The Road to Corinth Ends

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(Dillon's POV)

"Using the control key on the attack-bot was the right choice." I heard Doctor K tell me from that horrible black chair. She ran a light scanner up and down my body trying to find out more about this Venjix Virus. But that was the last thing on my mind at the moment. All I cared about was the fact that I had my sister right in front of me, and watched her being taken away yet again.

"Didn't help my sister much, did it?" I snapped back at her. I couldn't even bring myself to look at her, or Summer who was standing right next to me. I just stared blankly at the ceiling above.

"There's still time for that." Summer told me, trying to ease my mind. I felt her stroke my shoulder in a calming manner. For a split second I felt at ease. But what Doctor K told me next wiped that all away.

"Actually, there isn't much time." she began, glancing at my scan results. It was easy to tell that whatever was on that screen, wasn't good. After a moment of silence of her trying to think of the right way to word things, she looked to Summer and myself. "The Venjix Virus has spread to over 40% of your body." she continued, with remorse in her voice.

I just closed my eyes and swallowed hard. I didn't want what I was really feeling to come through. Nobody would be able to handle that, not my team, not Summer. No one. Doctor K knew how I felt about her and her involvement in the Venjix Virus, and I could tell that she blamed herself party for this, and truthfully, so did I.

"By my calculations, when the number hits fifty, you'll begin to lose control to Venjix." she went on, then answered my next question before I could even ask it. "I can't stop it."

Doctor K could tell from the look on Summer and my faces, that she needed to leave. She just looked at Summer and nodded, then turning out of the room.

The next thing I saw was Summer looking down at me. Like she was looking for some sort of answer for all of this. Needless to say, I didn't have one.

"Lose control to Venjix." I repeated out loud, those words playing over and over in my mind. I felt nothing more than a puppet for someone to control. I had no life of my own, waiting everyday for something to come and take what life I did have away from me. The last time I lost control to Venjix, my team risked everything restraining me to keep Corinth safe. What if they can't restrain me when it happens again?

"Are you okay?" Summer asked me. I could tell that she thought it was a pointless question to ask, but it was like she had to fill this awful silence with something--anything. But truth was, I didn't know the answer myself. All I could muster up was an unconvincing nod. "Doctor K will find a cure." she told me. "She had a hand in creating the Venjix Virus, so she's bound to find a cure for it. There's an answer out there somewhere." she said, desperately trying to reach for something to ease my mind.

I hated hearing the fear in her voice. I always wanted to keep her safe from anything that ailed her, but now was a time I couldn't. "What if she can't?" I asked, bitterly filling the air.

"Don't say things like that." she said, sitting down next to me. I wish I had the faith she did.

"It's the truth." I snapped again, still not brining myself to look at anything but that damn ceiling. "Venjix is going to take control of me and use me to get to you and the others." I stated, my voice growing louder. I rose from that chair and ripped the wires from my head. As I began to storm off, I felt Summer grab my arm.

"I know you. You'll fight this." she said, saddened by my lack of confidence. She wanted so bad to try and calm me, but she and I knew she was getting nowhere.

"I have been, Summer!" I shouted at her. I hated myself for taking out my frustrations on her, but I couldn't stop. "Everyday. Every single day I feel it taking over me a little bit more!" I felt myself coming down from my outburst. "And it keeps getting harder." I sighed, Summer looking to me with sad eyes. "Can you imagine what it's like…to lose control of yourself and not remembering it? Not what you've done, or who you've hurt?" As I began to leave, I turned back to Summer once more. "I am fighting, Summer. I'm just getting tired."

Summer knew that I had no hard feelings towards her, I just flew off the handle. Maybe it was the virus making me feel this way, maybe not. I felt so alone. Even though I had Summer and my team standing by me, but it wasn't enough to keep me from losing myself. The powerful twinges in my head kept calling me into the darkness, pretty soon I wouldn't be able to stop myself from hurting the ones I cared about. Even my sister.

I wanted nothing more than to save her from being Venjix's pawn, and if I could do anything before becoming one myself, it would be to save her from him.

"Hey. I'm in this with you." Summer assured me, stroking my arm once more.

"Why?" I asked her. I could tell she was thrown by my question. Moments passed before she finally found the right words to answer.

"Why?" She repeated. "Because I--" Before she could finish, she was cut off by the garage alarms going off. It was another attack-bot coming at the worst of times. The next thing she and I saw was Scott and the rest of the team whipping by us to get to their vehicles.

"Shield breach in the city square." Scott told us as he ran by.

Summer and I remained in place for a moment, wanting to say everything that we wanted to each other, until her heard Scott yell.

"Come on! We've got to move!!" he ordered us from behind the wheel of his red pride and joy.

Summer just looked at me for a moment. Her eyes were telling my 'Don't give up'. She ran to her bike, placing her helmet on her head and waiting for me to join the team. I ran to my car, where I saw Ziggy waiting in the passenger's seat for me. I climbed in and slammed the door.

"Whoa…" he said, surprised at my angry demeanor. "Is everything okay?" he asked me.

But I didn't answer. I just threw my car in drive and speed off with the others. I could feel him staring at me.