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A Week Later


Turnabout was this weekend, a day before Valentine's Day. Perfect timing. Caitlin, Bumblebee, Jazz, and I already got our tickets. Optimus, however, didn't. Well, he couldn't. Since he wasn't from my school he had to fill out a little document, which I did that for him. Optimus gave me his fake ID to give to the dean at school. The dean accepted the papers and the ID, so Optimus, or Peter, was allowed to come. Success!

Today after school, the Autobots, Caitlin and I went to the mall. Us girls were going to search for our dresses while the guy robots were going to explore the mall.

There was a very large dress shop Caitlin dragged me to. She said that they had the best dresses for great prices. We'll see.

In the store, I wondered around looking at different dresses while Caitlin picked a few up. A lot of them looked too tacky for my taste. After picking up five dresses, Caitlin swept me into the fitting room.

She tried all the dresses on. All looked pretty nice, on her anyway. But one really looked nice on her. It was a light green dress which clung to Caitlin's curvy body. The color looked perfect on her. To my relief, it wasn't too short. The dress stopped just above her knees. It wasn't shiny or tacky looking either. Whaddya know, Caitlin has good taste.

"The green one's the best," I said plainly.

"I agree," Caitlin said happily. "And it's my favorite color." Caitlin was standing in front of the mirror, posing. "I look like a super model."

"Whatever Heidi Klum," I muttered. Caitlin quickly went back into her fitting stall and changed back into her normal clothes. She came out with the green dress in her hands.

I continued to seek for my dress. Sadly, nothing stood out to me. Caitlin suggested the clearance section, so I looked in there. After about 20 minutes of looking, one finally stood out from the crowd. The dress was dark red and beautiful. It was about mid-thigh, length wise. It was also pretty fitted but the bottom had flow-y ruffles. I stared at the dress for a second.

"Where have I seen this dress?" I whispered to myself. Then it hit me. I was wearing this dress in my dream of Optimus. Now I understood what it meant. Though, in my dream the dress was longer and flow-y, more like a gown. But who cares? I still liked it.

There was only one of that very dress, so I grabbed it. I quickly went back to the fitting room. Caitlin happily followed.

As if by magic, the dress fitted perfectly. I stepped out to take a look in the mirror. Caitlin stared at me when I came out. Her jaw dropped to the ground.

"You look gorgeous!" she breathed. I looked at myself in the mirror. A smile slowly formed on my face. I looked amazing. The dress did go down to mid-thigh. I had long legs, so the dress made me look a little taller.

"You and that dress were made for each other," Caitlin said. I laughed at her comment and thanked her.

"I have to say," I said sincerely. "The scars make it look cooler." All my burn scars were visible but oddly enough they looked pretty nice with the dress. The scars were black, so they looked like tattoos that didn't clash with the dark red dress.

"I agree," Caitlin said.

"Do you think Optimus will like it?" I asked bashfully. Caitlin smiled broadly at me.

"He won't care about what you wear," she said. Caitlin gave me another look, then smirked. "But wearing that dress more often wouldn't be bad. Is it comfortable?"

"Yes it is," I laughed. "Alright, we're done with shopping."

"Uh no we aren't," Caitlin said angrily as if I insulted her. "We need to buy shoes!"

I groaned irritable. "I already have shoes."

"None to match that dress."

Sadly, Caitlin had a point. Damn her and her fashion. With that said, I quickly changed back into my clothes. Caitlin and I both bought our dresses. Mine was very cheap. Score! Caitlin's had a pretty good price too.

We walked to the nearest shoe store. Which was across the mall. Along the way, we bumped into Jazz and Bumblebee's holograms. Optimus wasn't with them, to my surprise.

"What did you get?" Jazz asked.

"Dresses," I said plainly.

"Can I see?" Bumblebee asked sweetly.

"No," Caitlin and I said together.

"You'll have to wait till Turnabout dance," Caitlin said smugly. Bumblebee groaned pettishly. Jazz merely shrugged and dragged Bee's hologram away. Presumably to continue their exploration of the mall.

Finally, we found the damn shoe store. It didn't take me long to find shoes. I got simple black pumps. Wearing high heels was fun, especially the really high ones. I usually wore heels during the summer, when there's no school.

It took a bit longer for Caitlin to find shoes. She's too picky. I sat there for about an hour, listening to my friend's complaints. I didn't bother trying to help. Instead, I just harassed her the whole time. Finally, Caitlin chose simple black heels. She looked at my pumps.

"Can you even walk in those? They're so high!" she said amazed.

I shrugged. "I've worn higher," I said plainly, which was true.


It was 6 pm and Caitlin was over at my house. We were getting ready for the dance. I was in the bathroom. My dress and pumps were on. Now for the hair and make-up.

I don't like to go crazy with my make-up. It gets heavy and annoying after a while. So I just had a soft red lip, some dark eyeliner with light eye-shadow. VoilĂ ! Perfect make-up.

"Clare, you seriously look amazing," Anna said. She let me borrow her make-up bag, which she never uses.

"Aw thanks," I said. "Do I need any more? Or am I fine?"

"It looks perfect to me," my sister said. Her comment made me smile.

Caitlin strolled in. She looked cute with her little green dress. When she saw me, she froze.

"Clare?" she asked.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Wow! You look so pretty!"

"Oh. Thanks," I said a little shyly. I'm not used to being called pretty.

I looked back into the mirror and groaned. Doing my hair was tricky. I can never do much with it. Well, I never know what to do with it.

"Hey Caitlin, can you do my hair?" I asked. Caitlin was pretty good with up-dos. I usually see her doing her other friend's hair at school.

Caitlin smile and nodded her head, yes. She quickly combed my hair and put it up in a messy up-do. It completed my whole outfit. Awesome.

"Thanks Caitlin," I said to my friend.

At around 6:30, Optimus, Jazz, and Bumblebee came to pick us up. Before we were able to leave, my mom took about ten pictures of me and Caitlin. After the photo session, Caitlin and I grabbed our tickets and ran out the door.

The first thing we saw were the three Autobots and their holograms. All three of the holograms wore suits. Jazz's wore a nice white suit and shirt with a silver tie. Bumblebee wore a black suit with a yellow shirt and tie. His blond hair was combed back stylishly.

Optimus' shall I say it? Optimus Prime's hologram looked hot. His suit was black. More black than Bee's. His shirt was silky and red. His tie was dark blue. He was leaning against his peterbilt self. His glowing blue eyes immediately came to me when I walked up. A smile formed on his face.

"Hi," I said a little timidly. I caught Bumblebee and Jazz staring at me. They were both smiling.

"Wow," Jazz said breathlessly. "You look nice."

"No, she looks amazing!" Bumblebee said hotly. I laughed.

"Thanks. You guys look pretty hot yourselves," I said. Caitlin nodded in agreement. Bee beamed cheerfully at me. Optimus wrapped his arms around me and pressed himself against my back.

"You're beautiful," he whispered into my ear. He planted a soft kiss onto my neck.

"Clare, your face matched your dress," Jazz teased. Bumblebee suddenly gave me a bewildered look.

"Did you grow?" he asked. Caitlin and I snickered at his confusion. I took off one of my heels and showed it to the three holograms.

"Nope," I said. "These just made me taller. That's all."

"Oh," Bee said, slightly embarrassed.

Without warning, Optimus lifted me up bridal style. It caught me off-guard, so I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Shall we go then?" he asked softly. Caitlin went into Jazz. Bee's hologram stood alone. He looked a little disappointed. I can never stand seeing Bee sad.

"Oh Bee," I said softly. "Don't worry. I'll dance with you too." Bumblebee's hologram grinned happily and climbed into his Camero self. Optimus carried me into his Peterbilt self and gingerly set me down on the seat. "I could have walked," I said dryly though smiling at the hologram.

"I know," Prime said and kissed my cheek.

We arrived at the school pretty early, so we were able to get parking. I saw Ironhide and Ratchet's vehicle mode drive by quickly.

"They're here too?" I asked Optimus who grinned at me.

"Bumblebee and Jazz forced them to come," he said. "Their holograms are already inside."

"Oh," I said. "Wait. How did they get in?" Prime's hologram shrugged.

The five of is walked into the school together. Optimus showed the dean his ID and documents while the rest of us gave the other dean our tickets. Both deans approved and allowed us in.

The gym, or the dance floor, was dark. There were only a few colored lights on, which gave the room a rave party affect. I was still able to see pretty clearly, thanks to my blue eyes. Balloons and streamers were hanging down from the ceiling. There were a few tables to the side that had punch, soda, chips and other treats.

People were already dancing on the dance floor. When I say dancing, I mean grinding. I don't grind. I just jump around to the beat. A lot of people still do that, so that's always good.

Someone patted me on the back. I turned and saw Ironhide's hologram. Unlike the other guys in the room, he wasn't wearing a suit. Just a grey dress shirt and black dress pants. He did look pretty spiffy for a rugged looking hologram.

Ratchet's hologram was right behind Ironhide. He was wearing his usual yellow-green dress shirt. Oh well. He still looked good.

"What are you guys doing here?" Caitlin asked.

"We're posing as chaperones," Ratchet said lightly. Ironhide smiled at Caitlin. He had really gotten to like her, which I found cute.

"Come on Clare!" Bumblebee said and pulled me into the middle of the dance floor. I smiled and waved to Optimus, who smiled back.

Soon, the hole dance floor/gym was filled with dancing high school students. Caitlin, Jazz, Bee and I danced together. It was pretty fun and entertaining to watch the two holograms dance. They were pretty good. Whenever a slow song came on we all stood to the side with the other three Autobots.

Occasionally, Optimus would be waiting with a drink at hand to give to me. No matter how not thirsty I was, I still took the drink and drank it. Ironhide did the same, but with Caitlin. They were really a cute couple to watch.

After a while, I noticed that the same girl who was flirting with Bee for the past moth was here. I caught her staring at Bee a few times. While the Autobots, Caitlin and I were standing in the corner, the girl walked up to us. When Bee saw her, he nervously shrank away behind me.

"Hey Bobby, wanna dance?" the girl asked, trying to be seductive but failing miserably at it.

"No thanks," Bumblebee said quickly.

"Oh come on," she said. "One dance?"

"Hey, quit harassing my cousin," I said angrily. "He's clearly not interested in your ass, so get lost!"

The girl glared at me. "Zip it, whore," she growled.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Oh wow. How unoriginal are you? Get a life bitch!" I retorted irritable.

"Whatever," she said and stalked away.

Bumblebee quickly gave me a tight hug and said, "Thanks a lot Clare."

"No problem," I said smugly.

I realized that Ironhide and Jazz were laughing. They must have enjoyed my little comebacks. Caitlin was smiling and applauding.

"Wow Clare," Jazz said. "That was great."

"That's one way of getting rid of someone," Ratchet said thoughtfully.

"I approve," Ironhide said, still laughing. I laughed at all of their supporting comments.

The last few songs were slow songs. Optimus and I decided to dance for those songs. We stood in the middle of the dance floor. Optimus pulled me gently closer to him.

Slow dancing in a school dance is basically having two people holding each other and walking/rocking back and forth. So that's what we did. I wrapped my arms around Prime's neck and pressed my cheek against his chest. I could felt Optimus caressing my back to whole time. His touch always made my heart race.

The dance was a lot of fun. We all had a great time dancing and standing around talking, and laughing. The dance ended at around 10:30. Ironhide volunteered to drive Caitlin home. Surprise, surprise. After a quick kiss on the cheek, Bumblebee drove off with Jazz and Ratchet. Presumably to the factory.

"Let's go for a drive," Optimus said in a gentle tone as his hologram led me to his vehicle mode.

"Fine with me," I said. I realized that I was blushing the whole time, and I still was.

Optimus drove me to an unknown place. He parked somewhere off to the side of the road. His hologram turned to me and said, "Close your eyes."After giving Optimus a suspicious look, I closed my eyes. I felt the hologram carry my out of his truck self. He set me down on the ground and led me somewhere. "Ok, open your eyes." I opened them and gasped.

We were high up on a cliff. The city was right below us. The lights were bright and beautiful. In the middle of the black sky was the white full moon. The falling snow made the scene look like a fantasy, except it was real. The whole sight was breathtaking.

Optimus held me close to him. He kissed me neck and asked, "Do you like it?"

"It's lovely," I said softly.

"I'm glad," Prime said and held me tighter. I could tell that he was smiling by the tone of his voice. After a few minutes of gazing at the sky, Optimus whispered, "I love you." The way he said it made my heart race, yet again.

I decided to be playful. I teased Optimus by saying, "Yeah, well, I love you more." I turned to face the baffled hologram and kissed him. Optimus' confused expression didn't change, which made me laugh.

Optimus finally smiled and said, "Oh I see. Now it's a competition?" I knew he was playing around too. We both laughed at each other's fooling around until Optimus leaned his forehead against mine. He closed his glowing blue eyes.

"So, did you enjoy the dance?" I asked.

"Yes, it was an interesting experience," he murmured softly.

"So is that a yes?" I joked which made Optimus laugh.

Suddenly, I heard a song blast out from something behind us, "I believe in miracles.....Since you came along.......You sexy thing." God I hated that song.

Me and Optimus turned to find all the Autobots and Caitlin, standing there in their vehicle modes, watching. Their holograms were smirking at us.

Bumblebee, of all Autobots, was the one blasting the ridiculous song. He finally turned it off when I looked at him. Bee's hologram was shaking with laughter.

"Aw! You two look so cute together!" Caitlin squealed. I shook my head irritable. I took my pumps off and shoved them into Prime's hands, who took them without question.

"I swear to god, Caitlin," I growled and ran at her. Caitlin shrieked and hid behind Ironhide's hologram. I quickly stopped and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. You better hide," I muttered as I walked back to Optimus. I grabbed my shoes back and quickly put them on. Running around in snow barefoot is not the wisest thing to do.

Optimus, in truck mode, nudged himself against me. It was gentle enough not to hurt or run me over. The Autobot leader's hologram lifted me up and set me down on top of his Peterbilt self.

The other Autobots crowded closer to Optimus. The holograms sat on top of their respected vehicles. Caitlin was on top of Ironhide, cuddling with his hologram. Prime's hologram sat behind me. I happily leaned into his chest.

We all sat quietly and the watched the bright lively city and dark sky. Well, it wasn't entirely quit. Bumblebee blasted some music during the time. Thankfully, no one complained. Not even Ironhide.

Occasionally, I noticed some people staring at us as they drove past. I guess it was odd to see a bunch of people dressed up and sitting on large random vehicles late at night. If I saw that I'd probably stare too.

But there was more to us than meets the eye.