Title: Watching
Author: MonkeyScorpion
Written for: Priscellie (fandom_stocking 2009)
Rating: K
Pairing: Tavi/Kitai
Words: 162
Spoilers/Time-frame: Takes place after the battle at the Elinarch.
Summary: Even years after a Marat bonds with their Totem, they watch.
Disclaimer: Though Kitai would claim that she belongs to no one, she does in fact, belong to Jim Butcher. As does just about everything else I'll be mentioning.


She crept into the tent on silent feet. Her borrowed cloak, boots and mail made no more sound than a cloud passing over the crescent moon. Security was lax. Of course, to her, security at Alera Imperia's Grey Tower was lax.

She settled down next to the simple pallet in the rear, its occupant no more aware of her presence than the legionnaires standing watch outside.

As she watched him, she took note of the changes in him from the last time they were able to spend significant time together. Before the Canim; before the legions; before Gaius sent him away to play with ancestral war toys.

Gone was the gawky valley boy who turned her future on its ear. Gone was the gutsy headstrong adolescent always convinced he was less than his peers. Before her lay a man with strength beyond that of simple flesh and bone.

He was no horse, but he was her chala, and she would keep him.