Will and Magnus' First Time

Summary: Will/Magnus friendshippy crack. You'll need to read it to see what's going on.
Rating: If you think this is higher than G, you have a sick mind.
Disclaimer: own nothing, turn no profit
Notes/Summary: 166 words in response to the Livejournal Plot Nubbins comm's first time challenge

Will and Magnus' First Time

"Will!" Magnus gasped, shaking her head as the unaccustomed exertion made her whole body sing and ache at once. "Slow down! You're going to pull something."

"Can't," he answered breathlessly. "Almost finished."

"You said that… five minutes ago!" she panted in answer, voice taking on a desperate edge.

"Well, that was before I found a rhythm that worked. This feels great!" he crowed.

"Will!" she protested, shaking her head again and trying to master her heaving breath. "Please? I can't keep up any longer…"

"Say the words," he countered with a laugh, eyes shining and face red with pleasure and exertion and boyish glee as he continued to move. "Tell me you've never met anyone who moves like me."

Moaning, she broke away with a shake of the head, bracing her hands against her knees as she struggled to regain her breath.

"Will, I concede with the greatest humility that I was wrong about you and your abilities. You are a master at Dance, Dance Revolution."

The End