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Author's Note: After writing my other short story Hawaii I kind of felt that went with the Boxed in episode. I decided to put what happened to Tony when he was younger in Hawaii and what happened in Boxed In. No, this is a little different from the Hawaii fic, so you will have to read it.


He was exited that today was a new day and he was ready to greet it. Another day that they got to chase down the bad guys and put them away and get justice for the ones that were the victims. He got up and showered and put on his clothes, ate breakfast and picked up his backpack to go to work.

He smiled at his teammates and his boss when he got into work and sat down, but not for long. Gibbs told him to take Ziva to check out the Navy Yard. They quickly got out and looked around. Ziva was telling him about the party that she had only Palmer and McGee there.

He got back to the squad room after they got out of the shipping container and sat at his desk. He was glad to be back in the bullpen until Abby opened her mouth and told him that Ziva's cooking was amazing. She had been at the party and by the looks of it so had Gibbs. He looked around at McGee's smug expression and couldn't hide behind his mask as the hurt went through him.

He had only been this hurt, alone and forgotten only once in his life and he felt like it again, but this time he wouldn't cry.

He was exited today because it was not only any day, but it was the day that he was going with his father to Hawaii. He couldn't wait. He quickly got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom and then quickly got dressed. He raced downstairs where he had his breakfast and then raced back upstairs to grab his suitcase.

He smiled at his father as he picked up his suitcase and followed him to the car. He got inside and was watching out the window as the world went by. He was going to have quality time with his father and he couldn't wait. His father was telling him that he had lots of work to do and may not have time for him.

He walked back to the hotel suite room that he and his father were sharing and sat down. He was glad to be back after a fun day of spending time at the beach. Maybe his Dad was back and he could spend some time again. He looked around and found that his father's things weren't there. He looked around and then went to his father's room and found that his suitcase was gone.

He was hurt. His father had left him there all alone and forgotten. He cried that night and hoped that he would never feel like this again.

The End