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June, 2010.

"Bella! Hurry your ass up! We're leaving in five minutes." Alice's mental messaged rang through my head. I sent back an eye roll telepathically.

I grabbed the blue sheets off of my bed and started to throw them into one of my duffel bags while using my mind to pack all of my shoes. I tugged on the bottom sheet a little too hard and knocked the mattress off of the bed frame. There, lying between the mattress and the metal springs was a journal I didn't recognize. It said 'My Love' on the front, in my handwriting. I flipped open the front cover in utter surprise and curiosity.

I scanned the entire journal, trying to get the gist of the thing. It started with a disastrous first date, and then started telling of a secret romance not just any romance but my secret romance and how I had fallen in love with this man. All the entries were dated starting just after my eighteenth birthday and ending a few months ago.

I flipped to the end and read about how in love I was with him, how my heart ached every time I was away from him, and how I never wanted to live a day without him. And then, it just stops, there's nothing after that.

Why can't I remember my first love? Why does my heart ache and scream out in agony while I'm reading this? Why does my mind come up blank when I try to remember any of this? And how in the hell was I in love with him?

Edward Cullen.

I sprinted down stairs with the journal in my grasp. I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Why don't I remember? Why can't I remember any of this?" I waved the little black journal frantically in the air. My friends stared at me as I felt Rosalie diving into my thoughts and memories, giving me a look of pity.

Rose shifted her glance around to the others, and they nodded in approval before she spoke. "You told me you wanted to forget him. You wanted it to be like he never existed."


August, 2009.

I took a deep breath as I walked up to Forks High; the first day of my senior year. Just one more year and I would be done with this place. I'm so sick of all the drama and bullshit that high school brings. Not to mention all the homework and lectures that comes with it, I thought to myself with relief. I kept my hood up as I walked towards the doors even though the rain had stopped an hour ago. The dark gray clouds were rolling away to reveal a bright blue sky.

The 'it' crowd surrounded Cullen's shiny silver Volvo, all of them pretending that what one of the jocks said was the funniest thing they'd ever heard.

Idiots, all of them.

Yeah, that's right, Forks High school, home to a maximum of three hundred students, had the ever-so clichéd 'it' crowd. Complete with the jocks and cheerleaders who liked to party and fuck on the weekends. All of them thought they were invincible, thought they ruled the school and that everyone was beneath them. Pshh, yeah…

I stepped in a slick puddle and felt gravity start to take its course. I squinted my eyes tightly and focused as I stared at the blue watch on my wrist. "Stop," I commanded and finally time froze around me.

I steadied myself and stood up straight. I looked to my left and saw a group of skaters looking at Bryan Adams, a senior skater. I laughed at the stationary expression of determination on his face. Beside them were the quiet nerds with their heads in their books; one kid was in the process of turning the page. Not too far in the distance was a redheaded girl who stared longingly at the biggest douche bag in school.

Edward Cullen.

Yes, you heard me right. Edward Cullen. I am actually capable of thinking his name and not swooning and drooling, unlike every other girl in this school.

Speaking of him, I turned my attention towards him and walked over to his group. They were all laughing, but since they were all frozen in time they looked like total and complete idiots. Their noses scrunched, mouths hanging wide open while they clinched their guts. I laughed silently at what I was about to do.

I grabbed the water bottle from a cheerleader's hand, unscrewed the cap and sniffed. Ugh, vodka. I then poured the vodka over top of Cullen's head; the clear liquid ran through his bronze hair, over his face and onto his shirt. I made sure to leave a little vodka in the bottle and dumped the remainder of it onto his crotch. I placed the bottle back into the cheerleader's hand and positioned her arm so it looked as if she'd dumped it on him.

Yes, I realize that this little unexplainable incident could cause some unwanted attention, but who's going to suspect me? I'm the police chief's daughter, the quiet mousey girl who always had her head in a book, the straight 'A' student, the teacher's pet. Exactly. No one is going to suspect me for anything. And, that my friends, is the beauty of all of this.

I stared at Cullen and laughed to myself for what seemed like hours. Finally, I got my fill and walked back to the puddle where I stood before I had stopped the world. I put my hood back up, eyes looking at my muddy Converse.

I looked back at my watch, the time still reading 8:35 A.M. "Resume," I quietly chanted.

All at once, my classmates came back to life. Bryan landed his skateboard jump, or whatever the hell they call them these days, the redhead huffed and returned her attention back to her book. And Cullen, well he stood there in shock wondering, 'What the fuck just happened!?'. He started to yell at the cheerleader who held the bottle. Jessica, I think was her name. She stood there with a cherry red face, something that I'm always plagued with, and vehemently apologized. He asked around for something to clean up with. Girls around him gladly took off their shirts and offered them up as towels, by doing so revealing their perfect slim, tanned, and pierced bellies. Sluts.

He took the "towels" and wiped himself off and looked up at me. "What are you looking at?" he muttered under his breath clearly not aware of the fact that I could hear the gurgling of a stream three point eight miles away. "Fucking freak."

I snorted. He didn't know the half of it.

I kept on my way to the front doors and acted like a normal person as I pulled open the doors with my hands. I was trying to break the summer habit of using my abnormal powers. What could I say? A summer of not having to hide my secret had manifested the powers to three times stronger than they were the previous year. Not being able to use them constantly to help with tedious tasks was going to be fucking hard. It was like biting your nails or sucking your finger or even smoking; a bad habit you had to break.

I headed towards my first period classroom, advanced placement English. I sat down in the front row knowing that I needed to pay attention or things might start happening if I get a little too bored or distracted. I'd have to lay low until I regained full control of my powers. It was a task that seemed nearly impossible at the moment.

I pulled out a notepad and a metallic blue gel-pen and started doodling random objects and shapes that eventually turned into a pair of beady eyes with a painfully crooked nose and thin lips staring up at me. I shuddered and quickly tore out the page and crumpled it up. I looked around the room; I could hear Mr. Robinson in the teachers' lounge talking to Miss Davis about the poor quality of the coffee so I knew I was safe.

One little trick wouldn't do any harm. I focused on the tiny wad of paper and pictured it flying to the trashcan. I flicked my fingers and it did as I commanded. The paper landed at the bottom of the steel can with a tiny thud.

I hadn't had my fill of magic yet. In my mind I envisioned it burning to ashes completely getting rid of the haunting image. I opened my eyes and saw smoke rising to the ceiling.

Just then I heard the doorknob twist and Edward Cullen walked in sporting a new shirt and wet hair with Victoria Evers and Tanya Denali attached to his hips. Shit! I blew out a tiny gust of air out of my lips and even though the smoke immediately dissipated, the smell still hung in the air.

He smirked at me. "Blazing it up before first period Swan? How very risqué of you."

"You're the one who reeks of cheap vodka and sex, Cullen." I spat his name as I opened my worn out copy of 'Pride and Prejudice' and flipped to the dog-eared page, satisfied that I had shut him the hell up.

I checked my watch, almost ten minutes until class would start. I'd be damned if I had to sit here and listen to Cullen sucking face with the two biggest skanks on the face of the earth for ten minutes.

One more trick and I swore I'd be done for the rest of the school day, well maybe. I focused on the wall-clock. "Fast forward," I whispered. I watched in amusement as my classmates filed in at the speed of light. Gossip-y girls' mouths moved even faster than I thought possible, and Edward, unbelievably made his way around to every girl in the classroom.

I'd always wondered what it was like for them when I paused, sped up, or slowed down time. Hopefully they didn't notice it, and hopefully it didn't affect them in a big way, if it did… whatever. I didn't really care.

Mr. Robinson walked in and started to lecture. I assumed this might be important.

"Resume," I said to myself and everything went back to a normal pace.

I was wrong, nothing he said was important. I sat there listening to him drone on about this year's projects and rolled my eyes when he laughed at his own lame jokes.

I really, really, wanted to fast forward again but my head was hurting like hell. I also hadn't gotten much sleep last night and fast forwarding always took the most energy out of me, so I decided against it and instead subjected myself to a tortuously slow lecture.

The bell rang and I slowly collected my shit, stumbling on the way out of the classroom. I walked to my second class of the day, which was art, also, one of my favorite subjects.

I'd always been a good artist even before my abilities had kicked in. My powers had given me heightened senses that allowed me to see colors better and lines and brush strokes, but they also gave me steadier hands and more graceful movements.

I sat down in the back corner seat where I've always sat and waited for Ms. Galindo to come in. She was… eccentric to say the least. She is rumored to be have been a pothead and an ex-stripper, but who knows for sure? When I first moved here everyone believed that I was trying to escape from a mob that killed my family in California and I was staying with Charlie as part of the witness protection program.

Ms. Galindo walked to the front of the room gracefully with confidence. She sat down on the wooden stool beside the chalkboard and wrote her name boldly. Her rusty red hair fell past her waist in thick ringlets, I swear last year her hair was always straight and cut to just above her shoulders. Her light brown eyes were bright and alive as she began to talk.

"Welcome students to another year at Forks High School. This year we will be studying some of the famous works by impressionist artists as well as learning to recreate the feelings put into these works through painting." I actually listened to her talk with her country twang, watching her throw her hands in the air dramatically as she gestured to the supplies and watched her face fall when the bell signaled us to leave. She sighed and waved goodbye to all of us.

She gently grabbed my shoulder, "Bella, I'm excited to see what you'll do this year." When she said those words it sounded like she said it with a double meaning, I looked up at her and she had an odd smile playing on her face, but it's possible that I was imagining things. I mean, I had gotten only a few hours of sleep when I usually slept for ten, plus the fact that I had used my powers a lot on that little amount of sleep.

"Yeah, me too." She smiled at me as I walked away.

The rest of the day was normal, well besides that fact that I paused the world during history class so I could sneak in a little nap. For lunch I had gone to the library to eat my turkey sandwich. The cafeteria was never a very welcoming place for someone like me, someone different, someone not willing to conform.

I sat in one of the old leather couches, taking a sip from my bottle of water as I read my book. The door opened and closed with a tiny thud. I pushed my glasses up and stared at the door in amazement as Edward Cullen walked in.

What the shit?

Edward Cullen, in a library? Ohh, just wait until his loyal followers hear about this, he will be teased until the end of the year. Where's a camera when I need one?

He didn't seem to notice me as he walked up to the librarian, Mrs. Mead, an old lady with her white hair pulled back into a round bun with glasses bigger than her own head. "Mr. Cullen, what a pleasant surprise. Did you finish the books that I recommended?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Yes, they were all as wonderful as you said they were. Especially 'Northanger Abbey', I just stopped by to thank you." He grinned as I held back my shock. He read a Jane Austen novel?! I got up from my seat quietly and walked to the door, if he caught me in here I'd be dead. "And, of course to ask you for another list of suggestions. I'm running out of things to read."

Right before Mrs. Mead answered Edward back she waved goodbye to me. "Bye Isabella, I'll see you tomorrow!" Fuck.

I grabbed the handle and swung it open and sped walked down the hallway. No running in the halls, remember? "Swan! Stop, goddamnit!"

I reluctantly halted and turned around. "Yes, Cullen?" I crossed my arms over my chest and popped out my hip.

"Don't you dare tell anyone about that." His jaw locked.

I acted clueless. "About what, Eddie?"

"Don't call me that. And you know what!" He grabbed my arm and led me into an empty classroom scared that someone would overhear us.

"Nope, I have no idea." I pulled my arm out of his grasp. That shit hurt.

"Oh shut up, don't tell anyone that I was in the library and that… that I read." He moved his eyes towards the ground.

I feigned shock. "You can read!?" I giggled.

"Shut the fuck up." He was getting mad.

"I'd always thought you were an idiot, guess I was wrong." I could tell I was pushing him too far.

"Yeah, well I'd rather be an idiot than a zombie." He started to leave but I forced him against the wall using all of my strength. His eyes bulged and he looked terrified… of me, little Isabella Swan, but only for a second.

"What the fuck did you just call me?" I could feel the tears forming. How did he know?

"A zombie," he repeated with his game face on.

"How do you know?" He shook his head, refusing. God, I really didn't want to have to use my powers. "Edward, you're going to tell me how you know about the accident." I forced my words into his mind. His eyes glazed over, eyelids drooping a bit, his body became stiff but before he could get the words out he snapped out of it.

What the hell? Every time I did that it worked, no matter how weak I was, no matter whom I used it on, it always worked. The fact that he effortlessly avoided my persuasion, or compulsion as it was called, seriously blew my mind.

I didn't do anything else, I just let go of him and walked out of the room and then out of the building, taking the time to pause time as I went so I didn't miss any school, even though I was extremely weak from trying to use compulsion on Edward. I thought no one knew about me dying. I mean everyone knew that Renée had died in the wreck, but the part about me dying and then inexplicably coming back to life, I thought that was a well hidden secret.

I walked to the edge of school grounds as I started becoming dizzy, my vision was blurring. I knew I should've eaten more than just a turkey sandwich. Reluctantly, I went back to school before I passed out from the mental drain. I went straight for my next class as I said, "Resume."

I sat at my lab table, my head falling against the cold, black surface. My whole body was throbbing. I felt like hell, like complete and total shit.

Well, wasn't this a wonderful first day of school?

My eyes drew shut and I fell into a blissful sleep. What felt like minutes later that fucking loud, annoying bell awakened me. I rubbed my eyes with my fists and yawned loudly, stretching my sleep-ridden limbs. I looked around kinda fucking confused and wondered 'where the hell am I?' then I realized I was in the biology room and my fellow classmates were filing in from lunch.

Everyone was taking their seats, purposefully avoiding the lab table where I was seated. Once the bell had rung and all the little boys and girls were merrily chatting away with their tablemates, I sat alone and stared off into space like the loner that I was. Mr. Banner, our teacher, came in looking frazzled. I wonder if he noticed that he had spilled coffee down his tie. I wonder how he managed to spill it in that extremely erratic way. But… I am much too exhausted to peer into his memory bank. I'll have to save that for a different day.

"Good afternoon students. I am Mr. Banner, as most of you well know. This year-" He was cut off by a late student. I didn't even bother to look up to know that it was Cullen, because my luck was just that bad. Oh, and I could smell him.

Okay, yes, I am aware that that particular statement was just a bit odd. But with my heightened senses everyone has a very distinct smell and Cullen's was like honey and pine trees with a hint of lilac, but I couldn't place the scent to a specific cologne or deodorant so it had to be natural. And God, was it heavenly.

"Sorry Mr. Banner, I uh… got lost." He muttered out his lame, and if I do say so myself, generic and poorly thought out excuse. He could've thought of something so much more creative, like he had been abducted by ninjas or aliens.

"Hmmm, very likely Cullen seeing as how you've been in this school for three years and there's only two floors in this entire building. Have a seat next to Miss Swan, seeing as it is the only seat available."

We both stood up in protest. "What!? No!"

"Mr. Cullen have a seat, I don't feel like filling out a detention form on the first day of school. The same goes for you, Miss Swan."

Compel him to switch Cullen's seat, was my first immediate thought. But the angel on my right had other ideas. Do it when you're stronger, you can survive a few days beside Edward. Fucking angel.

I huffed and sat back down. I scooted my metal stool over so I was as far away from Edward as possible. I turned my back to him as I doodled.

He slid me a note.

Very mature, Bella.

Says the one who's passing notes…

Shut up, I just wanted to make sure we're clear on one thing.

And that would be?

You don't tell anyone about the library incident, and I won't tell anyone about you being a zombie.

I'm not a zombie. I gave him a hard look as I passed the note back to him.

Call it what you want, Swan. But do we have a deal?

Yes. I slid back the note reluctantly.

Oh, and you're lookin hot today, baby. ;)

I pretended to gag and then growled at him, it was no secret that when I moved here he immediately took a shine to me, as my father so delicately put it. He basically tried almost everything he could to get into my pants. I was the only girl to turn him down, supposedly of course. I rolled my eyes as I took in his appearance. His hair was messier than usual, his belt was loose and barely covered by his wrinkled t-shirt, his cheeks were tinted pink, and his brows were slightly sweaty. Of course I'm probably the only person that could see the sweat and pink cheeks. But according to my calculations, some 'lucky' girl had gotten Cullen off a mere five to ten minutes ago.

Fuck off Cullen; you've already gotten lucky today.

Swan, you know you want me.

You've forgotten one minor detail.

What's that?

You repulse me. I watched his brow burrow in confusion as the bell rang. I popped up lithely, walked through the door and to my next class.

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