E/O Challenge: Blanket

"Are you friggin kidding me?"

"Fraid not."

"Was he possessed?"

"Don't think so."

"Why the hell would he do that?"

"Thought it'd be cute?"

"Sam, going through life with the name Blanket is … just … mean."

Pause. Chuckle.


"Can you imagine if Dad had done that to us? You could have been Bullet Winchester."

Dean chuckled. "You'd be Colt Winchester."



"Gunner." Sam laughed.

"Hey, Gunner's actually cool!" Dean laughed harder.

"What?" Sam giggled.

"Best ever."

"Bring it."

"Sammunition Winchester!"


"You'd call me Sammo, wouldn't you?"


Then booming laughter. And boy, did it feel good.