This is an alternate history (both the world in general and the Senshi in particular) continuation for both Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2, set in a world with no space exploration, personal computers, cell phones, or anything else requiring a transistor. It is rated M for the first chapter.

This was originally published by me under the name Anduril at Anime Addventures, with the only changes being a few corrections in spelling and punctuation. If you like the beginning of my story but think I've gone off the rails, or have your own ideas for a great branch-off, or think I'm taking too long to update and want to continue the story yourself, come to Anime Addventures and join in the fun!

I claim no ownership rights to any of the works of Rumiko Takahashi or Naoko Takeuchi, or anything in the GURPS Ogre and GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol settings published by Steve Jackson Games.

1943: The U.S. Department of the Navy decides against funding the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) project.
1945: Budget issues and a management crisis at Bell Labs derail work into improved telecommunication switches. The transistor is never invented.
1956-1964: Humanity struggles to reach the stars, but both Soviet and American efforts to launch and sustain artificial satellites fail. No rocket design proves capable of carrying itself to orbit. The first primitive general-purpose computers appear to help solve rocketry problems, but they cannot fulfill the requirements of the space program.
1995: Final ratification of the full North American Free Trade Act, the first real step toward a continent-wide government.
1998: The "euro" becomes the official currency of the European Union, except in the U.K.
2005: Claiming economic and security concerns, the European Union annexes the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, and Vojvodina, creating a protectorate. Russian protests are ineffectual.
2009: European Union annexes Balkan nations.

A young girl with her shoulder-length bright red hair braided into a pigtail and dressed in oversized black tied-off pants grumbled to herself as she wrung out her Chinese-style red shirt, ignoring the sometimes-scandalized-sometimes-appreciative looks her exposed and generous firm breasts drew from passersby. I do not believe it! How does that old woman do it? I'm even late for school and she still gets me!

Ranma shook out her shirt, then winced and glared around at a whistle of appreciation from a young man dressed in gang colors. The punk in question paled when he realized just who he'd whistled at and hurriedly ducked down the first convenient ally, and Ranma sighed to herself. At least the tomboy ain't around to rag me 'bout my lack of 'feminine modesty'. Not that she would, now. As she continued on toward school she thought back to a week ago, and the disastrous wedding. Akane just hadn't been the same since that fiasco, quiet and withdrawn — not even comments on her cooking could get a reaction out of her these days, and while the peace had been welcome at first Ranma was beginning to get worried. She enjoyed the peace but was missing her spirited friend more every day.

Ranma was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost missed the attack from the tree overreaching the wall around the school grounds, feeling Happosai's strike brush the hair at her temple and tug at her pigtail as she dropped her shirt and simultaneously ducked and rolled, coming back to her feet to face the diminutive Grand Master of her school of martial arts, now sitting with his back to the school grounds wall. Glaring at the gnome of a man in front of her, she snarled, "Back off, ya old freak, I really ain't in the mood. Then again," Ranma continued as her glare turned into a hard smile, "I am really in the mood to pound on somebody, and after the way ya helped break up the wedding you'll do as well as anyone."

Happosai just twirled his pipe and smirked. "You really are in a mood, m'boy, you haven't even noticed the new accessory to your wardrobe."

Ranma looked down in confusion and found a thin gold chain around her neck with a bright red ruby resting between her breasts. "What, ya giving up on panties and moving on ta jewelry now?" she asked as she reached up to remove the necklace.

"Na ah, none of that," the old man responded, "FREEZE!" then nodded in satisfaction when Ranma suddenly found herself unable to move a muscle. "Ah, good, it worked. It's very simple, m'boy," Happosai explained, "you aren't the only one that's run out of patience. I've decided it's time to truly teach my most promising student some humility and respect for his Master, and these control pendants —" motioning to an almost identical necklace around his own neck "— will finally let me do just that."

The gnome stood and stretched, then jumped to the top of the wall. Turning his head, he ordered, "Follow me!" and jumped down onto the school grounds. Ranma fought to ignore the command, but her body ignored her demands as if they didn't exist and smoothly jumped to the top of the wall, then down to land behind the old pervert. Happosai looked back, nodded with a leer at Ranma's quivering breasts, then led the way to the corner of the grounds furthest from the school building. "I think some privacy is in order for this lesson. But not too much," he added with a smirk, looking back at the windows of the school classrooms clearly visible from where they stood. "Now, take off your clothes and lie down on your back."

Now Ranma was getting desperate, mentally hammering at the walls her mind had found itself locked in, but to no avail — her body quickly removed her pants and boxers, then lay down on the grass, completely exposing herself to to the diminutive pervert's gaze. His eyes traveled the length of her body appreciatively, lingering on her firm red-tipped mounds, and on the red bush at the fork of her legs that showed Ranma's hair color was natural. "Ah, Ranma, it's such a shame to hide such natural beauty. Perhaps after we're done here I'll have you parade around the district showing everyone what a marvelous body you have. But first things first."

Ranma found herself unable to move even her eyes. So when she felt Happosai's hands running over her breasts and tweaking her nipples, she was unable to even glance down, her gaze locked on the sky, her eyelids blinking regularly. She tried to shout, yell out the threats boiling in her mind, but her voice box was also locked and the only sounds that she made were her first soft moans at the pleasure radiating from Happosai's attention to her chest as she felt a tongue join the hands, licking and suckling at her tits, and from the warmth beginning to grow between her legs. Okay, Ranma, don't panic, she thought, this isn't the first time the old pervert's gotten ahold of your chest, just the most thorough. Just relax and wait it out, he can't keep this necklace on you forever. And once it's off, he dies. This time he's gone too far.

Happosai smirked as he felt Ranma's opposition ease off through the mental link the necklaces had forged. Giving in already, boy? Or just playing possum? Either way, it's time to take it up a notch. "Well, enough of the preliminaries. Ranma, spread your legs!" He chuckled as Ranma's mental resistance again sprang to life even as her legs spread themselves and he started to drool at the sight revealed. "Ranma, you have been shamefully remiss in taking advantage of the opportunities Jusenkyo and all those luscious fiancées have given you. It's time to show you what you, and they, have been missing." He reached down a hand and ran his fingers between Ranma's folds. "Already wet, you're a sensitive young girl." He moved down and slowly ran his tongue the length of Ranma's slit, luxuriating in the taste, then circled her clit and started sucking on it as he inserted a finger. "Hmm, no cherry. Have you actually practiced already, or just lost it in some fight?" he asked as he added another finger and started to pump. As Ranma's body adjusted to the pleasurable intrusion, relaxing and growing even wetter, Happosai added another finger, then inserted his small hand completely up inside Ranma and pistoned vigorously, reveling as he fed off the pleasure and lust now suffusing Ranma's chi as her body's moans grew louder and it began to reflexively pump its hips.

Inside Ranma's mind she was screaming, anger, hatred and helpless humiliation like she'd never known whirling and mixing together as she fought to no avail for so much as a hint of control of her own body. This just couldn't be happening! It just didn't work this way, a challenge would come along or Akane would get kidnapped, Ranma would find himself up against something he couldn't beat, he'd come up with a way to beat it after all, and everything would go back to the way it was. But this ... As Ranma continued hammering at the mental walls locking her in and the pleasure pulsing from her groin throughout her body grew stronger she found herself praying that Ryoga would wander by like he so often did or Akane would come looking for her — she didn't care what they would see, what they would say, what they would think, what they would tell others so long as it would STOP! Please, anyone, anything, please stop this!

And deep inside her mind, something snapped.

Happosai hummed merrily to himself as he drank in the lust- and pleasure-suffused chi that Ranma was radiating while gazing at, and pleasuring, Ranma's naked body. Yes, he should have done this months ago! Or something like it, anyway, seeing how he'd only found the necklaces through a fluke the other day. Perhaps during the moxibustion incident? Yes, now that Ranma's learning what it's really like to be a woman, her marvelous body will be mine to play with! And if she still refuses, I'll still have the necklaces — she may be the best, but she's hardly the only young thing around worthy of my attentions. That fiery fiancée of his, perhaps —

Then, through the linked necklaces Happosai felt Ranma's mental resistance collapse and started to cackle. Yes, she's mine, all — He never finished his jubilant thought as a wave of energy like he'd never felt before flashed through his hand still buried inside Ranma and Happosai lit up as if a nova had gone off inside of him, and his charred, smoking body collapsed between Ranma's legs as the smell of roasting flesh filled the air.

Ranma's body relaxed and her head rolled to the side as the compulsion enforced by the necklace faded with Happosai's death. But Ranma didn't smell the charred lump that had been her tormentor only a moment ago, or see the grass her unfocused gaze was pointed toward. Her mind was elsewhere....