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Chapter 5


Saturday night I had slept in Jasper's arms after having one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life, and he hadn't touched anywhere below my waist. But he needed to get home, so we got up and got dressed. Before he left he received a message from his parents asking to invite me to dinner on Tuesday, which I accepted, and then he headed home.

That was the last I had heard from him. I sent him a text to see if he got home okay but no reply, then I sent him another the next day to see how he was doing, but still nothing.

So now it's Tuesday and I call Kira to see if everything is still on tonight to meet with their parents and what time are we expected. She says it still is, so I get the address from her and say I'll meet her there at 6 P.M..

"Why don't you just call Jasper?" she asks.

"I have tried to text him a couple times, but didn't get a response back, so I don't know what is going on, and I don't want to seem desperate. But I intend to find out tonight. I'll see you later."

I pull up in front of what can only be described as a small mansion. Parked out front are Kira's and Fionna's cars, so I pull up next to them and park my Cobra. I am about ten minutes early, so I sit in the car and calm myself for a few minutes. As I am sitting there, I hear a tap at my window; it's Kira, and I open my door and get out.

"We were wondering when you were going to come in," Kira states.

"Just centering myself."

"Okay, you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." We walk towards the door and up the stairs into the house.

I walk in and the house is just as amazing on the inside as the outside. We walk into the living room and Kira introduces me to Carlisle and Esme, Jasper's parents. All I think when I see them is that they are much too young to have even adopted children their kids' ages.

Esme breaks the silence first. "It is so nice to finally meet you, Nasreen." She envelops me in a hug.

This is a very friendly family. "It is very nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Cullen," I reply

"Call me Esme, dear." She beams.

"And I am Carlisle, before you start that Dr. bit. It is nice to meet you," Carlisle teases.

"Nice to meet you as well, Carlisle."

As we are chatting, Raell and Rosalie breeze in through the front door, talking a mile a minute with each other.

"Who owns that fine piece of machinery in the drive?" Rosalie asks.

"Which piece would that be?" Carlisle asks.

"The '67 Shelby." Rose nearly drools as she speaks.

"That would be mine," I reply.

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope. Ask Rae, he's the one who helps me with the mechanical work on it." She looks at him and he just nods his head.

"Does it have the 289?" she asks.

"Yep, and the Paxton supercharger." I swear Raell nearly had to stop her from running back outside. We all laugh.

"I guess you're a car girl, too." I laugh.

"Like you wouldn't believe." Esme laughs. "You will have to get her to show you the garage later."

I notice in all the time we have been sitting there that Jasper is still missing from the living room. I look over at Kira and she meets my gaze.

"So, will Jasper be joining us soon?" Kira asks.

I notice his family all look at each other before Carlisle answers, "He had some business to attend to, but should be joining us shortly. He sends his apologies that he was not going to be here when you had all arrived."

We chat a while longer, until Esme announces that dinner is ready and we should all go into the dining room.

The dining room is lovely, done in cherry wood and gold accenting. The table presentation is impeccable, and looks to be very old and well taken care of. We all take our seats, with Carlisle and Esme at either end of the table and the children sitting in pairs along each side, leaving only myself unmatched, as Jasper has still not arrived.

"Jasper called and said to start without him, as he has been unfortunately detained," Carlisle told us.

"Oh, okay," I respond, giving Kira a look that says I know he is not telling the truth and touching my nose. I told her earlier of my discovery, that I am able to smell his distinct scent, and I had realized about a half hour earlier that I started to smell his delicious scent of books, leather and honey much stronger.

We spend the next hour eating and discussing a wide variety of topics, from books to movies to witchcraft. Carlisle seems very interested in the latter and asks many questions regarding what type we practice, whether we incorporate eastern practices or Native American practices into our rituals. When we tell him we used both, he asks Raell if he is Native American, due in part to his features. Raell answers that he is in fact, Native.

"What tribe?" Carlisle asks.

"My ancestors are Quileute, though we have lived away from the tribe for a few generations," Raell replies.

"Very interesting," Carlisle muses. "We used to live in Washington for a while, where the Quileute Reservation is. I wonder if you have any relatives there."

After dinner Esme and Carlisle suggest we tour the house a bit and make ourselves at home before meeting back in the living room to chat some more and continue to get to know more about each other.

As I get up Edward asks, "Nasreen, may I speak with you a minute?"

I look over to him. "Of course, Edward."

He leads me into a spacious sitting room with a wall made of glass and beautiful baby grand piano. He indicates a sofa to my right; I sit down and he sits next to me.

"I realize you are curious as to why I wish to speak to you away from your friends."

"A little, but I have a feeling it has to do with Jasper."

"It does. I know that you believe Carlisle was lying when he said Jasper was detained earlier. Why is that?"

"It is going to sound very odd, but about a half hour before dinner...I smelled Jasper come into the house."

"You smelled him? How did you smell him?" he asks, incredulous.

"Just that... Jasper smells like books, leather and honey to me, and before dinner the smell became strong in the house. Just like he can smell gardenia and jasmine from me."

"He told you that?"

"Yes, Saturday night."

"About Saturday night - " I start to tremble at his words. "Calm down, Nasreen. When Jasper came home Sunday, he was all over the place, so we talked, and he told me some of what happened." I blush furiously. "No details, just that you had become closer. And some of his old fears had resurfaced."

"Old fears?"

"Yes. He hasn't always had the easiest life. He has been hurt, as you may have figured out," he says and I nod. "He doesn't believe he always deserves good things in his life, be they family, friends, or what you seem to be developing. He has trouble opening up, and when you started to open up to him this weekend, it caused him to question himself and whether he deserved you."

"Stupid man. Everyone deserves to be loved by someone. And those of us who have been hurt are even more deserving."

"I know you'll be good for him. Now if only he'd see it." Edward reaches his hand over to squeeze mine. "Well, I will leave you to your explorations. And I believe I will find Emma and play her a few pieces on the piano for a bit."

"Thank you, Edward." I get up to start exploring the house.

I walk though the first floor; upon examination, the paintings look to be very old and original to my untrained eye. The house looks like it could be a museum. As I walk into the kitchen I see Esme and Carlisle by the island, chatting softly.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt."

"You're not interrupting, dear," Esme remarks. "Are you finding everything okay?"

"I am. Your home is beautiful. Did you decorate it yourself?"

Esme smiles brightly. "Yes, with some help from the children, of course. And Carlisle."

Carlisle looks at his wife adoringly. "Don't be modest, dear. I let you have your way and stayed back, otherwise, who knows what this place would have looked like." We all laugh at that.

"Well, I'm going to explore the second floor now, if you don't mind?"

"Please do. I think you will find it quite - stimulating." Carlisle smiles.

I continue out of the kitchen and make my way to the stairs, walking up them looking at the paintings and sculpture masks that line the walls as I do. When I reach the landing there is a hallway that goes to the left and to the right. I go to the left first, looking out the large arched window overlooking the backyard into the woods. It appears they like their privacy as much as I do. As I walk down the hall I hear voices coming from the rooms ahead that I recognize as Rosalie and Raell, and I turn around, so as not to disturb them. I head down the hall passing the stairs towards the rooms on the right.

The first door I come to is open and appears to be a study. I walk in and realize it is a very large room and very masculine. It is done in dark woods and very old furniture. As I run my fingers lovingly over the back of the leather chair; I realize that the room smells like Jasper. This must be his study; it suits him, very dark, male and ordered. Even the furniture seems to suit him; he seems to be a very old soul and the furniture, though from a different century, is well taken care of. As I am looking around at the books on the shelves I notice he is a history buff, more specifically The Civil War - interesting - and books on conspiracy theories and battle plans. As I get to the middle of the wall, across from the door leading in I notice a door handle. Leave it to Jasper to camouflage a door handle. I wonder where it leads.

I open the door and walk in. In front of me is only what I can assume is Jasper's bedroom, based on the comment he made Saturday when he saw mine. The next thing I know, I am being pinned by my shoulders against the wall by a pair a strong hands.

"How did you get in here?!" Jasper growls.

I look up and see Jasper's usually caramel eyes are now black. It scares me and I start to tremble.

"Let me go, please," I say, shaking, my voice barely a whisper, my hands on his chest.

"How did you get in here?!" he growls again.

"Let me go," I repeat a bit louder, shaking a bit more.

"Not until you tell me how you got in here." He growls, baring his teeth like an animal.

"I said let me go!" I scream, and with that I let loose an energy bolt through my hands and into his chest that sends him flying away from me and into the wall across from me. I slide down the wall and things go black.


I come home from Nasreen's, reeling from the night before and what it could mean. I seek out Edward when I enter the house and ask if he will go for a walk out of hearing range of the others. I tell him with the barest of details what happened and what I am feeling. He tells me that I need to think things through and that I am worthy of being loved by someone like Nasreen and just need to resolve the insecurities in my own mind, and whenever I need to talk things through he will be there. But to always remember that I am worthy whether I think so or not.

Nasreen has texted me a couple of times over the last couple of days but I haven't gotten back to her, as I am still coming to grips with my feelings and need time to think things through. Probably not the smartest of ideas, but I'm not sure how to handle things.

Finally Tuesday has come, and I realize I have never told her the address or time to be here for dinner, so now I feel awful. As I am brooding in my room I hear Kira come in with Fiona to spend some extra time with Emmett and Alice. I hear Kira tell them that Nasreen will be there for 6 P.M. and that she had called her because she hadn't heard from me since the party Saturday. I can hear my brother and sisters' comments of "dumbass" and "gonna screw this up if he isn't careful", as well as Kira and Fiona's agreements to their comments. At hearing this, I tell Carlisle that I am going to hunt for a bit and to make my excuses, only to hear his admonishments as well.

I come back at 7:30P.M. and go straight back to my room, not wanting to join them just yet. I still have some thinking to do and want to make sure I say everything just right. Once dinner is done, I hear Esme and Carlisle tell everyone to look around the house if they wish and they will all get back together later. I hear Edward ask to speak to Nasreen, and I block myself from hearing what is going to be said, as I know it will be about me. A little while later I hear Nasreen say she is going to explore the second floor and Carlisle tell her she will find it stimulating. I am on my balcony behind a hidden door, so I am unconcerned that I will be found. I am lost in my thoughts of my past, caught up in the horrors of what was my life, when I smell gardenia and jasmine coming from my room - but how?

Without thinking, in a flash I am on her, pinning her to the wall by her shoulders.

"How did you get in here?!" I growl.

She looks up at me, trembling, her usually golden red aura now golden and dark gray.

"Let me go, please," she says, her voice barely a whisper, her hands on my chest.

"How did you get in here?!" I growl again.

"Let me go," she repeats a bit louder, shaking a bit more.

"Not until you tell me how you got in here." I growl and bare my teeth.

"I said let me go!" she screams. All of a sudden I feel like I have been hit with a bolt of lightning to my chest, and I am sent flying backwards through the air and through my closet door.

As I am getting up my family is at my side.

"What just happened, Jasper?" Rosalie asks.

"I'm not sure," I say. As I now see Kira and the others coming through the door, I realize that my family may have just outed themselves in their efforts to figure out what just happened. They see Nasreen on the floor and are immediately at her side. I am going to her side as well, when Raell blocks me.

"What did you do to her?" Kira yells at me.

"What do you mean, do to her?" I ask. As I try to walk past Raell to see what is going on, he continues to block my path.

"She is unconscious."

"Put her on the bed," Carlisle tells Kira. "Let me take a look at her."

Raell walks over to Nasreen and gently scoops her into his arms. and A growl rumbles in my chest and he glares at me. Esme rushes back into my room with Carlisle's bag and places it on the bed by him.

"Tell me exactly what happened Jasper," Carlisle says as he examines Nasreen.

"It all happened so fast. One moment I was on the balcony, the next I was asking her how she got into my room, then I was being thrown across the room."

"There has to be more to it than that," Kira states.

"Why do you say that, Kira?" Carlisle asks.

"Well, I've seen her unconscious like this before. We all have. It's usually post-traumatic." She glares at me.

They are all glaring at me now, but Fiona seems to be the only one who can find her voice. "Jasper, did you put your hands on her in anger?" Fiona asks.

"When I smelled her in my room, I was thinking about my past. I rushed to where you found her and had her pinned against the wall, asking how she got into my room. She was shaking and asking me to let her go, but my mind was too clouded. Then the next thing I knew, I felt like a lightning bolt was through my chest, and I was in my closet, the hard way," I reply, not knowing why I had revealed so much.

"Thank you," Fiona replies.

"That would do it," Kira turns to Carlisle. "A couple of years ago Nasreen was attacked, and to protect herself, she released a massive amount of energy into the gentleman, if you could call him that, and she passed out. He unfortunately didn't come out as unscathed as you, Jasper. This has me thinking a few more questions are in order. Least of which, how the hell did you the rest of you get here so fast?"

"Shit..." I hear my brothers and sisters mumble.

"How long is she usually unconscious?" Carlisle asks Kira.

"That depends on how much energy she put out to push Jasper away from her," Kira says. "The last time was a few hours. But if you will let us, we may be able to speed things along."

"Certainly," Carlisle replies. "Whatever you need."

"Raell, go out to Nas's car and see if her kit is there," Kira orders, and Raell disappears out the door. My family and I exchange a look that says we need to talk.

Raell walks back into the room, carrying what appears to be a tackle box and sets it on the floor next to my bed. Kira kneels on the floor, opens it, and begins to pull items out, handing them to the others.

"We will leave you to your work and be in the study just outside," Carlisle states and we leave the room for my study.

"Did you really pin her against the wall, Jasper?" Esme asks, disappointment in her voice.

"I am afraid I did, Esme. I was thinking about the time I was with the newborn armies, and then I smelled her and reacted on instinct."

"So what do we do now, Carlisle?" Edward asks. "They are already suspicious."

"Alice, are your visions still black?" Carlisle asks.

"Black as night."

"Damn," I grumble. "This doesn't leave us with many options."

As we are looking at each other, Kira comes to the door and tells us, "She is awake and asking for you, Jasper."

I am through the door like a shot. But am again blocked from being near her by Raell, damned guard dog. I move to stand near the foot of the bed to see her as Carlisle moves in to check her over.

"How do you feel?" he asks.

"Like I got run over by a truck."

Her friends laugh.

"What happened?" Nasreen asks Kira.

"Apparently, you stumbled into Jasper's room and he pinned you to the wall and scared you, so you bolted him through his closet door," Kira replies

I see Nasreen looking for me in the room, and upon seeing me at the foot of the bed, locks her eyes with mine, searching them for something I am not sure of.

"Come here, Jasper."

I start to walk towards her and Raell moves to block my path.

"Nas, he put his hands on you in anger," Raell asserts.

"But I don't think he meant it; his aura is so full of shame right now, it's blocking everything else," Nasreen tells him. "Now move out of the way." He moves out of the way, and I move to sit on the bed next to her as she sits up. She reaches her hand to my face, "Your eyes are caramel again. Earlier, they were pitch black. You're not hurt, are you? That's a pretty big hole in the wall."

I shake my head. With one touch, she can make me feel whole. What did I do to deserve this woman?

"I am more worried about you. I am not the one who passed out. How do you feel?"

"I'll be fine. I just need to rest awhile. Which gives us ample opportunity to talk. We have a few questions that need some answers. And you need to trust us as we have and will need to trust you."

I look back at my family and they just nod at me. We know that this may put us all in danger, but with Nasreen's powers, we were already sitting targets.


I wake up, disoriented but no longer on the floor, to find my friends around me. I look at each of them and they briefly explain that I passed out after expelling a large amount of energy and point to the closet door with the very large hole in it.

"I did that?"

"You sure did, hun," Kira replies.

"How long was I out?" I ask.

"About half an hour," she tells me and my eyes go wide. I should have been out for at least two to three hours with the size of that hole.

"We are more practiced now; we cast a circle and channeled some of our energies into you."

I look at my friends and smile.

"Thank you. Where is Jasper? The last thing I remember is seeing him in front of me."

They all look at each other and Kira nods. "I'll get them."

Them? Now I'm confused.

Carlisle is by my side asking me how I am doing and I answer honestly. Everyone laughs. I want to know what happened. They tell me that I found Jasper's room and repeat what my friends told me. I search the room for Jasper and find him by the foot of the bed. I focus on his aura to see what it tells me more deeply than his words ever could. His aura has been taken over by a muddy green color; he feels so much shame at his actions it is unreal. I call him over to me, but Raell tries to stop him. I come close to ordering Raell to heel and then tell him what I see in Jasper. I reach up and take Jasper's face in my hands and notice that his eyes are no longer black, but the beautiful caramel again, and I make sure that he is truly unharmed.

It just amazes me that as concerned about him as I am, he seems to be the same about me. I assure him that I am okay and just need to rest awhile, but that we should probably all have a nice chat and that we all need to trust each other. He nods at his family.

"We should probably all get comfortable. We could be here a while I am going to guess," I command. "Everyone into bed." That earns me a few stares. "What? It's big enough for three couples across each side. Let's go."

And with that bodies start climbing onto Jasper's bed. He starts to climb in behind me but I stop him. He looks at me. "You, in front of me. You need a good cuddle right now." I tell him. His parents just laugh as he climbs his 6'3" frame into the bed in front of me and leans back into me. We are now all settled into his bed - Emmett, Kira, Edward and Emma on the same side as Jasper and I, with Raell and Rosalie across from us, Carlisle and Esme across from Emmett and Kira and Alice and Fiona across from Edward and Emma. Now that we are settled the explanations can begin. I have my legs curled around Jasper and my hands are rubbing his arms.

"Okay, so I will begin," I start. "You all know that we are witches." They nod. "I will only speak for what I do. I am a healer of sorts. I practice what is called Reiki. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. By manipulating the energy of KI surrounding a person, I draw out the blocking energies to help promote healing. But I have learned over the years that I am able to use my own KI to defend myself, for example, Jasper's door. Sorry about that." I place a soft kiss to his temple. "I am also able to read a person's aura, as a lot of witches can do if trained properly." I look down at Jasper. "That is how I knew you were ashamed by what you did earlier. And I can also see that it is dissipating, which is good. It is what I was doing in the club, as well."

"The glass that shattered in the club - was that you as well?" Edward asks.

"Yes. But that was an unfocused burst. Jasper has an effect on me that I have never felt before. He spikes my energy, and I have trouble controlling it, though the more I am around him it is getting better. I can only hear the bed creaking a little right now from the spiking."

"I thought that was from all of us being on the bed," Carlisle adds. "Interesting."

"I'm going to assume someone told you briefly what happened to me years ago." I look at Kira and she nods. "It wasn't pleasant for either of us, but it is what signaled my power, and I have been training ever since."

"Can you actually force the energy out with purpose?" Jasper asks me.

"Yes I can, though it does take some concentration," I say. "I will speak for no one else and what they wish to or not to share of themselves."

My friends look around at each other, and Kira is the next to speak up. "Well, for me it is simple, in that when I touch an object, I see its past in flashes. And let me say, this house is like a picture show with each step. I have to be careful where I touch. But I'm sure we will get to that a little later, won't we?" And she looks around at Jaspers family. Odd.

The next of my friends to speak up is surprisingly Raell. "I am very different from both girls in that I was raised with Shaman beliefs, to a point, and the belief that our bodies can transcend the physical we see and become more. So I was learning at a young age how to take spirit journeys as other creatures, and one day while I was practicing... well, it may be just easier to show than tell."

"Raell, please keep it small. Jasper really doesn't need to fix anymore walls or furniture," I warn.

"Fine, Nas, what do you suggest?" he asks.

"How about a raccoon?" I tease, because I know he hates that transformation.

"Figures." He gets up from the bed and starts to remove his clothes.

"Whoa, there." Emmett starts to block his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"I'd rather not shred my clothes. And I didn't bring others," Raell laughs. "I wasn't expecting show and tell after dinner."

He finishes stripping down, earning a gaping stare from Rosalie, and the next thing everyone sees is a raccoon where Raell once stood. Then almost as quickly, Raell is once again standing, putting his clothes back on and sliding back onto the bed behind Rosalie, who is nearly drooling.

"So you don't just turn into a wolf, then?" Jasper asks.

"Nope, only when I want to piss off Nas, which is often enough."

I look around at the others. No one else makes a move to say anything so I finish, "Okay, So now I guess it's your turn." I look across to Carlisle and Esme, them being the parents and all.

They look at each other like they are being sent to the gallows.

"How do we say this and not have you think that we are totally crazy?" Carlisle starts. "Remember when you were told by the kids that they were real vampires?" We all nod yes, laughing. "Well they weren't lying. I was born in the 1640s to an Anglican Pastor and my mother died in childbirth. I was changed in the 1660s at the age of 23, while doing what my father expected of me - hunting down Vampires, werewolves and witches. While I was out with the hunting party we came across a hungry vampire. I was bitten. Unlike the movies, we have just to bite the intended and enough of the venom in our system is transferred for the change to take place. Though being close to death does help speed the process. " We all stare at him mouths open, in shock.

"So you drink blood?" I ask.

"Yes, but we consider ourselves vegetarian, in that we only drink from animals, not humans."

"Good to know. Can you go out in the sun?" Kira asks.

"Yes, but our skin would give us away as different, so we don't," Edward tells us.

"That I have to see sometime," I whisper in Jasper's ear.

"Soon," he whispers back.

"I may as well go next." Jasper sighs. "I actually was the only one who never said anything about being a real vampire that night. But obviously I am. I was born in Houston, Texas, in 1843 and was changed in 1863. I was the youngest Major in the Confederate Army. My early life as a vampire wasn't an easy one. My sire Maria was power hungry, and I was her second in command. And with my ability to feel and control emotions it made things even harder for me."

I look at him and ask, "You can feel and control emotions? Everyone's?"

He looks back at me. "Seemingly everyone's but yours, so I've learned to read auras to help me with you."

HUH. "Why would you need to need to read auras to help with me?"

"Let the cat out of the bag on that one, Jas," Emmett teases him.

"Well, Nasreen, we learned early on that you have another special characteristic about you that apparently only we can see," Carlisle explains. "You glow." I look at Carlisle like he has a third head. "A friend of ours explained that what we were seeing was your aura."

"So I glow. What color?"

"There is always your base of gold, and then because Jasper is always around you there is red layered over it. We have seen pure green mixed in, and today when you were passed out it was dark gray," Edward says. When Edward mentions that I have a red glow around Jasper, I blush, knowing exactly what it means.

"Well those are easy to decipher: the gold is enlightenment and divine protection guided by the highest good, which for me as a witch, is my highest ideal. The green is my healing energy; it goes off when someone is in need. The gray was for fear."

"I notice you left off the red," Emmett teases me. "The red is for passion." I stick my tongue out at him as I blush even more.

The rest of the family take turns explaining their stories and their abilities if they have any. Edward and Alice are both talented in that Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future once a decision had been made. But she explains that since meeting us her visions have gone dark. Carlisle explains that the powers seem to be an enhanced version of their natural abilities as humans. Alice had visions as a human and was institutionalized. Edward explained that he was able to read people very well as a human, in that he just seemed to know things about them.

"So that would mean that Jasper was probably an empath as a human, then. You were just naturally in tune with people's feelings," I guess.

"You are probably correct, Nasreen. I never thought of that," Carlisle says.

All the time we've been talking, I am in constant contact with Jasper, stroking his arms or weaving my fingers in his hair. I can see Esme smiling at us whenever I look around at whoever is talking at the time.

"There is something I would like to talk to Raell about as well," Carlisle expresses. "Do you remember when I told you of how we lived in Washington, near the Quileute Reservation?" Raell nods. "Well we actually lived there around your great grandparents' time. And your people know us as the 'cold ones' in the legends. We are not allowed on the Reservation, but are not hunted by your clan either, due to our unique diet. You were never told the legends of your tribe?"

Raell says, "Never. My family never spoke of their time on the reservation. I think there was some bad blood when they left."

Carlisle nods. "Ah... That explains why you also transform into more than the wolf. Your ancestors only transform into the wolf."

"So I am going to say that you either believe us or think we are totally crazy," Carlisle states.

"Well considering we are witches and that Raell changes shapes into a multitude of animals. What the hell? Why not add a few vampires into the crazy mix?" I laugh.

"One thing you should know as well is that there is a reason we were all specifically attracted to each of you beyond the obvious," Edward interjects. "Each of you gives off a scent to each of us that makes your blood irresistible; in Italian they say cantante or singer, because it sings to us. But for some reason, none of us have the uncontrolled bloodlust that usually comes with it, because you are all still very much alive." We all look at each other a bit wary.

I look at Jasper and ask, "Is that why I smell like gardenia and jasmine to you?"

He answers, "Yes, though I am not going to complain, your scent reminds me of home when I was growing up." And he smiles. I take a look at his aura again, and the dark green is only in the spots from before and I can see the blue again with the lemon and gray.

"Well, this went better than expected," Carlisle voices, and we all agree.

"How are you feeling, Nasreen?" Carlisle asks.

"Much better, but I will definitely need a good night's sleep to be fully recovered. I should check to see how my energy reserve is though."

"How do you do that?" Jasper asks.

I smirk. "Oh, that's the fun part. But I do need to be away from people to do it, even if they can withstand a full energy blast." I poke him in the side. Everyone laughs and gets off the bed, including me.

We walk out to the balcony, and the moon is high in the sky giving off ample light for my task. I center myself and start to gather my energy in my core. It's weak, but it's there. I bring my hands in front of me and collect the energy into my hands. When I feel I have enough there, I release the ball into the tree closest to the house, severing several small branches, sending them scattering to the forest floor. I hear gasps of surprise from behind me and feel Jasper's arms come around me.

"That was amazing," he remarks.

"That was nothing," Raell pipes up, "You should see her take down the entire tree at full power." I just laugh at him and shake my head.

"I am still pretty weak; I probably won't be at full power for a day or so without serious meditation in the lodge at Nona's."

"I would actually like it if you will stay here for the night, so I can keep a watch on you," Carlisle says. "Just in case. You are all welcome to stay if you would like or it makes you feel safer. We don't actually sleep, so there is plenty of space."

"You don't sleep, so why the beds?" I ask.

"We all have our reasons. I'm married," he replies and a few of us blush. "Some just like the comfort from their human lives. Others - well, they have their reasons."

"We will leave you to rest and talk." Esme politely indicates to everyone that they should leave Jasper and I alone to discuss what had happened earlier.

Everyone leaves and Jasper and I walk into the bedroom and back towards the bed. The next thing I know I am being lifted up and placed on the bed, curled into Jasper's side. I realize that there is nowhere else I want to be and curl in further as Jasper begins to speak.


"I don't want to keep you up too long; you do need to sleep but I want to tell you more about my history." I tell Nasreen stroking her face.

She looks up at me and says, "Does it include how you received some of these scars?" She reaches up to trace a scar over my eye that shouldn't be visible to the human eye.

"You can see them? Is that why you gave me a long sleeve shirt at your house to sleep in?" I ask, my insecurities slipping in.

"Your aura surrounds spots on your body with dark green; I am guessing you have a lot of scars, because there are a lot of spots outlined." Then she does something that shocks me; she sits up and places a kiss over the scar on my forehead. "You don't need to hide them from me. They are part of who you are, and you are beautiful in here." She taps my head. "As well as here." And strokes my face. "I gave you the long-sleeved shirt because that is what you always wear. I figured that is what you were comfortable in, and when the time was right you would tell me." And then lays her head back on my chest. Her capacity to love is just overwhelming.

"I do have many scars that were caused in my early days as a vampire. While I was on patrol near Galveston I come across a vampire named Maria, who eventually turned me. She had taken a fancy to me in my uniform and had seen my leadership skills. She felt I would make a good leader for the army of newborns she was raising to take over the South. I was young and easily swayed, I'm sorry to say, by a pretty face. She was cruel and power hungry and when newborns didn't take well to her command, they were killed," I say. I look at Nasreen to see how she is taking all of this. She is listening, taking it all in, so I continue. "It isn't easy to kill one of us, it is actually very brutal and it was my task to do so. It is actually how I received a few of my scars." She nods at this. "But a majority of them were at Maria's hands. Whenever I refused an order or did not do something as fast as she would like, she took it out on my body." She stiffened at my side at these words.

"So seeing me in my world will bring back traumatic memories for you then?" she asks, her voice barely a whisper.

"That is the odd thing. I have seen some of what you do. Like at the party the other night, when Raell teased you, and you snapped at him. That is something Maria would have done as well, only you did with love and forgiveness, not true anger. And honestly, it had the opposite effect; it turned me on more than anything," I say with a grin.

And her head snaps up to meet my eyes, "Really..." she purrs, and my cock twitches. "Something to file away for later." She giggles. "Please continue."

"We eventually turned a newborn named Peter, who I became close to, but when Maria tired of him and wished me to dispose of him I set him free instead. A few years later he returned with his mate Charlotte and told me to come with them, and as I had become tired of being used by Maria, I left with them. But due to my abilities I had difficulties, as I lived the fear of those I killed to survive. I was not a vegetarian at the time. I grew tired of the killing, but didn't have the discipline to stop on my own, so I left Peter and Charlotte and eventually met up with Alice, who told me of the Cullens and led me here. I still struggle every day to control the urges and remain in the lifestyle, but now I believe I have a reason to look forward to keeping me on the right path." As I look down at Nasreen, she looks up at me and smiles and I know I am right.

"Now let's see about getting you into something a little more comfortable to sleep in." I grin down at her. "Do we want to brave leaving the room or will something of mine do?"

"Something of yours, please. A t-shirt and shorts or sleep pants?"

"I think we can do that." I get up and head to the remains of my closet, shaking my head.

"I am really sorry about your door." She apologizes, getting off the bed to join me.

"Don't worry about it; in a house full of vampires a broken door is the least of our worries, especially with Emmett. He likes to wrestle. He's the kid of the family. Things get broken. It was just a surprise to all of us that you had the power to do it."

"Being a human and all?"


I pull out a t-shirt and a pair of sleep pants for her. "Okay, time to get you into bed."

"I like the sound of that," she teases, as she grabs the clothes from my hands, makes a dash for the bathroom and slams the door. I am too stunned by her comment to react. "Damn, I thought my bathroom was nice. But this is amazing."

I walk to the door and knock. "You can come in Jasper; it's not as if you haven't seen me half naked before," she calls out.

I walk in and am presented with the sight of Nasreen in just a pair of green lace hi-cut panties. Well fuck me. My cock agrees. She is looking at the tub facing away from me when I walk in and I wrap my arms around her waist and say with a drawl, "I vote for a change of sleep attire."

She leans back into me and wiggles a bit, as she says, "You do, do you? And what would that be?"

I pick her straight up; she squeaks and I carry her out of the bathroom, throw the covers aside and deposit her on my bed.

"I see your plan now. But won't I get cold?"

I look at her lying there, almost naked in my bed, knowing that if I touch her skin she will freeze from my cold skin, so I cover her up and ask her, "Better?"

She pouts up at me and says, "I thought you were going to keep me warm."

I lay down next to her and she moves in close as I say, "My skin is cold to the touch, just one of the side effects of being a vampire."

She laughs. "Jasper, when have I complained about your touch being cold?"

"You squealed when I picked you up in the bathroom."

Laughing again she says, "Because I was being picked up and squeezed, not because I was cold. I rarely am cold. Try again?"

So I do. I don't think I ever remember a time. "I can't think of one."

She reaches over to touch my hand "How much warmer does my hand feel to you?"

And I have to admit there isn't a remarkable difference. "There isn't a marked difference. You should be like fire to my ice. Why is that?"

"Nona, Raell's grandmother, thinks it has to do with the energies I channel causing my body to regulate temperature differently. Now get your handsome, pale, vampire ass under the covers."

We hear a loud laughs from outside my room. We both look up and I shake my head.

"What was that?"

"That would be my family heartily approving of you and your methods to get me into bed."

"How did they hear me?"

"Another benefit of being a vampire - super hearing. Nothing is a secret in this house."

"Oh, God. We are so not doing anything here. I'm glad I have my own place."

I look into her eyes and tell her, "Me too, me too."

That comment is greeted with a catcall. "Emmett?" she asks.

"And Kira," I get up and change into the sleep pants and t-shirt that were left in the bathroom and join her in bed under the covers. She snuggles up to my side and is soon asleep.

Chapter End Notes:

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