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They had been over their notes over and over again, and Bobby was beginning to doubt they were even looking in the right direction. Maybe they weren't even in the area. Sure those warehouses seemed a likely place for Paul Reynolds to keep them, that didn't mean he actually would. Hell, they didn't even know Paul Reynolds had anything to do with it. Perhaps he was dead after all, and there wasn't going to be a way for them to find out for sure. He felt like they could look for as long as they liked, but they weren't going to find anything. Bobby wasn't even sure there was anything to be found. Maybe he was wrong after all, maybe they were looking for the wrong Winchester.

'Johnny, shouldn't we look for Sam or something? We can at least narrow his position down' Bobby suggested, John just shook his head.

'No Bobby, he left us. He doesn't want us to come looking for him'

'Ya know that's not true'

'Yeah well…at least he's not in danger or anything. Unlike Dean and James. I can't waste valuable time looking for Sam. Besides, he's my son, even if he did hate everything I taught him, I know if he doesn't want to be found, there's no way in hell we're going to track him down.' John sighed. Bobby shook his head. Damn those Winchesters, they were sure going to be the end of him some day.


'You've got no idea where you came from?' Dean asked for what seemed like the hundredth time and once again Sam shook his head. He'd gone over it as many times himself, trying to figure out what way he went, but he didn't know, couldn't remember. And the scenery didn't seem very familiar either.

'Hey Sammy, next time you come to the rescue, leave breadcrumbs or something' Dean grinned. Sam glared at his older brother, he didn't think Dean would be back to being this annoying so soon.

'Ah shut up' He replied, which only made Dean laugh harder.

'I thought you were feeling like crap?'

'I could never feel too crappy to annoy my favorite little brother' That made Sam smile.

'You only have one little brother, no wonder I'm your favorite' He couldn't help but retort, that in turn made Dean snort.

'Hey Sam, serious now, how did you find us?' Dean asked, throwing Sam a sideway glance when he didn't reply immediately.


'I uh… just stumbled upon you?' Sam answered hesitantly.

'What happened Sammy?' None of it was making any sense to Dean. First his little brother shows up where he and James were being held, their father and Bobby nowhere to be found. Sam didn't know where they were, nor how he actually got there himself and just so happened to end up where he and James were.

'It just…I don't really know how to explain it Dean' Sam said, looking at his brother pleadingly. He didn't want to talk about it. The events of that day hadn't yet sunk in and he hadn't figured out what exactly happened for himself, how was he supposed to explain it to anyone else, even Dean?

'What about you start at the beginning?' Sam sighed, so Dean really wasn't going to let him get away with it.

'Well, we did research, found these warehouses we were convinced this guy was keeping you two, came busting in, finding nothing whatsoever. And when we were standing there in the second warehouse I didn't know what to do. I was so sure you two were there, and then you weren't and then I don't know what happened, I just started running I guess, didn't stop until I reached that house. I don't know why, I don't know how, all I know is I got there and you two were there as well. Dean looked at his brother with growing concern as he shared the story. How could Sam have known where they were, and how to get there? Most importantly, was there something supernatural behind all that?

'Dean…' Sam begun, looking at his older brother with big, fearful eyes. Dean swallowed.

'It's okay Sam, I'm sure it's perfectly normal'

'It's not Dean, and we both know it. I'm a freak'

'Yeah, but it's not like we didn't already know that, now is it?' Dean tried to lighten the mood with a joke. He didn't like where Sam's mind was wondering.

'It's not normal Dean, and you know what dad always says' Sam finally confessed what he had been worried about. Dean sighed, so this is what it was all about.

'Sam, dad's not going to want to hunt you. He loves you. Besides I would never let anything happen to you' Dean answered in an attempt to ease Sam's worries, hoping that this would be the end of it for Sam, he was so not in the mood to argue about this. From the corner of his eyes he could see that there was something else Sam was going to say, but eventually decided against it.

'I could take him for a while' Sam said instead, motioning to James who was currently settled against Dean's chest, having buried his face in it as deep as he possibly could, hiding away from the rest of the world.

Dean nodded his head, James was beginning to get quite heavy and even though Sam hadn't said anything, he had noticed he had been moving from one side of the road to the other. He had difficulty focusing on where they were going. But as soon as James left his hands, he began screaming and trying to wriggle free from Sam's hands, who tightened his hold, a look of pain crossing his features as he did.

'It's okay James, it's only me, your uncle Sam' Sam tried to get James settled, but he wouldn't quiet down. He was looking at Sam, but Sam didn't think he was actually seeing him.

'James. Come on James, look at me' Sam spoke in a firm voice, but that didn't work either.

'Here, I'll carry him, that wriggling isn't going to do your arm any good' Dean decided, taking James back, who immediately stopped crying and wrapped his arms around his father's neck.

'You're okay James, nothing's going to happen to you anymore. You'll be just fine here with me and your uncle Sam.' He soothed, rubbing the little boy's back. 'Everything will be just fine, I won't let you go' He whispered, closing his eyes momentarily to push back the tears that had appeared as his son had cried upon being touched by somebody that wasn't his father.

They silently walked further, Dean pulling James even closer to him, Sam cradling his injured wrist to his chest, both lost in their own thoughts, not even noticing the truck that passed them, until it stopped and their names were called by a very familiar voice.


Bobby had decided to take matters into his own hands. He couldn't convince John to look for his youngest, so he'd do it himself. He had gotten into the car, leaving his friend behind to dig further, attempting to find whatever they had been missing the past few days. Bobby hadn't been able to convince John there wasn't anything to be found, so he would have to find out for himself.

Unsure where to begin his search Bobby had gone back to the warehouse where Sam had gotten away from them. He would use that as his centre point, and go in slowly widening circles. Surely he would find the kid then, probably slumped against one of these buildings, cheeks red in shame when he'd have to admit he had gotten hopelessly lost.

At least that's what he told himself about one and a half hour ago. It was taking him much longer than anticipated. Maybe John had been right, after all, Sam sure had inherited his father's stubbornness, and Bobby didn't doubt his abilities. If that boy didn't want to be found, he could drive around all he wanted, but he wouldn't find him. The only reason he was here, trying to locate the boy, was that he didn't really believe Sam didn't want to be found. And if that was the case, anything could've happened to him, Bobby would feel a hell of a lot better having Sam back at his house, safe and sound.

He had almost given up on his search, deciding to finish this round before making his way back. He had been thinking what to say to John to make himself seem like less an idiot. He saw two figures approaching, one of them not really steady on his feet, stumbling from side to side and the other one doing his best to keep the first one going in a straight line. Fully focused on finding Sam, alone, he didn't pay too much attention to their faces, only looking up for a second as he passed them. But he instantly recognized them, slamming the breaks he was out of the car before it had even gotten to a full stop.

'Sam? Dean?' The faces turned in his direction, a look of relief spreading across them as they recognized the family friend.

'Ya boys alright?' He asked as he came to a stop in front of the pair, taking in the sight of James and Dean, tear tracks staining James' cheeks and Dean's cheeks too pale to be healthy. His eyes were red and he was fidgeting.

'Ya on drugs Dean?' He asked, instantly recognizing the signs for what they were. Dean swallowed, but it was Sam who answered him.

'That guy gave him something, got him addicted to it I guess, and now I suppose his body is trying to get rid of it'

'What did he give him?' Bobby asked, Sam shrugged at the same time Dean opened his mouth.

'I'm right here you know, and I haven't swallowed my tongue or anything, so I can talk' He argued, lowering James to the ground, but the toddler only tightened his grip on his father's neck, refusing to let go of him.

'He gave ya cocaine, heroin?' Bobby asked, he needed to know if they were gonna help him get the stuff out of his system. 'Dean, I need to know' He pressed when Dean didn't answer immediately.

'I don't know, something they've been taken off the market, I can't remember whether he told me the name' Dean answered, cheeks turning slightly red in embarrassment at having to admit that.

'So prescription meds, we can work with that' Bobby stated, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt, but when Sam turned his big sad eyes on him, he knew that wasn't the case.

'But if they've been taken off the market, then doesn't that mean there's something wrong with it, and if there's something wrong with it, then doesn't that mean it's very dangerous?' Sam rambled, tears forming in his eyes, which he tried very hard to stop from falling.

'You worry too much Sammy' Dean tried to console, putting his free arm around his shoulder and squeezing slightly. Sam nodded and shrugged Dean's hand from his shoulder. He was doing it again, Dean was the one who was in trouble and yet he was trying to take care of his little brother, again. Well, Sam wasn't going to let him do that this time.

'Well, what are ya waiting for, let's get ya back home' Bobby said as he turned around and made his way back to the car, not even bothering to look back to see whether the boys were following him.


Bobby wanted to ask what had happened, and scold Sam for running away and worrying them, but he didn't think he could make the boys go through it twice. Instead he just threw glances to the boys cuddled up next to him as often as he could justify, keeping his eyes focused on the road just long enough to make sure they got home safely. The fact that both of them were uncharacteristically quiet only increased his worry.

'Bobby… do you think… my dad… is he… will he want to see me?' Sam stuttered, breaking the silence all of a sudden. Shocked Bobby turned to face him.

'Why the hell wouldn't yer daddy want to see ya boy?' He asked incredulously.

'Because I, well I sort of… ran off?' Sam explained, looking at Bobby sheepishly, eyes big in what his brother would call the puppy dog look.

'Yeah well, I've got something to say about that as well, but let's not get in to that right now. I will tell ya that yer daddy was more worried about ya than he'd ever admit. And he's anxious to have both his boys back with him.' Bobby spoke firmly, keeping his eyes on the road in front of him. 'As am I' He added quietly. Sam sighed, shoulders sagging a little. What Bobby said was probably true, his dad would never admit to being worried about him, even if he was. And he'd probably be happy they made it back, but that was not the John he knew. His father wasn't just happy he made it back in one piece, his father would make sure he'd never do anything like that again. And Sam surely didn't like his methods. Though he supposed he should be glad that his father cared enough for him to be worried like that.

'Sam, stop worrying. Yer daddy ain't gonna eat ya' What surprised Bobby most was that Dean kept quiet throughout the entire exchange, just stroking James' back, staring straight ahead. A lot must have happened these past few days and Bobby didn't doubt that drugs weren't the only problem here. Though neither Dean nor James seemed badly injured so it was probably shock and that scared him so much more than any kind of drug ever could, having been taken off the market or not. He was just going to have to make sure that the boys didn't figure that out.


Even though he had told Sam not to worry, Bobby himself was a little worried about John's reaction. The only way John knew to show how worried he had been was by getting angry and Bobby doubted that would be the right thing for either of the three boys currently sitting beside him in his truck. He took a deep breath as he pulled up beside the Impala and threw what he hoped was an encouraging glance in the direction of Sam. No more stalling now, he thought, opening the door and making his way to the front door. John must have been watching them approach as he threw the door open before Bobby or either of the boys had even reached the steps leading to the porch. For a moment Bobby thought he was going to run towards them, hoped for a big bear hug, but he knew he was kidding himself. Instead John leaned against the doorpost, waiting for them to get to the house. Watching his friend closely Bobby saw a look of relief crossing his face, only for a second or so before that look disappeared and his usual, stoic face was back. Once a Winchester, always a Winchester, he thought with a sigh.

'Dean, are you and James okay?' John asked as soon as they came within hearing distance. Dean nodded his head.

'Sort of, I suppose' He said before pushing past his father and rushing to the bathroom. He really needed the toilet, and he didn't want to explain everything that had happened right now. He just wanted to get a bath, he felt dirty, and James probably did too. And after bath he wanted to go to bed, and sleep properly for the first time in days.

John watched his oldest son go, mouth open, ready to question.

'Johnny, I know ya have tons of questions, but I don't think he's ready to answer any now. I'll tell ya what I know later.' John obviously didn't agree, but seemed to swallow back whatever it was that he wanted to say.

That too didn't surprise Bobby. What did surprise him was the arm that went around Sammy's shoulders and the hand that ruffled his hair a little, all without a word being said. Of course that would follow later, but for now it seemed they were going to be alright.


'Come on James, I'll show you how it's done' Dean tried to coach the quiet three year old. Life was on its way to go back to normal. He wasn't quite feeling the withdrawal effects any more, not the way he did only a few days back. Everything had ached, he didn't want to do anything else than lie in bed and he was constantly cold, shivering like there was no tomorrow. They had tried everything to get him warm, blankets, booze, but also, and Sam was going to give him hell for that one, warm water bottles. But nothing worked, and in the meantime he was trying to give James the impression he was perfectly fine. And didn't that work out great. If Bobby hadn't come and taken the toddler to play outside, in the park, well, Dean chose to not let his mind wander in that direction.

And now here he was, finally able again to get his thoughts in the right order, and trying to get James to open up again. He didn't know what exactly had happened to the boy and he wasn't sure he really wanted to know, all he knew was that he wanted the happy little boy back. And they were making progress, he answered when asked a question and would even smile a little every now and then. Sam, now sporting a brand new cast, had continued teaching him a few things and James had loved it. He hadn't shown it the way he had done before, wasn't as chatty and outgoing yet, but the beginning was there and Dean would take what he could get.


Sam was pleasantly surprised. He had thought his dad would hand him his head on a plate for running off, and in doing so putting himself, but also Dean and James, in danger. Though his father had given him a lengthy lecture, doing his best to stay calm, he had only yelled at him and let him off with the promise of extra laps and push- and sit ups once he was feeling better. Yeah, he had asked who this guy was and what he had done to his father, but he had refrained from any further commentary when the look on his father's face told him he was pushing it.

But the father he had known for years, all his life really, hadn't taken too long to get back out. Before he knew it, his father was talking about some hunt he had found somewhere. Secretly Sam had hoped that he would ask Bobby to call someone else to take care of it, because he had begun to really enjoy this new side of his father. But of course that wasn't the case. When Dean was feeling a little better and James was beginning to smile again as well, John had announced he was leaving. And he had done just that, leaving Dean, Sam and James with Bobby to try and pick back the pieces of their lives. Yeah, not much had changed, not much at all.

So blow your tears into my face
Sadness is for later days
My angel
And don't be sad my little one
Life has only just begun

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