Chapter 3: Gentle Soul

Rush was unwillingly to admit that an amateur had saved his life so quickly through hacking the Destiny's uncooperative systems. He would admit to himself that he was grateful of course but not to anyone else. This Doctor Kadie Woods was a mystery to him, and he had always loved a good mystery puzzle.

There were several things that made him suspicious of her:

Colonel Young knew her personally somehow because he had referred to her with her first name.

Her association to Colonel Young meant that she was working for him and most likely informing him of everything about their work.

She was just too cheery and helpful which also meant that she was hiding something and not exactly what she appears.

She was able to access the door controls with relative ease, which shouldn't have been possible for anyone except for himself that made him conclude that the whole thing had been staged.

Colonel Young had assigned her to him and even if he had asked the man to do it, it automatically made her someone of concern.

He knew next to nothing about her; not even the other scientists seemed to know her when he overhears their conversations about the people on the ship. The most they say about her is her physical attractiveness and how different she is compared to them.

'I need to keep a close eye on her from now on.' He decided as he made his way from the infirmary to his quarters. Lt Johansen had examined him and Greer and found that they were indeed ok and ordered them both to bed and radio her if they felt unwell.

As he neared his door he saw Woods enter her room probably turning in for the night. He hadn't realised that her room was just down the hall from his own. 'Well at least I know where it is in case I need her to assist me during the night.' His door swung open and the exhaustion that washed over his body sudden hit him as his door closed.

Rush considered working for another couple of hours going through the equations on how to Gate everyone home but he was distracted by the many theories he was conjuring up about Doctor Woods. In the end he just went bed and succumbed to his desperate need to slumber.

For once in a long time he didn't dream about his dead wife but instead dreamt of Doctor Woods. The dream was sensual and felt so real that to Rush it was almost as if it had happened. His subconscious mind had supplied him with images of porcelain skin, plump lips that felt so soft and warm against his own, a smell that he could not even begin to describe that was hers alone.

Rush jerked awake covered in a cold sweat, it had been a while since he had experienced such a dream and a most inappropriate one at that. He had barely taken in her appearance; he had no wish to form attachments to anyone and so became indifferent to the appeals of women and their beauty.

He had truly believed that he had gone above feeling the lust for a woman who looked absolutely divine. But apparently his subconscious mind had not and neither had his body much to his dislike. Before he could ponder more on why exactly he had such a dream about a woman he had just met, his radio crackled to life.

"Colonel Young, Doctor Rush come to my quarters immediately, there's something you need to see." Camille Wray's voice ordered and left no room for discussion.

Rush was grateful for the distraction and headed straight there, jogging lightly down the corridors. He could tell that he hadn't slept for more than a couple of hours as his body still screamed of exhaustion.

He didn't know what he was expecting to see but when he entered the woman's room he certainly wasn't expecting to witness this. Camille Wray's room was quite large with a large black desk and chair at one corner, a bench in another and a decent sized bed on the other side.

Colonel Young and Miss Wray were standing next to the bed with both of their arms crossed over their chests as they watched the young Doctor Woods muttering to herself and hurriedly scribbling numbers and symbols over a large piece of paper that Wray had been using for her drawings.

There were several pages scattered on the floor, all with the similar scribbling that appeared to be in no order that it just looked like mathematical nonsense to them. Naturally Rush recognised what the young scientist was experiencing and by the look on Young's face he knew too.

"Does anyone want to explain to me what's she's doing? I don't like it when a member of the expedition knocks on my door muttering under her breath and storming into my room in search of paper and writing equipment and then spend the next hour doing this." She gestured to the mess of papers that were lying everywhere.

"She's having a scientific revelation." Young supplied as he watched Woods start another page and grabbing another pen that had ran out of ink.

"What does that mean exactly?" Wray asked irritated at the Colonel for his brief answer and for the young scientist disturbing her sleep.

Rush was surprised that Young knew the term and filed it away for later and focused on answering Wray's question. "It means that her mind has suddenly developed a theory, equation or math proof that she has to write down immediately or risk losing the revelation. I have experienced a few in my life and can inform you that Doctor Woods has no real conscious thought of what she's currently doing. Her body is acting of it's own accord and she wont stop until she's gotten it all out." He too began to watch the young scientist and observed that her body was having no trouble keeping up with the information that her mind was processing which meant that She had also experienced her fair share.

"She's nearly done, her hand is slowing down." Young stated from his observations and uncrossed his arms and faced Rush. "I want you to take her notes and keep them till morning. Knowing Doctor Woods she'd want to start working on it immediately. I want you both rested up before you do anything."

Rush didn't say anything and just nodded at the Colonel. Wray sat down on her bed and placed her hands on either side of her to keep her from just lying down and drifting off to sleep. Young bid them goodnight and left them alone.

Doctor Woods finished writing and dropped the pen and blinked herself into awareness. She looked around at the papers surrounding her and shifted her body and turned to face them.

Upon seeing this Rush realised that she was done and that her mind had drawn a blank. He moved away from where he had been standing by the door and walked right up to her and knelt next to her and gathered the pieces of paper up and rolled them. Woods copied him and handed him the papers unquestioningly and stood back up, only to have her knees give and begin to fall towards him.

Reacting quickly Rush wrapped his left arm around her waist and pull her against himself. Wray had jumped off the bed and snatched the papers out of his other hand and placed them on her desk.

"Knowing you Nicholas you'll stay up all night analysing her notes. So I'll keep them for tonight and you can kindly carry Doctor Woods back to her room." Wray's voice left no room for argument and as she crossed her arms over her chest again she gave him the look that said 'you'd better leave know before I get really cranky.'

Having no desire to protest he silently swooped the young woman up into his arms so that he was carrying her bridal style. She was very light and so he left without further delay and made his way back through the empty corridors. While walking back to her room Rush heard Woods make a small whimpering noise and then suddenly buried her face in the crook of his neck.

He tensed as she did so and became uncomfortable now that her breath was brushing his bare skin. It was obvious to him that she had fallen asleep in his arms and was trying to make herself comfortable by getting closer to the warmth of his body. But that didn't make it any easier on himself.

He was relieved when he was outside her door and that no one else had been around to see him carrying a sleeping Woods who was so comfortably snuggled into his chest. If someone had seen them like that then it would have undoubtedly caused rumours and cause more annoyance to him.

Rush was able to open her door without too much difficultly and noted that she had a small room exactly like his own. There was no desk or chair that been in Wray's room, it was bare and only contained a bed that was only big enough for one person. He managed to pull back the covers without waking her and gently lowered her on to the bed.

He decided to be uncharacteristically kind and sat at the foot of her bed and lifted up her right boot and untied the laces, pulling it off before doing the same with her other boot and gently placing them on the floor. Rush then lifted the covers up and tucked her in before making his way to his own bed.

'She may be working for Colonel Young but she did save my life. Returning a little kindness is the least I can do.' Rush reasoned to himself and justified why he had shown her such a kindness.

Unfortunately for them even though nobody had seen him carry her back to her room that didn't include the Kino that had been hovering around in search mode and recorded the whole thing back to Eli. As soon as the math boy woke up the next morning and informed Chloe of the footage it was certainly going to be spread around the whole ship.

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