"Just a few days left," I muttered to Caitlin, who was sitting next to me.

"I know! This is unbearable," she said back with a smile.

We were in our 7th period English class. Winter break was closing in on us. Only three days of school were left. Our final exams were on those days. Thankfully they were also half days.

Caitlin and I were in the back corner of the room snickering and talking as always. English was the only class I had with her. Hopefully I had more with her next semester. She was, after all, my closest friend.

"Argh! Hurry up already!" I groaned a little to loudly.

"Clare!" my teacher snapped.

I jumped. 'Oops,' I thought. "Uh...sorry," I said quickly.

Caitlin hid her face on her desk. Her shoulders shook with laughter. I poked her side, which made her jump and hit her head against the wall behind her. It was my turn to laugh as she rubbed her head and swore.

The bell finally rang and I bolted out of the room to my last period class, which was commercial arts. It was a fun class. All we did was work in Photoshop. I liked the teacher too. He was funny, in a lame sort of way. When I got to class, the room was empty. I'm always the first to get there. I logged onto my assigned computer and glanced at the time. There were four minutes left for passing period. I sat there finishing up my last project before finals.

Before I knew it, the classroom was filled with chatting students. Most of them were annoying, but not all of them. Half of the kids were juniors. The other half were seniors and us sophomores. No freshmen in this class. The bell rang again, signaling that passing period was over and that everyone should be in their classrooms.

"All right!" Mr. Carlini's voice boomed through the room, "Finish up your projects before the period ends. If you're already done, you can surf the internet. Be sure it school appropriate!"

It didn't take long for me to finish mine. I already got most of it done. After putting in finishing touches, I clicked print and waited for the slow printer to print out my project. When it did, I wrote my name on the paper and turned it in.

"Thank you young lady," Carlini said cheerfully. He never did say my name. He probably doesn't even know it. Oh well.

"No problem," I said back and went to my seat. I glanced at the two junior boys next to me. One was usually quiet, while the other complained way too much. They have been playing the same motorcycle game for the whole semester. The complainer spent the rest of him time mocking or arguing with Carlini. It was unnecessarily obnoxious.

"This is such a lame project. What a fag Carlini is," he grumbled to his friend who didn't respond.

"Moron," I muttered. I went to all my usual sites: Facebook, Deviantart, and Comcast to check my emails. Sadly nothing was new. I sighed as I went back to Google. "I guess I'll just play games then," I typed 'Neopets' into the Search bar and hit Enter. After the page loaded, I clicked on the top link but nothing happened. I clicked again. Still nothing. I tried refreshing the page. It didn't refresh. 'The damn thing froze on me,' I thought to myself.

"Hey what the hell!" the quiet junior boy said. He was banging his hand on the keyboard like a complete dumb-ass.

"The fucking computer's frozen!" the other one yelled.

The murmur of voices began to grow louder. It seemed like all the computers were frozen. Suddenly my screen, along with the other computer screens, started to get all static-y. School files began popping up, along with random student names. Then my name popped up along with my ID picture, my horrible ID picture. The computers froze once again, all the screens had my picture on it. Some people turned to look at me then back at their screen. I had an urge to say, 'Yes folks, that's me on the screen'. After a moment, which felt like an hour, all the computer screens turned off by themselves. The intercom broke the stunned silence.

"Students and staff, we are dealing with technical difficulties at the moment plea..." the intercom was cut off by static. Then an odd loud sound boomed throughout the school. Some students had to cover their ears. Then, as quickly as it started, the sound stopped. The intercom went silent. Everyone sat quietly, puzzled.

"What was that?" someone asked softly. Noone answered.