What am I going to do? This was not the plan.

I sat with my head in my hands, gripping my thick dark hair. Edward Cullen. It's crazy that a single name can conger up so many different emotions – anger, frustration and definite annoyance!

A loud buzz brought me out of my thoughts. I snapped my head up to hear my secretary state that Mr. Johnson was here for his appointment. Mr. Johnson, a middle-aged balding man with bad breath and bad teeth, great combination.

"Send him in." I replied back to her, although this was the last thing I needed right now.

"Ms. Swan," he replied with his yellow smile "Have you missed me as much as I've missed you?"

What a jackass.

"Absolutely," I lied "Please, come in and have a seat." I motioned to the seat across from my mahogany desk.

"What can I do for you today Mr. Johnson?" I asked, ensuring I kept my professionalism at all times, even with perverts.

"So many ways I could answer that Ms. Swan," he chuckled with a mischievous smirk. God, I really do hate this man.

"Well, let's just stick to business today, shall we?" I replied with a tight smile. It was going to be a challenging day and catching a glimpse of the clock above Mr. Johnson's head, it was only 9:37am. Why the hell did he have to make such a big announcement on a Monday morning? Especially one that he knew I wouldn't take well. Another jackass. Great, I was surrounded by them! I need to find Edward and give me a piece of my mind – scratch that – give him a kick in the ass, right before I walk out of this office and never look back.

"I am going to require three ladies this Saturday evening," Mr. Johnson said while scratching his shiny head, "I don't suppose you're available?"

"As you know, I'm no longer on that end of business, Mr. Johnson. But, we do have Rosalie, Angela and Jessica available. I believe they've worked for you before."

"Ah, yes. They'll suffice, but they're not you Ms. Swan."

Thank god they're not me. I won't ever regret the day I decided to quit serving topless to a bunch of horny men. Not my proudest moments, but they did keep a roof over my head when nothing else would.

"So I'll book them in for you. What time do you require the girls?" I asked while clicking away on my laptop.

"6pm should be good. Please make sure they bring their bunny outfits. My boys love it when they hop around!"

"Absolutely. I'll be sure they get there in plenty of time." I said with a big smile on my face. This was an easy appointment. Get him in and out in no time.

"Thank you Ms. Swan, and if you ever do decide to get back onto that side of the business, please let me be the first to know."

"You will definitely be the first one." Not a chance in hell, I thought as he rose from his chair. "Thank you again for your business Mr. Johnson. And please don't feel obligated to come down to the office every time you require our services. We are more than happy to help you over the phone."

"Oh Ms. Swan, I love coming to the office," he said while licking his lips, "it gives me a chance to see my favourite girl. I have to say I'm rather happy that decided to promote Victoria to operations manager. I was afraid that I wouldn't get to see you anymore."

"Well I'm glad that you're happy, Mr. Johnson." Although I'd love to beat the shit out of Edward right now. How the hell did Mr. Johnson even know about the promotion? Hell, it only happened an hour ago!

Mr. Johnson left my office through the double doors and I sat back down at my computer. Time to come up with a plan, I thought squeezing my eyes shut. What am I going to do?