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She felt herself lying on solid ground that felt like grass. Opening her eyes, she blinked rapidly getting them to adjust to the brightness that surrounded her. For a second she wondered where she was, but then remembered she had just sacrificed herself for the Planet. Her hands instantly flew to her stomach but just felt the fabric of her dress the way it had been before a sword pierced through it.

For a few moments she lay, forgetting where she was, forgetting she was still lying on the ground, and just let her tears fall.

She cried for her friends, she cried for the Planet, but most of all, she cried for the unfairness of it all. She cried for the life she'd never be able to live, for the children who she'd never be able to have. She hadn't wanted to die so young, but it had to be done, and she had absolutely no regrets.

After her tears stopped and her breaths evened out, she uncurled herself and sat up. Looking around, she realized she was in a garden. One far more beautiful than she'd ever tended to.

Aeris got up, brushed off the dirt on her dress and walked around, in awe of the beauty that surrounded her. Was this Heaven? Why was she alone?

She bend down to gaze at a smaller flower but stopped when a pair of boots made their way into her vision directly in front of her. She followed the feet, to the legs, to the midriff, to a very familiar face.

He had a daisy in his hand and lifted it up to hand to her.

Her green eyes widened and her hand flew to her opened mouth. "Zack!" She gasped.

She was too shocked to take the flower, but he just chuckled and tucked it behind her ear. "Long time, no see, huh?" His eyes were playful, and he smile so genuine and soft.

She jumped on him, engulfing him a large, emotional hug and he laughed and hugged her back with equal force.

She wanted to cry from the emotions building up in her stomach from seeing him again, but she just couldn't and settled on just holding him tightly.

Finally, after a few moments of being in each others arms comfortably, she asked, "Where am I?"

With a smile and a kiss to her forehead, he interlaced his fingers through hers and responded. "Home. You're home."

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