"Come on Kira, we're going to be late," I yell down the hall. "It's already 9:30 and the club opened at 9."

We are getting ready to head out to Resurgence, a local Goth club downtown. We go nearly every week to dance and let off steam, and if we are lucky we may find a cute Goth boy to play with for a while. Although Kira isn't all that interested in looking for a playmate since she met Emmett last week. I have to admit he is hot and seems to really be into her. They talked a few times this week on the phone, and he said he might come to the club and bring some of his family with him. He apparently has two brothers and two sisters, all adopted. Maybe one of them will be just as hot as he is.

"I'm almost ready," Kira yells back.

"I'm not getting any younger out here, Hun," I tease.

She comes down the hall and sticks her tongue out at me.

"Don't stick it out if you're not going to use it, babe." I pout.

Rolling her eyes, she just laughs at me. She looks great in her short skirt and fitted top with combat boots. She has the body to pull it off; she's tall, about 5'10", slender but not a rail. Our friend Fiona is the same way, a bit taller and built like a model and with a rack made to sleep on. The last chica in our little group is Emma, a red headed spitfire, 5'0" trim and a knockout in heels. Then there is Raell, our token male, 6'7", dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes and built like a truck.

Lastly, there's me, the epitome of average: 5'5", average build. But once you get past the outer shell, watch out - I am a force to be reckoned with.

When you get my little crew together we are hell on earth, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Let's roll!"

We hop in my car and head into downtown Manch-Vegas, New Hampshire. As we are driving, Raell texts to see where we are, so Kira texts back that we are on our way and to calm the fuck down.

We get downtown and park near the club and walk to the door and are greeted by the "security/bouncers," Angel and Bear.

"Hello ladies," they chant in unison, kissing each of us on the cheek.

"Looking great as usual," Angel murmurs.

"Are there any interesting prospects tonight?" I ask Angel.

"All the regulars so far, Hun, sorry," he lets me know.

"Oh well, a girl can hope, right?" I laugh and head in with Kira.

We spot Raell over by the bar, chatting up Trinity, one of the regular waitresses, and head over to get the night started.


"Why do you want to go back to this club, Emmett, and why are you dragging us with you?" I ask, frustrated that my "brother" is making us drive two hours by human standards to go to some Goth club in Manchester. I know why, but I make him repeat it anyway.

"I told you that Kira is going to be there, and I want you to check her out. She said she is going to be there with a couple friends," Emmett huffs, "And you never know, maybe you'll find a nice girl too."

I roll my eyes at this last statement, knowing full well that I am not going to find a mate in some Goth club, least of all a human club at that. My control has gotten better over the years, living with the Cullen's, but I still struggle each day.

"Come on, let's go. She said she'd be there just after 9." Emmett whines.

"Emmett, if she is your 'singer', this could be dangerous for us and especially for her," Edward groans.

"Edward, I told you I didn't feel the need to kill her, but that is why I am taking you guys with me, just in case. Carlisle said we should be okay if we stick together."

We head out to his Jeep, climb in and prepare to make the trip to Manchester. I sit back and concentrate on keeping the emotions of the other occupants in the vehicle in control, as they are as nervous as I am. Emmett is practically vibrating at seeing Kira again. Edward is brooding as usual. Alice bounces in her seat, but that's just normal. She's a bundle of energy, and Rosalie's upset that she had to leave the house without fully preparing herself for the night; she only had three hours to get ready. As for me, I just hope to get through the night; so I went on an extra hunt before we left.

As we get closer to the club, Alice suddenly stops moving, her eyes glazing over as if having a vision.

"Ali, what's wrong?" Edward asks.

"Everything just went black, just like last week with Emmett. But now it's all of us. We need to be careful."

We make the normally two-hour trip in a respectable Cullen-time of 45 minutes. After parking the car, we walk to the door five minutes later. Two gentlemen greet us at the door, take our cover and let us in. I can feel the emotions coming off them, ranging from shock and amazement to lust and awe, but I can't tell at whom they were aimed.

We walk into the club and our ears are immediately assaulted by the pulsing rhythms of industrial music. The room is semi-dark with pulsing lights on the dance floor where there are many people in various modes of dress 'dancing' to the music.

"She's here," Emmett states as soon as we are in the door completely.

"Are you sure?" Alice asks.

"I can smell lavender and lilac. I know it's her." He is scanning the crowd, looking for her.

While he is looking for his 'singer' I am suddenly hit with the scent of Gardenia and Jasmine in the air, and it reminds me of home. As I am caught in my musings, I hear Edward ask Rosalie what she means by 'ocean and smoke'. I am broken from my thoughts and ask, "What's going on, Edward?"

"Rosalie thought when we walked in she smelled the ocean and smoke, and at the same time you were thinking you smelled gardenias and jasmine. Odd, no?"

"I think that we may be in more trouble than we thought," whispers Alice. We all turn and look at her. "Three of you all smelling scents that are enticing to you, do I really need to spell it out?"

As we are having our conversation, Emmett's gaze seems to settle on the bar and a tall girl in a short skirt next to a very tall, darker man having a very animated conversation with what seemed like at least one other person blocked from our vantage point.

"There she is, guys," Emmett announces to us, breaking into our conversation, "by the bar - the gorgeous girl with the long legs and short skirt." He starts off in her direction, and I place my hand on his arm.

"Emmett," I state, "before you go over there you need to hear something. When we walked in Rose and I each scented out someone in here as well, but we don't know whom. We need to be very careful."

"You're kidding me, right?" Emmett looks from me to Rose and back again, and seeing the looks on our faces, he realizes we are very serious. "Well, shit this night just got real interesting."

We all look over to the bar where Emmett's girl is still standing, and I notice that she's moved a bit to reveal a smaller figure sitting on the stool at the bar. She has a glow about her that seems ethereal, almost unnatural. It is a golden red color with a hint of green.

"Does anyone else see that, or am I the only one?" Emmett asks.

"See what, Em?" I ask.

"The glowing girl next to Kira????"

"No, I see it to. I thought it was the lights over the bar."

"The club was all that golden color last week, Jasper."

"What do you mean the whole club was that golden color last week?" I stutter out.

"Just what I said. I thought it was the lighting, but what if it was…." Emmett starts.

And I finish "Her."

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" we seem to all say at the same time.

"What could cause a human to glow like that?" I ask as we go to sit at an open table in the corner of the club away from everyone.

"We need to talk to Carlisle maybe he will know or have an idea of how to find out," Alice declares.

I pull out my phone and dial Carlisle and fill him in on what has happened in the five minutes we have been in the club, and once he stops laughing at our 'luck' he starts tapping at his keyboard to check on our 'glowing' problem. He tells me that there are no known cases in the databases that he has access to, but he will call the Alaska Coven and see if they have heard of anything. He suggests that Emmett talk to Kira and see what he can 'gently' find out about her friend to help in the search. I thank him and hang up.

Emmett, hearing the conversation, gets up to go to the bar to see Kira and find out what he can. As for Rose and I, if we can find the source of the scents we discovered on our way in, then it would just be an added bonus to tonight's mission. I continue to watch over to where Emmett is now standing at the bar, talking to Kira and her friends. He has his arm around her and seems to be doing okay as I keep a watch on his emotions to see if he is going to lose control. I guess now we just wait and see.


I sit on the stool when we get to the bar so I can watch the door and the crowd as I always do when we come to the club. I don't like my back to a room. Kira, Raell and I are all chatting and catching up when they walk in like some sort of model agency or something. They are gorgeous. One is a tall, statuesque blonde, another a pixie brunette, followed by a bronze-haired male. Then I see Emmett come in, so I figure these have to be his siblings, gods and goddesses. If they are all adopted, the gene pool his parents dove into was definitely blessed. And then I see him; a tall, lean honey blonde man following right behind them, talking with them, so I can only assume this is the last brother. He is breathtaking; if I had thought Emmett is hot, this man is the sun. I feel my energy levels spike, never a good thing.

"Are you ok?" Kira asks looking concerned.

"I'm fine," I reply. "Emmett just walked in with his family, and one of his brothers just set my energy off, that's all."

"Seriously? That's never happened over a guy before."

"I know, but don't worry about me. Do you want to go and say hi to Emmett?"

"No, I'll give him a few to get settled, and if he doesn't find me then I'll find him. Don't want to look to eager, right?" She laughs.

From where I am sitting I am blocked from view, as they have moved in from the door, and I calm down a bit. But I can still feel myself vibrating with excess energy. We keep chatting for a few more minutes, then Kira moves to grab her drink, and I feel like I am being stared at. When I look up through my eyelashes, I notice I am being almost studied by Emmett and his siblings, and even more so by the honey-haired god. As though they sense my notice, they move to a table, and I am again out of their sight.

Kira moves back and the next thing I know, Emmett is walking towards us and circling his arm around Kira's waist.

"Hello, Beautiful." He croons in her ear.

"Hi, Emmett," Kira purrs in response.

"God, you smell good. So are you going to introduce me to your friends?"

"Of course, this is Raell."

"How are you?" Raell asks, reaching to shake Emmett's hand.

"Good, man. And you?" Emmett replies.

"I'm with two lovely ladies. So, I have to say, I'm good."

"And this lovely creature is Nasreen." She beams, indicating me as I duck my head. Emmett steps forward and reaches for my hands.

"Hello, Nasreen. It is a pleasure to meet you," Emmett nearly coos as he leans in to give me a kiss on each cheek.

"Nice to meet you as well, Emmett. Kira has told us some very nice things about you." I blush, looking up at him, noticing that his eyes are a unique shade of brown, almost golden in color.

We chat for a while longer, and I notice Emmett is staring at the matching pendants that Kira, Raell and I are all wearing.

"I just noticed you are all wearing the same pendant," Emmett wonders. "That is different."

"Not for us it isn't," I reply. "We are all in the same coven, so we all have the same pentacle."

"Coven? Pentacle?" Emmett asks.

"We are witches, Emmett," I tell him.

"Like broomstick riding and warts on noses, witches?" he asks.

"Emmett," Kira scolds. "That's all myths made up by TV to scare little kids."

"Ahh, okay. So what do you do then?"

"It's our religion. We worship the God and Goddess. And we work spells similar to the way the Christians pray to help those in need," I explain. "And some of us are able to help in other ways or to do other things as well." I leave it there so I don't freak him out too much the first night.

"Cool," he answers. At that point he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone and laughs. "My family says I am being rude to not introduce my girl to them."

"Go on, Kira, Raell and I will be fine. We'll dance for a while. The club closes soon, so go meet the 'family'."

"It was nice to meet you, Emmett, and hopefully we'll see you soon."

"It was nice meeting you too. We'll definitely see more of each other again, I'm sure." He reaches over and gives me a hug, which takes me somewhat aback, but I say nothing. Then he shakes Raell's hand and walks off with Kira towards the corner table and his family.

Raell and I hit the floor and dance until closing, when Kira comes to get me and we head home.

"So," I press, "Tell me what happened."

"Well, when we got there he introduced me to everyone, and we chatted the rest of the night. They are really nice for the most part. Alice is very hyper; she is the pixie-looking one, but very sweet. Rosalie seemed a bit standoffish. I'm not sure why, though," she tells me. "Edward, the one with the bronze hair, is very quiet, just seeming to take everything in, listening to everything going on. Then there's Jasper, the one with the honey color blond hair. He seemed to be going between listening to us and watching the dance floor looking for something or someone."

Then she seems to drift off, the rest of the drive, so I don't press any further. My thoughts drift off to the honey blond god that I now have a name for: Jasper. Soon we arrive at her house, and with a quick kiss on the cheek she is out of the car and I am on my way home to dream of honey.


After Kira leaves the table, we get up and leave the club, not wanting to press our luck any further. We walk to the Jeep, get in and the questions start.

"Emmett, why did you smell strongly of gardenia and jasmine when you got back to the table?" I ask, as Rosalie asks "Why did you smell faintly like ocean and smoke?"

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"When you returned to the table with Kira, you smelled like the scents that I guess we found when we arrived at the club," I state.

"I think I know," answers Alice. "The only people that Emmett came into physical contact with were Kira's friends. So it has to be them."

"That makes sense, Ali. The only people I touched were Raell and Nasreen." Emmett agrees. "And I barely touched Raell, so the stronger scent would have to be Nasreen and the fainter scent Raell."

"Did you find out anything that may help us with the glowing issue?" I ask.

"Yep, apparently they are 'witches'. Nasreen was explaining that it is their religion and that 'some of them are able to help in other ways or to do other things as well,' whatever that may mean. But we'll let Carlisle know and see what he can find out."

We spend the rest of the drive quietly thinking on what we have learned, and I spend my time thinking of the 'glowing' girl named Nasreen that smells of gardenia, jasmine and home.

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