"Do not go gentle into that good night

Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

-- Dylan Thomas


It was one of those nights again.

Rather, it was one of those dreams again.

He has them every night, and he still can't piece together enough scenes to make sense of it all.

First, there's chirping. And at first it sounds like Gil-bird, but Gil-bird never sounded like that. Then, it doesn't sound like chirping at all. He doesn't know what to call it at that point, doesn't even know what to feel about it, because it lulls him to sleep and sends shivers down his spine at the same time.

Then, there're the voices. Familiar voices, to be sure. They call him, and that's usually when the dream ends. He doesn't wake up, but the rest of his sleep is undisturbed. When he opens his eyes, he's in his room, and its morning.

He'd look at his window, and frown for a few moments, before realizing that the dream has been torn apart. Gil-bird would hop into his vision, tweeting and cocking her head at him, as if asking him what's wrong. Gilbert would try to answer, but then he realizes he has nothing to answer with. So he simply shrugs, and greets his little pet with a sleepy smile.

And before he gets up and gets out of bed, the dream is forgotten.

Prussia yawns and stretches, and when he sits at the breakfast table, he smiles at his brother and his brother smiles back. There's wurst for breakfast, and eggs, and Gil-bird herself is pecking at one of them.

He doesn't notice the way Germany stares far too long at him and Gil-bird, and the coldness in his eyes is gone by the time Prussia asks for seconds.








Author's Notes: For the author who brought us 'On The Bound' and 'Into the Face of the Beguiled'... the one and only, tatterdemalion! :D For her awesome prowess in writing, and for the fact that her skills are currently present in the Hetalia-side of the universe. Also, my gratitude to her-- 'On The Bound' is truly a great story... 'Into the Face of the Beguiled' is still in progress, but if you like brothel-time, look it up! :D

Now, about the fic... This is my headcanon's take on why Prussia still exists. I had this idea in the shower, that's why it is strange. It will be Austria x Prussia, but not for a while. The chapters will be short, because I'm just letting my hands work until they say stop. I've got three chapters up, and will upload them ASAP.