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Chapter Twenty-Four - Into the Night

"I can't believe I'm actually going to go through with this," Lyssa said nervously as she emerged from the small bathroom in the room where she was staying, dressed in a gown of palest blue. It was so light that it almost appeared colorless and was reminiscent of ice. Her brown hair was left loose and flowing, styled so that it curled slightly at the ends, and around her neck the young girl wore a choker that had belonged to her mother; the only thing that she had left to remember her by. Of course she was also wearing her Innocence, in the form of the violin pendant, and that also added a certain charm to the ensemble.

Or at least it did in her humble opinion.

"As long as you know what you're getting into," Maria said, smiling as her blue eyes fell on the girl. She had grown so accustomed to seeing Lyssa dressed in her Exorcist's uniform, which did nothing to enhance her feminine features, and she was actually a little surprised by just how lovely Lyssa looked when she put forth the effort. Which she so seldom did. Of course she had known all along that the younger girl was pretty but now she was seeing Lyssa as not just pretty but beautiful.

"I am aware," Lyssa said, soft smile resolutely in place as she twirled around, watching the skirt of her gown flair out around her. "Nicholas and I discussed all of the dangers beforehand… he wanted to make sure that I knew just how precarious this situation could turn out to be. I think he half expected me to back out but of course I have absolutely no intentions of doing that."

"You really do love him don't you?" Maria said, stepping forward and brushing back a rogue strand of hair that had fallen across the younger woman's face. She could tell, simply by the light that was shining in Lyssa's eyes, that this was the case. Maria simply felt the need to reiterate this face… needed to hear it from the girl's lips.

"More than I ever imagined possible," Lyssa said, smile firmly in place.

"Then that's really all that matters," Maria said with a smile, leaning forward so that she could wrap her arms around the girl in an embrace. She was somewhat familiar with unconventional relationships, of course not to the same extreme as Lyssa, so she knew where the girl was coming from.

"Well I guess it's time to go," Lyssa said after a last minute glance in the mirror. Personally she thought she looked odd dressed like this but she sincerely hoped that Nicholas appreciated the gesture. It had been so long since she'd dressed in such a manner and Lyssa felt somewhat self conscious as she stepped away from the mirror and made her way across the room. Chuckling softly to herself as she watched the younger girl fidget Maria fell into step behind her.

As the two women stepped out of the room a low growl could be heard from a short distance away. Instinctively Lyssa turned toward the noise and she couldn't help but smile wider as her searching gaze fell upon the very disapproving countenance of her master. Cross did not look pleased with the situation and was making absolutely no attempt to hide this fact from either Lyssa or Maria.

"You really shouldn't make noises like that Master Cross," Lyssa said with a light chuckle before she placed her index finger and thumb in her mouth and gave a sharp whistle. She probably shouldn't have opted to keep her mouth shut but she was too giddy for that to be an option at this point. So he would just have to deal with it. "You'll give Sorana the wrong idea or something."

The mention of the dog only served to increase Cross's foul mood, something that really didn't seem possible in this moment in time, and he began muttering various obscenities under his breath. Granted the fact that they were under his breath really was saying something for the red haired general. Normally he would simply shout them for everyone in the vicinity to hear. Apparently Maria was making progress in her efforts to tame him. This was the thought that went through Lyssa's mind, although she didn't say it out loud.

There was no need to further push his buttons, at least not on this particular day. Not that she would rule it out as a possibility for the future. It was simply something that the girl resolved to keep this in mind lest she need it at a later date.

It wasn't long before the husky appeared at Lyssa's side, rubbing her head against the girl's leg in an affectionate manner before gazing over at Cross and growling low in her throat. The dog still had an aversion to anyone of the male persuasion and Sorana disliked Lyssa's cranky master especially. Not that anyone who knew the red head would blame her for this obvious dislike. It was shared by most, as a matter of fact.

"You're a fool girl," Cross snapped as he gave his apprentice a piercing gaze. He knew that this was going to turn out bad just as sure as he knew that the world was filled with idiots. One of which the girl was about to marry.

"We've established this," Lyssa said with a smile as she shrugged her shoulders. "But at least I'll be a happy fool." After losing her family Lyssa hadn't thought that she could find happiness again but somehow, with Nicholas, that seemed more possible now. The danger was real and she wasn't ignoring it but nothing could be gained if you were to afraid to take chances in life. And it wasn't as though being an Exorcist wasn't a dangerous occupation in and of itself. She could just as easily die doing her job so as far as she was concerned the choice was fairly easily made. The risk was worth the happiness to her any day. With this thought in mind Lyssa whistled to Sorana before turning to gaze at Cross and Maria. "Come on you guys… I can't face my doom without my two best friends."

Cross merely snorted as the girl referred to him in such a manner but as Maria grabbed him by the arm he followed along behind his apprentice none the less. Muttering under his breath the entire time. "Idiot apprentice…"

Lyssa merely laughed.

It seemed that she had been doing a lot of that recently and the young woman knew that it at least had a little to do with the fact that she was nervous. She had no misgivings about marrying Nicholas but was still a little nervous about the wedding its self. Though she was sure that it was just the normal, pre-wedding butterflies that most brides dealt with on their big day. Nothing to be concerned about unless it caused her to irritate Cross to a level where he actually carried out one of his frequent threats.

Dusk had already fallen but the approaching darkness wouldn't prove consequential to the service that had been planned. It was the night of the full moon and the lunar rays that shone down from the sky, which wasn't marred by so much as a single cloud, would provide ample light. And, as per Nicholas' plan, it would increase the romantic atmosphere. The traitor Noah stood beneath a large tree, a minister whom he had found to perform the service standing at his side. He was in his white form and dressed in a white tuxedo with a blue bowtie and vest. In his opinion he looked strange in this particular outfit but he'd wanted something different… a sort of break away from the dark and depressing so to speak.

Sticking his hand into the pocket of his tuxedo jacket Nicholas fidgeted with the ring that was held within, toying with it as his thoughts shifted to the girl that he was about to marry. They were such polar opposites that it almost made this situation laughable but she truly was his salvation and for this the young man would be eternally grateful. Lyssa had saved him from the darkness that had all but devoured his soul and shown him that everyone was deserving of forgiveness.

Even a wretched soul such as himself.

As the rays of the moon began to illuminate the clearing where the ceremony was to take place Nicholas' searching gaze fell upon the trio of Exorcists as they arrived. Lyssa was leading the group for a change and the young Noah actually drew in a breath as his gray eyes fell upon his bride. The moon made the gown that she was wearing almost seem to shine and she just looked so radiant. A smile appeared on her face as her eyes locked with his and she walked forward with a confident air.

Nicholas could tell that she had no second thoughts or misgivings about this.

With Sorana walking at her side Lyssa made her way toward the tree beneath which Nicholas was standing. As she drew closer to him the young man held out a hand to her, a small and genuine smile on his face. Returning his smile Lyssa placed her hand in his and stepped closer. This was what she wanted; she had made her decision and was at peace with it.

"Are we ready to begin?" the minister asked as he gazed at the young couple, as well as the pair that had came to stand a short distance away. It was a rather small gathering but the man didn't question it.

Nicholas turned his gaze toward Lyssa, allowing her to make the final decision. And giving her one last opportunity to back out. Of course Lyssa had no intentions of back out and she nodded her head without so much as a split second of hesitation. "We're ready."

The ceremony was short and simple but Nicholas had chosen his own vows to speak to Lyssa, rather than those that were customary for the traditional marriage ceremony. She meant so much more to him than that and he wanted to prove this fact to her. The small smile that she had already been wearing only grew as she heard his softly spoken words before saying her own vows to him. When the minister pronounced them husband and wife Lyssa wrapped her arm around Nicholas and gave him a passionate kiss.

Nicholas beamed as she stepped away from him, looking slightly flushed, and a strange music seemed to fill the air as he once again took her hand. "I promise to love you for all eternity my angel…"

Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell
It was love from above that could save me from Hell.
She had fire in her soul, it was easy to see
How the devil himself could be pulled outta me.

Pulling her close to him Nicholas began a waltz, keeping time with the strange music that seemed to fill the air around them. Rays of moonlight illuminated the spot where the couple twirled as though lost in their own world, illuminating the pair as though a spotlight were being shone down from heaven itself. There would be hardships to face, both were aware of this fact, but in this moment nothing mattered except for the fact that they were safe within each other's arms.

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