odd that she didn't know how to handle conflicts when weapons weren't involved.

"I will." She said cheerily and walked out of the room and down the corridor towards the control room where Rush would be waiting impatiently to see who had been sent to him.

Young just hoped that Woods would be able to survive Rush's harsh demeanour and that he wouldn't crush her spirit. 'Who knows, may be she'll have a positive effect on him?'

A/N: I got this idea after I saw the beginning of 'Life' where Eli isn't working with Rush and is instead working for Young. I just thought that if it continued on that way then Rush would be forced to find himself another partner. So this is set between 'Life' and 'Justice.' Please let me know your thoughts, they are appreciated.