"Please...touch me more." Grell begged with Undertaker, a healthy red blush spreading over Grell's cheeks.
Undertaker didn't tease him any more. He touched him as much as he wanted and as much as Grell pleaded and begged for him to do so, and much, much more.

A few minutes later...

Grell lay breathlessly on the table, now completely naked and writhing underneath Undertaker's form. The supreme death God had a firm grasp on Grell's long, erect member and was pumping eagerly away, licking his lips as Grell moaned and panted beneath him.

"Ah...ah...Please...don't stop-AH!" Grell bucked his hips forward at a particularly rough tug from Undertaker's hand.

Undertaker, feeling mischievous as ever, eagerly snuck his other hand where Grell could not see it.

But Grell Felt it.

"AH! UNDERTAKER!" He screamed and clawed into the table beneath him as he felt Undertaker's long fingers and nails work there was inside his better.

He adjust to the cold feeling within him, noting how Undertaker seemed to tentatively poke Grell as he went in every couple of inches. It wasn't until the tips of Undertaker's fingers brushed over that spot inside of him, that Grell realised why.

Stars exploded behind his vision and he had to take deep breaths to control himself as Undertaker poked it again.

"It seems you're more ready and eager than I thought. That's very good." Undertaker crooned and removed his fingers, leaning over Grell.

Grell welcomely accepted the heated kiss, wrapping his legs around Undertaker as he in turn looped her arms around Grell's back.

Positioning Grell just right, he leant back quickly, allowing Grell to quickly sink down on Undertaker's own hard and long needing.

Grell stilled for a second, the pleasure and pain almost to much to bear. He felt so full and hot and he could barely contain himself. It was only with Undertaker's slight testing thrust that Grell seemed to go wild.

"Oh! Oh! More! Please! So good!" He cried over and over again, pivoting his own hips up and down on top of a now smiling Undertaker.

"Sooooooo very gooood." Undertaker cried out and couldn't stop yelling as he thrust at a fast and hard pace inside of Grell.

The heat and the sound of moans and slapping skin filled the shop and for quite some time, they could only get sucked into their lust filled love making.

"Oh...Ah...There! Undertaker! I'm almost there! Please!" Grell whined and wiggled about losing the rhythm that he and Undertaker had built up, his mind and body no longer co-operating.

"Ah...I see...well, then this should help with your problem." Undertaker moaned and skilfully moved one arm, making sure to keep Grell's weight on the other one, and immediately crept it in between the front of their bodies, grasping Grell's length again.

Grell threw his head back and screamed as Undertaker pumped him along to the rhythm of each thrust.

"Ah! Ah! AHHH! Coming! UNDERTAKER! AH!" Grell cried and dug his own fingernails into Undertaker's back, his orgasm taking over his body.

Undertaker, unable to hold on with the sudden tight heat around him (as well as the image of Grell in the throes of passion), came soon after.

The two males, still holding onto each other, slumped down onto the table and lay there for a while, wrapping their arms around each others bodies.

"Well," Undertaker crooned, one hand wrapped around Grell's back as the other slipped through the long red tresses, "I suppose you'll be wanting to leave right about now."

Grell merely turned to face Undertaker and arched his brow.

"Now why would I want to do that?" Grell reached up and stroked Undertaker's cheek with his thumb, "We haven't even begun yet."