Gabriella woke up at midnight to a cat meowing. Lifting her head as much as she could, she saw Hoops by the

closed bedroom door waiting to go out into the hallway. Now I gotta try to wake Troy up, she thought with a slight

groan. "Wildcat, please wake up."

Troy didn't move.

"Wildcat, please. I have to let Hoops out of our room," Gabriella begged.

"Love you, too," Troy mumbled in his sleep.

I didn't even say 'I love you'! Gabriella thought, getting a bit frustrated. "Wildcat, the kitty wants to go out."

Troy didn't respond.

Hoops began scratching the carpet.

"Bad cat!" Gabriella scolded.

Hoops let out a small meow, then jumped up, trying to reach the door knob.

"I'm coming, Hoops," Gabriella told the orange tabby kitten.

"Gabby, what's wrong?" Troy asked sleepily as he opened his blue eyes the tiniest bit.

"Hoops wants to leave our bedroom and you're cuddling me so close I can't get up. Again," Gabriella replied

with a loving smile.

"M-hm." Troy released Gabriella from his tight grasp.

"Thank you." Gabriella climbed out of bed, let the kitten out, then went back in bed to snuggle up with Troy.

Troy immediately wrapped his arms tightly around Gabriella and kissed her nose. "I love you."

"Love you."

"Are you comfy?"

"Of course-I'm always comfy in your arms."

"You're the sweetest."

Gabriella smiled. "Love you, too."

"I don't like cown," little Troy complained. It was dinnertime. The meal was steak, corn, and mashed potatoes.

"Eat at least three pieces," Gabriella instructed.

"No," little Troy argued.

"Please do it, Troy," Troy said firmly.

"But it's yucky."

"Then eat some steak and mashed potatoes," Troy suggested.

"I don't like steak. It's yucky."

"What about mashed potatoes?"

"I don't feel like eating that wight now."

"You need to eat something that's on this table."

"I don't wanna."

"Troy, please cooperate."

"I don't wanna coopanate."

"It's cooperate," Troy corrected. "And you have to. Please eat unless you're sick, which Daddy doesn't think you


"I am sick," little Troy lied, coughing an obviously fake cough.

"I like dinner," Brie cut in.

Little Troy hit Brie.

"Mommy, he hit me!" Brie whined.

"Kids, stop," Gabriella ordered.

At that moment, Julliette's crying could be heard from upstairs.

"I gotta go get a bottle ready and give it to Julliette," Gabriella announced, getting out of her chair and walking

into the kitchen where all the bottles and baby formula were.

"Troy, eat your dinner," Troy told his son.

Little Troy scooped some mashed potatoes that were on his plate into his hand, then flung them at his dad.

"TROY! GO IN TIME OUT!" Troy yelled as the potatoes landed in his face.

Little Troy laughed. "I got food in your stupid face!"


Brie started giggling. "Daddy, you need to wipe your face."

"Brie, be quiet please," Troy begged, trying not to lose his temper with her as he reached for a napkin and be-

gan wiping the potatoes off his face.

"Wildcat, what happened?" Gabriella asked as she came out of the kitchen.

"Troy threw mashed potatoes at me," Troy replied, sounding annoyed.

"Aw, poor Wildcat. Let me go give Julliette her bottle and then I'll be back down to help with the twins."

"I told Troy to go in time out."

"Troy, come with Mommy," Gabriella said to her son.

"Why?" little Troy wondered.

"I want to show you something."

Little Troy jumped out of his seat and hurried over to Gabriella, then followed her upstairs.

"Go to your room," Gabriella instructed, trying to sound like nothing was going on.

Little Troy ran into his room.

"You're in time out," Gabriella informed him firmly. "Don't come out until Mommy or Daddy says you can."

"You told me thewe was a suwpwise!"

"Well that was the surprise."

"Mommy, that was mean!"

"Troy, be quiet and stay in time out." Then, Gabriella walked into her baby's room to give her the bottle she

had made for her.

Little Troy raced out of his room and down the stairs. Rushing into the dining room, he took his plate of food

and dumped it on Troy.


GO TAKE A SHOWER NOW!" Troy yelled as he got out of his chair and angrily went upstairs.

Little Troy began laughing hysterically.

"Stop laughing!" Brie shouted.

"I gotta get a shower," Troy told his wife once he was upstairs.

Gabriella came out of Julliette's room holding her daughter. "What happened to you?"

"Troy dumped all his dinner on me."

"He's in HUGE trouble. I'll take care of him. You can just go get a nice hot shower. Oh, and try to scrape some

the food off your clothes."

"I will," Troy promised before heading into the bathroom.

"Today was a long day," Troy commented, cuddling Gabriella close to him. It was ten o' clock at night.

"Do you want me to make you feel better?" Gabriella asked.

"How are you gonna do that?" Troy wondered.

Gabriella kissed Troy's cheek and snuggled closer to him. "Like that."

Troy pressed his lips onto Gabriella's. "I love you."

Gabriella returned the kiss. "Love you, too, Wildcat."

Just then, a knock was heard at the bedroom door.

"Who is it?" Gabriella asked.

"It's me," came Brie's voice. "Tutu was on my bed and she bit me."



"She was probably love-biting. That's what cats do when they like someone. Tutu likes you."

"Oh." Brie went back to her room.

"At least she didn't bite her hard," Troy remarked. After a pause, he added, "How do you know so much about


"I just do," Gabriella answered.

"I love you so much."

"Love you, too."

"I'm glad you were able to trick Troy into going in time out."

Gabriella laughed. "Yeah, but I think this was the only time I could do it. He's not gonna fall for it next time."

"Let's hope there won't be a next time," Troy said.

Gabriella smiled sleepily.

"Are you ready to try falling asleep?"

Gabriella nodded. "Yeah."

"Alright, well good night."

"Good night."

"Kids, come sit on the sofa," Troy called. "Mommy and Daddy wanna take a picture of you with your baby sis-

ter and the cats."

The twins rushed downstairs, Gabriella following them with Julliette in her arms.

"Whewe awe the kittens?" Brie wondered as she sat down with her brother.

"Right here." Troy handed Tutu to Brie, then Hoops to Troy. "Put them next to you."

Little Troy and Brie placed their kittens next to them.

Gabriella carefully laid Julliette across the twins' laps. "Make sure you hold her gently," she instructed.

"We will," little Troy and Brie both answered.

"Are you ready?" Troy asked.

The twins nodded.

"Smile," Gabriella reminded her oldest children.

Little Troy and Brie smiled.

Troy grabbed the camera that was on the end table by the sofa and took a picture of his kids and their kittens.

"I wanna take a pictuwe," Brie told her dad.

Gabriella took Julliette from the twins.

"Okay," Troy agreed, handing the camera to his oldest daughter. "But just one."

Brie took the camera and snapped a picture of the wall. "I took a pictuwe of the wall!"

"I wanna take one," little Troy announced.

"Brie, let your brother take one," Gabriella said.

Brie handed the camera to little Troy.

Little Troy took a picture of the TV that was against the wall that faced the sofa. "I took a picture of the TV!"

Gabriella and Troy both looked at each other and smiled. Even though the kids didn't listen at times, they were

still very happy they had them. And of course they were also glad they had each other. Forever.

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