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A House

No…a Home.

For the first time in my life I had a place I could call home that was my own. Not my mother's or my father's home. Not a rental that belonged to someone else. This was mine.

Signing all those forms to purchase my first home had been daunting but fulfilling at the same time.

For the first time I could really paint and decorate the way I wanted to. Not to please someone else or conform to certain rules. It was liberating. And a bit scary.

It was the right time. I held a steady job now for several years and had decided that I liked the area enough to make it a permanent home.

Permanent. What an odd word. I had been uprooted by others and self imposed but this was something new. I had spent most of my formative years living with my mom in Phoenix. I loved the heat and the open spaces and had never in my wildest imagination thought that I would live anywhere else. But shit happens.

My mom remarried and as much as I liked Phil his life plan really didn't mesh well with a step-child. Enough said. I decided to be the mature one in the family and declared that it was high time that I spend some quality time with my dad.

Now this was a big step for me particularly because I didn't have much of a relationship with Charlie to begin with. Now don't get my wrong I love my dad but how bound can you be with the person that you only spend a few weeks a year with? The other aspect of this change that worried me was Forks. Forks is what you would call off the beaten track. Small town. Zero excitement.

It's not like I was a social butterfly in Phoenix. I had a few good friends. But walking into a new school more than half way through my junior year would be awkward. People had their cliques and it is usually impossible to break into one of these groups. Fortunately my worries had been misplaced and they were welcoming. Maybe because I was an oddity. People usually left places like Forks and being the new girl made me interesting is some way.

Moving there I had expected zero excitement, well you know what they say about assumptions. I actually had my first boyfriend. As high school romances are somehow destined to be ours ended after barely six months. It was a cosmically weird relationship that I could never explain to anyone. They never would have believed me. I reacted to the breakup in typically teenage fashion with the notion that my life would never be complete without him and there was no way for my life to possibly continue. Teenage angst and drama was my forte.

Fortunately I had a couple of friends that despite my boorish behavior stood by me and I managed to pull myself from the doldrums I had created and had a reasonable end to my senior year of high school.

Thanks to a pushy school counselor I managed to get into UW with a partial scholarship. I moved out of Charlie's and into a dorm. My third move in fifteen months. Having to share a room for the first time in my life was…different.

Because I spent my senior year in such a stupor I had entered college as 'undeclared'. After spending an inordinate amount of time in the counseling center doing various assessments I decided that I would like to be a doctor and do emergency medicine. I had spent enough time in the ER growing up due to my klutzy ways and the way I always took care of others I felt that it would be a good fit for me.

After long discussions with Charlie, my mom, counselors, and the financial aid office I determined that UW was not the best place for me and I started looking into transferring to a university where I could smoothly transition into their medical program.

Charlie and I had gotten close with the short time I had lived with him but in some ways UW was too much like Forks High. I saw so many of the same faces on a regular basis and for some reason, no-- one reason, I needed a fresh start. A clean slate.

By some fluke I was accepted at Tufts University in Boston. And I was accepted to the medical program there as well. Even after my clinical rotation I still wanted to work in emergency medicine but when I looked for matches for my residency I looked to smaller hospitals. That's how I ended up in Concord, New Hampshire. Granted the city of Concord is more than twice the size of Forks, but that's not really saying much.

When I finished my residency I was asked to stay on and of course I accepted. Knowing that I now had a permanent job I made the decision to purchase a house. Actually it's nothing more than a small cottage but it suits my purposes and is completely adorable.

I had been able to move around my schedule so that I had three days off in a row and had been able to move in to my new home. I was opening the last of the boxes of my meager possessions and came across the journals I had kept throughout my teenage years. I flipped through a few of the journals skipping here and there over the entries. It had been more than ten years since I had written in a journal. Maybe it was time to restart that habit. I had enjoyed it, even at the worst of times. It was a way to release the emotions of the day. Some days in the ER were emotionally draining. As I put the books on a shelf I mulled over the possibility of picking up a new journal. Tomorrow I had to go back to work.





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