it was dark night and john robenson was group near fire for warmth and energy he was a solder in war against a powerful enem. he was in war with friend chris margules who was also a solder

"what we do now" asked margules as he crack his necks. robenson new that if they were rush into combat they would be died from the powerful strike of the enemes "we must together for strenth and wisdom" robenson sed and magulrs was enlitened by his words

then the enemy came in big vecule and shotted missle at the duo but they dodge like in matrix "no u must be die" said the bad guy who grenaded bullets at margules and he was hit and was died "nooooooo" said robenson as he starte dto cry but then he was not cry he was anger

"u will pay for your sins" robenson said as he ranned and started knuckling the evil with his fist and then they were killed and robenson was face to face with man who kill margules. "u kill my friend now u die" robenson screamt. "u really piss me off" the evil man said as he got into fighting stance preparing to marital arts combat

evil man try to kick him but robenson dodge the blow and attakced with flying knee to skull and the evil mans skin exploded but it was reveal that he is SKELETON ROBOT like in terminater "hahahahaha u thought i was manbut i am machien and u cannot kill what cannotbe kill" the evil man said as he began to shooted thunder at robenson but robenson dodge with his fist and hit robot with mighty punch and robot fell backward and landed opn the dirt

robot flew into da air and started shooting his pistal with his feet at robenson and robenson got hitted with a bullet in his face and was dying but the suddnly robot was hit by grenade and was died it was margueels!

margules smiled and said "i am not died i was TRICK" robenson smile back at margules and then was killed by the bullet that was hit him

the moral of the story is that if you friend died then he might not be died and u might end up being the one whos died