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...he stopped me saying, "Wait please, just give me a moment."

A nod of his head told me he was ready to continue so I reached to unclasp my bra for a second time. Once again he made me pause, "Wait," was he going to stop this again? "Let me," he whispered.

Tenderly he reached behind me and unclasped my bra, yet leaving it in place. He brought his hands to my shoulders and lowered the straps. Since my arms were tucked close to my sides the bra remained in place. One small motion on my part and I would bare myself to him. His golden eyes met mine and with a slight nod gave his assent and I let the bra drop down. We were both now bare above the waist. His trembling hands rose to my breasts. Tenderly he stroked me, seemingly captivated with the feel of my skin and the weight of my breasts. He cradled me in his hands, and used his thumbs to explore my nipples and finding my reactions to his caresses. I arched my back bringing my chest closer to his. Without any prompting on my part his took one breast and lowered his face to take it in his mouth. At first he suckled me and it was extremely erotic. The pull and release of his mouth was followed by a swirling of his tongue and light tugging with his lips drawn over his teeth. His hand and mouth switched sides to repeat the action. It was taking all my will power not to squirm on his lap seeking the friction my aching sex searched for.

When I felt as if I might ignite from him ministrations I leaned back halting his actions.

"Have I done something wrong?" he spluttered drawing his hands back to his sides.

"No Edward, you were doing everything right. I just thought it would be a good time to move to somewhere more comfortable," I said between gasps as I sought to regain my breath.

Shakily I stood from his lap and held out my hand to take his. We joined hands and I lifted him from the couch. Maybe he was feeling as weak kneed as I. He seized a small package I hadn't noticed earlier as we moved out of the living room. I tugged him along down the short hallway leading to my bedroom.

I directed Edward to sit in the center of my bed leaning against the padded headboard. I resumed my position on his lap and relaxed onto his chest. His arms made a protective cocoon around me. In my impatience I found myself starting to grind slowly against Edward's erection which pressed into me through the layers of clothing that separated us.

"Edward… are you ready to continue?" I whispered.

I felt his nod from where his face was buried in my hair at my shoulder.

I pulled away and reached down between us to undo the belt he wore. Did he wear so much on purpose to slow things down? Next the button on his jeans and then I slowly lowered the zipper. I crawled off his lap and tapped his side to get him to lift his hips so I could remove his jeans. Once his jeans were on the floor I removed my slacks. We were bare except for his boxer briefs and my lacy cheekies.

A small giggle escaped my lips, "We match," I said pointing to our remaining scrap of clothing. We were both wearing midnight blue.

I climbed back on the bed and laid atop him. So little separated us. I had turned the heat up in the house and the warmth flowing from the vents counteracted the coolness of his skin. That and the flush of heat from my arousal kept me warm. We began again to explore each other's body reverently.

I felt as if I might orgasm just from his touch alone, and he wasn't even touching me there, and that was not how I wanted this to happen. Another time, but not now.

I needed him in me. I needed to feel every inch of his erection plunge deep within me. The pleasure of him sliding smoothly in and out, slowly increasing his pace and depth. I couldn't hold back my need for him any longer.

I began to tug down his boxers and spoke softly, "I have been waiting so long for this Edward."

"Not as long as I, I have been waiting for you for a hundred years," he moaned in a hushed voice as he pushed my panties down my legs.

In a tangle of arms and legs that last scrap of material disappeared.

I straddled him once more and grabbed him by the wrists raising his arms, "Lay back Edward and put your hands behind your head as if you were laying in your meadow." I wanted to retain my control and thought this was the best place for his hands so he couldn't accidentally crush me in his grip.

"Condom?" I asked, and he eyes looked to the box he had set on my night table.

I wanted to tease him about bringing the whole box, what was he expecting? But now was not the time for teasing so I pulled one package from the box and carefully tore open the pouch and place the condom at the tip of his erection rolling it down his length. I could see the strain on his face as he tried not to buck in my hands.

I lifted my hips and lowered myself down his massive shaft. Slowly I sunk down until he was fully seated within me. I thought I might crumple, faint, or break down in tears, as the emotions of this moment coursed through me. I was joined with Edward in the most intimate possible way. I needed a moment to collect myself before I started to rise and fall. Over and over I repeated the motion and gradually he joined in with the rise and fall of his hips. Our speed increased and my climax began to overwhelm me. I couldn't hold back much longer.

"Edward? Are you ready? Come with me… come with me now!"

An explosion rocked my body and I shook with the tremors of my orgasm. Below me I felt Edward shake and strain and thrusting twice more before I felt him spill icily in my womb. All this time he had managed to keep his hands behind his head.

Now as I collapsed upon his chest I asked, "Wrap you arms around me and hold me please." His embrace was tender and loving. He rocked me gently while my heart still raced.

I had never experienced an orgasm like that before. I had always needed some external stimulation; tweaking my nipple or pinching my clit to climax. And never before had it felt like this, it was off the charts.

My grand plan for fucking Edward Cullen out my system had failed.

I truly was doomed!


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