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Story Title: Eight Nights of Delights


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AN: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight but I made her characters kosher. The Jewish conversion of their last names is my idea as is this story. Please do not copy – I have several attorneys at my beck and call :)

1st Night

I had been looking forward to winter break and being home with my friends and my family. My best friends – Alice Brandonberg and Rosalie Hayles bailed on me. They were spending the winter break traveling. I was left on my own at home.

My first semester of at Brandeis University was decent and I had met some great people, but no one seemed to compare to the relationships I had forged in high school. My high school experience was not typical. In college, I was a small fish in a big pond, but my time in high school was different. Well, not actually in high school, but my youth group. I had been president of the girl's chapter of the local Jewish Youth Group, which included other Jewish teenagers from much of the Olympic Peninsula, and I had been their ringleader, at least for the girls. Edward Cullenman ran the boys' chapter as my counterpart. Even though the boys' chapter was separate, we often planned events together.

Actually, our vice presidents planned most of these events, which was good because I hated Edward Cullenman. Sure, he was smart, a great leader, with model good looks, but he was also ultra-competitive, arrogant, and extremely vocal about his right-wing politics. The crazy thing was that despite being the hottest Jewish guy around with green eyes and bronze hair, he never dated. Okay, he and I used to sniff each other's butts in the seventh grade and sway to slow songs on the bar mitzvah circuit, but he had never dated anyone. Back in middle school, we would play spin the bottle and of course Edward was my first kiss. We went for like a week and then broke up when he danced with Emmett McCarty's older cousin Tanya at Emmett's bar mitzvah. Yeah, Emmett McCarty is Jewish - he's half on his mother's side. So after our split, Edward went out with Tanya for a week and then nothing between us again – not even spin the bottle.

Rumor was he was gay, but a gay, Jewish Republican was rarer than a unicorn. It was just that he never partook in any of the activities that seemed to follow our youth group events nor did ever acknowledge any of the rumors.

People may hear Jewish youth group and think that it's totally lame, but not only did it teach me amazing leadership skills and strong friendships, but I learned how to give killer blow jobs. So here's the other thing about Jewish youth groups: they are sort of an excuse to be overly sexual and experiment without parents minding because you were doing it with someone from the same religion. With the intermarriage rate topping 51%, all of our parents kindly turned a blind eye to events that concluded with unofficial coed sleepovers. Not that they turned into orgies or anything, but there was definitely a lot of groping. It seemed that everyone hooked up with everyone else, everyone but gay, republican, Edward and me. I chose not to hook up locally. I took my position as president seriously, and put myself on a pedestal. I was a role model to the younger girls and it didn't look good if I was sucking face. I did, however, get it on the three summers I spent at Jewish leadership camp where I learned to suck cock like a pro.

Did you get all of that?

So here I was home alone. I could call some of the younger girls but when I saw a few of them over Thanksgiving, they made me feel old. Fucking old. I know one semester of college isn't supposed to age you but the difference between bitching about gym class and bitching about a twenty-page term paper are great. So instead, I was moping around the house, driving my parents crazy. That was until my mom yelled at me to go get dressed. What? I have to wear something besides my prized Juicy Couture sweats Alice had given me for graduation?

"Honey, I told we are going to the Cullenmans for Hanukkah dinner," she explained. She hadn't said a damn thing about this. I huffed up the steps and threw on a skirt, a sweater and ballet flats. She never told me shit. I mean a whole night with Edward, ugh.

We arrived at the Cullenmans' large house twenty minutes later. Edward's dad, Carlisle was a doctor and his mom, Esme was an interior designer. They were well off. Not like fuck you money, but not like us where I was going to be up to my eyeballs in student loans. My parents – a civil servant and teacher – made enough that we were comfortable, but not like the Cullenmans.

Esme Cullenman opened the door and greeted us. She called out to Edward to take our coats and then led us to the living room where Dr. Cullenman sat. Edward returned and Esme started pouring wine for all of us including Edward and me. It wasn't even that Manischewitz shit – no, it was the good stuff – Baron Herzog – one of the better kosher wines; as if that wasn't an oxymoron in itself. The adults started talking about something boring – synagogue gossip. So I picked up my glass, I poured that sucker back and wouldn't you know, Esme poured me some more. Renee looked at my dad who shrugged. They were cool with it; not like I was driving.

I first noticed it when I was home for Thanksgiving; they had been much more relaxed. It grossed me out to think about it but I think the sexing for them was better with me out of the house. It showed in their relationship and their lack of concern for my well-being. They still loved and cared for me but I was no longer bound by a curfew and they had told me they trusted me. Being so far from home for school did that for them. It was too bad that the highlight of my break was catching up on the monster/Jane Austen fiction craze.

Esme served chopped liver and vegetables as an appetizer, which I didn't touch. Call it pate, call it chipped liver; it was all still disgusting. We then gathered around the electric menorah in the living room. After saying the blessings and lighting the candles, or rather screwing in the bulbs, Esme served a beautiful dinner of brisket, latkes, and tons of steamed vegetables in the elaborate dining room. Edward, who I was conveniently placed next to, spoke briefly about school, friend gossip and such. I had forgotten that he too was in Boston - Harvard, of course. He had been valedictorian, I was in the top ten of our class, but Edward was way more intense and even took courses at the community college when we were in high school. I hadn't realized, okay I had, Harvard wasn't far from Brandeis. After dinner the adults continued their boring conversation, and I kept drinking because Esme kept pouring.

"Edward, why don't you and Bella go play some dreidel?" Esme asked, arching her perfectly shaped eyebrow. Edward didn't reply, he just gave her the "What you talkin' about Willis" look. "Fine, take the wine with you. I put some dreidels and Hanukkah gelt out on the hall table."

Holding onto my glass, surprised my parents didn't say anything, I followed him down to the basement. I had been in the Cullenmans' basement several times for youth group events. We sat down on the plush, but flat Berber carpeting; I was mindful being in a skirt and all and pulled my legs behind me. Edward in his button down shirt and grey slacks sat with one leg bent and the other underneath it.

"This is so lame. This vacation sucks," I so eloquently declared.

"Tell me about it. All my friends are actually vacationing someplace cool. We never go away because of Dad being on call on Christmas and Mom and I usually volunteer at the hospital then too, but they wouldn't let me this year because of the Swine flu. So what are you majoring in, anyways?"

"Ugh, everyone keeps asking me this. I should get a t-shirt made. I'm undecided. Don't judge me. It's not a bad thing. Who at eighteen knows what they want for the rest of their life? So, are we going to play this?" I asked, picking up one of the dreidels.

"Some people know exactly what they want." He ran his fingers through his hair, it was his nervous tick. He used to do it when we tried to get people to be quiet during youth group events. "Yeah, let's play, I guess. I mean what else are we going to do?" he replied with a non-committal shrug. I hated him so much.

"Pour me some more wine. Want to make this more fun?" I asked, eying the Hanukkah gelt. Jews were skillful people but chocolate was one thing that tasted better non-kosher. He nodded. "Okay, let's play truth or dare dreidel rather than partake in the gelt." I then went through the various sides of the top explaining the new rules. Each Hebrew letter had a different meaning in the game. Instead of Gimmel being take all, it's a dare for the other person; Shin, instead of being put one in, the other person asks you a truth. For Hay, instead of half you get to ask the other person a truth, and Nun is like a pass.

After my explanation, Edward agreed and we began. I spun first and got Hay. "Edward, are you gay?"

He choked on the wine he had just sipped. "No, why would you think that?"

"You never date anyone. What is up with that?"

"I decided long ago that girls were not worth my time until I was closer to settling down. In high school, I was too focused to date. Okay, my turn." He spun the top and got Gimmel. His eyes lit up and he looked me up and down. "Kiss me, Swanstein."


"I said, I dare you to kiss me. Then you can tell everyone how I am not gay." I looked at him like he had a penis growing out of his forehead. I had befriended a gay guy at school, James, and we kissed on the lips all of the time. "Come on Swanstein, you used to like kissing me when we played spin the bottle," he egged on.

"No I didn't. Wait, you remember that?" He nodded again and motioned me over with his pointer finger. "Fine." I leaned over and puckered my lips. I kept my eyes open until our lips made contact. You know those scenes from the fireworks on the Mall in Washington, DC they show on the Fourth of July? The moment our lips touched it felt like that. Naturally, I pulled away quickly. "Happy?"

"Yes," he smirked. "Wow, if all it took was a finger to make you come, Bella, you're going to make some guy very happy. Your turn," he said quickly, before I had a chance to react. He handed the dreidel back to me.

The game went on several rounds and I wasn't fairing well. Edward learned that I thought he was a decent kisser, I flashed him my boobs, revealed that I was wearing Paul Frank underwear with a giant Julius on the butt, and that I secretly dreamed of being a writer but would probably major in something more practical than English. I learned that his cock fully erect was supposedly eight inches, he was pre-law and aspired to be a politician, which was why he never hooked up in high school. He didn't want some girl or girls selling their stories to some Dateline or 60 Minutes.

Esme called us up for dessert, and for the first time since seventh grade, I wanted more time with Edward Cullenman. It hurt to think; we were both sufficiently drunk and stumbled up the steps trying to pull it together. We quietly ate mandel bread, quickly excused ourselves and went back downstairs, a second time, though this time we sat on the couch. For a split second we just sat there staring at one another. Maybe it was the abundance of kosher wine, but like bagels and lox our lips were drawn to each other. His hands caressed the sides of my face as he leaned down and looked into my eyes. This was so wrong but so right, like turkey bacon. Then his lips made contact with mine again, and again, and again. We would have kept going but my mom called down saying we were leaving. So soon?

As Edward walked me upstairs he asked if he could see me again, tomorrow night. I couldn't speak and instead did the whole hand-phone gesture. Just as we reached the top step, I felt his warm breath on my ear as he whispered, "Happy Hanukkah, Bella."

2nd Night

Edward called this afternoon and we talked for hours. Some things he said made we want to slug him through the phone, but we had so much in common. Since we were both abandoned by our friends and had this odd connection, I invited him over to watch movies. He helped my parents and I light the candles and then we made our way into the den to watch movies. The lights were down and since my dad keeps the house freezing to saving on heating costs, I was bundled up with one of the afghans my Bubbe had shipped from Scottsdale. We figured we would do an Adam Sandler movie marathon.

We started with Don't Mess with the Zohan. By the time Zohan made it to New York, my hand, under the blanket, was resting on Edward's thigh, grazing his cock. He wasn't a liar; it was eight inches, at least. I love cock. Penises fascinate me. Since my first blowjob at summer camp, I just loved to stare at them and wonder how guys could walk around with those things. Knowing that the parents were upstairs and Edward had a raging hard-on, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I leaned over and rested my head on Edward's chest and looked up. He looked down at me and brought his lips to mine. Yup, fireworks are still there. It wasn't the kosher wine; it was him. I broke the kiss and moved my lips up his neck and began sucking on his earlobe. He let out a deep moan. My hand moved up his thigh and grasped on to the outline of his cock through his jeans.

"Fuck. Bella, why did we hate each other?" He mumbled into my ear as his hand grazed down my leg and made its way to my ass.

"Umm, you were an arrogant, controlling cocksucker who didn't want to do anything to ruin your far right wing political future with stories of high school sexual exploits and I was too busy being offended and annoyed to even try," I whispered into his ear, hitching my leg over his lap so that I was straddling him.

"Baruch ha Shem for Baron Herzog. If only we had let loose like this earlier or rather never stopped playing spin the bottle," he replied, kissing my forehead then my nose.

"I was loose like this beforehand. Never at events, but you were with me at those leadership camps..." I teased.

"Yeah, I was and I heard all about you skipping some of your religious courses for trips to the Enchanted Forest with Jacob Blackavitz," Edward teased but there was a note of jealousy in his voice.

Jacob popped my blowjob cherry, and just that. I was still a virgin. I wasn't about to lose it to some summer camp fling, especially not Jacob, who was the complete opposite of me, and Edward, for that matter. Jacob was relaxed, he listened to Phish and attempted to go most of the summer without wearing shoes. His lifelong ambition was to make Frisbee golf an Olympic sport. What was I thinking? That first bj was awful – he held my hair and pulled on it way too hard, and I bit down, just as hard, but since then I had honed my skills.

"Don't remind me." I hitched up closer to Edward, licked his bottom lip with my tongue and wrapped my fingers through his bronze locks. I wondered if Edward could be considered a fire crotch. Edward shifted upwards and I rose to meet him. The friction felt good; we were always about the friction, just never this kind. The heat from his cock permeated through his jeans as it met the hot wet pussy that was begging for more underneath sweatpants.

Without warning, Edward pushed me off of him and I shot him a look, but then my mom came in and offered us drinks and a snack. I looked over to see that Edward had pulled the afghan up to cover his massive boner. I shooed my nosy, cockblocking mother away. Surely she would be on the phone with Esme picking out our china patterns or some shit. After she left, the mood was sort of killed and we petted under the afghan through the rest of Zohan, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison.

As I blearily walked Edward to the door, he whispered in my ear, "Happy Hanukkah, Bella," then kissed me and left.

3rd Night

Edward wanted to go out tonight – we had both spent the entire day at our respective homes reading in our pajamas. I had figured out a few things during my day of being a bum. First, I was getting laid this vacation if it was the last thing I did. Second, because I was a broke-ass college student, my gift to Edward would be popping both our cherries. And third, despite that he liked watching Fox News, I sort of actually liked this guy.

After I had showered and put on real clothes, he picked me up in his shiny Volvo. The parents insisted we stay and light the Hanukkah candles with them before heading to Port Angeles for dinner. Once in the car, Edward took off his leather jacket and slung it into the backseat. He was wearing a tight t-shirt. I looked down at his physique. He had been working out at school. Not that I ever checked him out in high school, but he was definitely more toned. My eyes glanced down at his forearms – the right was ever so slightly bigger than the left. I wondered how many times a day he jacked off.

"Have you been working out?" I asked, putting my seatbelt on.

"A little," he admitted.

The drive was long and I placed my hand over the middle console onto Edward's thigh. He dressed right so I could feel his cock through his jeans, once again. I could feel it growing bigger and harder with every light caress. Edward didn't say anything; instead he kept his eyes on the road. At a stoplight, I moved my hands up and stealthily undid the button and moved down the zipper. Thankfully it was a long light, and I stuck my fingers down and pulled out Edward's strapping large circumcised cock out. Mmmmh... crewnecks never have seen a turtleneck.

Edward looked over at me about to say something but nothing intelligible came out. It sounded more like, "Gahh!"

"Shhh. Just drive," I soothed. As I took my hand over his bare cock and began to slowly pump my hand up and down. I had done this enough to know that sooner rather than later he would be exploding all over himself and my hand. I looked around with my right hand as my left hand pumped, until I found a small package of tissues in the glove compartment. I tossed it onto my lap for safekeeping.

Driving through the winding roads, with each turn I pumped a little harder. I decided to tease Edward a little. His brain could only handle so much and right now between driving and my hand on him, he was stretched pretty thin – even for a Harvard man.

"Edward, don't you think homosexuals should have the right to marry?" He responded with a "mmmh". "I'll take that as a yes. Don't you think there should be universal healthcare?" Same response. I wish I had a tape recorder. "Shouldn't the US adopt Cap and Trade policies?" That warranted the same response.

"Bella, I know what you're doing...Gah!"

I licked my fingers and stuck them back onto his cock, letting the moisture from my mouth get him off a little bit more. Leaning over I took both hands and wove them together and pumped him. I could feel his cock jerk and I knew he was about to climax. Pumping with one hand and grabbing tissues with the other, I watched as he erupted. It was just in time – the Christmas lights decorating Port Angeles illuminated the car.

"Fuck, Bella. I almost just crashed the car several times for you doing that," he screamed at me. I shrunk back into my seat. "Do you think you could do it again on the way home?" He smiled.

"Maybe." I answered, leaning in closer to him.

After pulling into a parking spot, Edward zipped his now tired, limp dick back into his jeans. "Bella, by the way, your questions: yes, but the states should decide, no to universal healthcare, I prefer tort reform, and I think a carbon tax would be more effective than cap and trade. Oh and since I know you are dying to ask, I am pro-choice. Just not late term abortions. I am much more libertarian than far-right winger," he replied, grabbing his jacket, getting out of the car and coming around to open my door. At least he was educated on the issues, even if I didn't agree with everything he said.

We ate at a little Italian restaurant where the waitress ogled Edward. She was tall, blond, and thin, with blue eyes and non-existent hips. I crossed my arms, annoyed. Edward picked up on it.

"Swanstein, you think I would ever even consider dating a shiksa goddess like that? Sure she is beautiful, but she doesn't even register," he shrugged, caressing my hand that rested on the table.

We shared a few dishes and after dinner, despite the cold, which after being in Boston, wasn't that cold, we walked around the town and admired the decorations. The conversation centered on school. Edward was pledging Alpha Epsilon Pi and I was currently being wooed by one of the few sororities on Brandeis' campus. We talked about Boston and how demanding school was. He also mentioned how much he missed his friends, and that got us reminiscing about our youth group days and how usually at this time we were away at some winter convention. We were two birds of a feather.

I repeated my stealthy hand job on the ride back. I figured if I banked up enough of these, Edward would surely go down on me. It was always a tossup on that. Fingering, no problem, but some guys loved eating girls out and others didn't. I had always hooked up the latter so the one and only time Sam Ulstern went down on me at camp, he had just come from eating ice cream at the canteen and I ended up with a nasty infection. According to Rosalie and Alice it was fantastic and I was curious to see what all the buzz was about.

When we pulled up to my house, now completely dark except for the porch light, Edward walked me to my door.

"Bella, I really thought with all my boys gone, I would spend this entire break in my room jacking off night and day. I'm really enjoying hanging out with you and hey, I'm only jacking off all day," he smirked. The boy had verbal diarrhea.

"Glad I could help."

"I want to see you again, tomorrow. Do you want to come to Seattle with me? I need to do some last minute Hanukkah shopping," he asked, pulling me closer until our foreheads touched.

"Yes," I said softly, biting my lip waiting for him to make the next move. His face came closer and pulled me into a lip lock. After a few moments, we both came up for air. "Thanks for dinner, Edward. See you tomorrow."

"Happy Hanukkah, Bella," he replied as I opened the unlocked door.

4th Night.

After a restless night trying to sleep, I woke up completely addicted to Edward Cullenman. It seemed irrational, but I missed his presence. As I was plotting ways to spend more time with him, my mother came into my room and sat on my bed.

"Bella, your father and I are going away – he got an alert last night for a last minute travel deal - roundtrip airfare to Maui for $200. How can we pass that up? Besides, as empty nesters we have a newfound appreciation of one another." I threw up a little in my mouth. "We didn't want to leave you alone and with the Brandonbergs and Hayles out of town, but Esme Cullenman offered to let you stay with them," my mom explained.

I nodded my head in recognition, but inside I was ecstatic. "That's cool. They're nice," I choked out.

"I am so glad you and Edward have become friends. He is such a mensch. Anyway, since you and Edward were going to Seattle anyway, we'll be hitching a ride with you and then getting a car service when we return in a few days. Now, go pack a bag for staying at the Cullenmans," she instructed.

This was not like my parents at all, but not having me at home for the past four months had definitely changed them. They were much more relaxed about things; I just didn't want to think about what was driving that change in them. After pulling my toiletries, my cutest underwear and least schlubby, but still comfortable clothes into a bag, and getting dressed for a day of shopping, I headed downstairs.

Edward picked us all up a few hours later. The drive to Seattle was uncomfortable at best. My dad sat up front with Edward and my mom and I shared the backseat. After saying goodbye to my parents, Edward and I headed up to Bellevue Square. The stores were too expensive for my blood, but Edward was looking for something for his parents.

We spent the whole day shopping, browsing, and making fun of the people wearing tacky Christmas sweaters. Edward liked shopping more than any guy I had ever met. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and shared a piece of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake. Throughout the day there was definite sexual tension in the air and knowing I was going home with him didn't quell it. We had been wandering around Neiman Marcus for almost a half an hour when I realized I need to find the ladies room. We asked around and finally located it – next to the intimate apparel department. Edward arched an eyebrow at the sexy lingerie as we walked by. After taking care of business, I came out to find Edward holding a lacy chemise.

"Try it on," he growled, pulling me toward the dressing room. Apparently I wasn't the only one feeling the sexual tension.

I would never wear anything like that, but the hunger in his voice forced me to comply. The dressing room was completely empty; apparently people were not trying on lingerie a few days before Christmas. I went into an unlocked room at the end of the hallway alone and Edward stood outside the door. I wasn't sure if he was supposed to be inside the ladies fitting room, but no one was around to complain. Keeping only my underwear on, I slipped the chemise over my head. I looked hot and sexy. I had never tried on lingerie before, let alone lingerie for a guy.

"Bella, let me see," Edward cooed, trying to coax me out. I slowly opened the door. Edward looked me up and down, licking his lips.

He looked to the entrance of the dressing room, no one was coming. He then put his shopping bags down and pushed me back inside, closing the door with his foot. He grabbed hold of me and started kissing me with a fervor. Surprised by the force, I stumbled until my back was against the mirror. His hands moved down my back, cupping my ass and then slowly he brought his fingers up my hips, abdomen until he was cupping my barely concealed breasts that were spilling out of the chemise. He rubbed them in a circular motion as he inserted his tongue in my mouth. He traced circles around my now erect nipples and played with them over the lace. Then slowly his fingers moved down my body to the band of my panties. He slowly moved his hand down toward the pool of wetness that had begun to form.

I held my breath as he slipped one finger inside of me. "More," I whispered into his ear. My teeth caught hold of his earlobe as he slipped a second finger inside of me. Anxious to feel more friction, I moved my hips back and forth beneath his hand. He leaned in more and moved with me.

"You are so tight," he growled, slowly inching a third digit up inside of me. I pushed back at the discomfort. "Hmm... let me try something else", he whispered, licking me from my ear down to my collarbone.

Edward pulled away from me and knelt down on the floor. Looking up at me, our eyes met and his hands moved up my bare legs. He laced his thumbs through the sides of my panties and slipped them down. He kissed me on the set of lips where his eyes didn't meet mine. Like a cat licking its milk, his hot tongue lapped up the wetness. There were certain spots where it tickled and then his tongue found the place that I knew so well. I pushed myself further into his mouth, my fingers laced through his hair. Just when I writhed with delight, he took a small nip out of it with his teeth and I moaned out in ecstasy.

Slowly standing up, Edward grinned from ear to ear and leaned over, kissing me on the forehead. "Happy Hanukkah, Bella."

5th Night

After shopping and the long drive back, we arrived back in Forks pretty late. Esme was waiting for us and pointed me to the guest room, which had an adjoining bathroom with Edward. Seriously? Were our parents plotting or what? I kept waiting for Esme to come around offering us condoms, cigarettes, passion flavored lube. I considered sleeping in the chemise that Edward bought me, but opted for sweats and tank top. I slept in the next day, and when I awoke I immediately ran to the bathroom to rid myself of morning breath and bed head. I noticed the door was open to Edward's bedroom and after I finished up, I peeked inside.

It's not like I had never seen Edward in his pajamas before – I had. But things were different now. There he was lying on his bed in flannel pajama pants. The band of his boxer-briefs was poking out and his chiseled chest was bare as he balanced a book against it, reading and sipping orange juice through a straw. He didn't see me, so I cleared my throat. He looked up glancing at me as the straw fell from his lips. I looked down and noticed my hard nipples poking through my tank top.

"Morning," I greeted him. He stared at me with his piercing green eyes.

"Morning. My mom left with my dad to help out at some charity event at the hospital, but she wanted me to tell you to make yourself at home," he replied.

"We're here alone?" I asked. He nodded. "Make myself at home," I repeated. "Okay, I'm gonna take a shower now." Edwards eyes bulged out of his head and I was pretty sure that wasn't the only thing bulging. "That wasn't a declaration, it was an invitation," I said boldly, turning and heading back into the bathroom and pulling down my pajama pants.

I started the shower, waiting for the water to warm up. As it did, I peeled off the rest of my clothes. He hadn't moved. Edward had seen my lady parts yesterday, but fully naked was a big step. I slowly stepped into the shower, my back to the shower door. Moments later I felt the cold air; arms moved around me and a hard cock grazed my ass cheek. I slowly turned around and looked at Edward, in all of his naked glory. Oy vey.

Pulling me into a hungry lip lock, I felt his cock graze my thigh. I could taste the sweet orange juice on his lips as I licked them with my tongue. My hand reached out and grabbed his slick, erect cock and began pumping. The water helped my hand slide up and down, and with each thrust Edward moaned. I wanted to watch him squirm. I moved my lips down his body, sucking on his nipples, licking the chiseled muscles of his abdomen, until my knees made contact with the bottom of the shower.

Looking up at him in a similar manner to the dressing room, I took his cock in my mouth and brought it all the way inside. I gagged a little as his tip met the back of my throat but it was worth the sounds that were escaping from him. With one hand on the base of his shaft, I went to town licking and sucking his cock. I would alternate between each motion and randomly take him deep in my throat, always catching him by surprise. I ran my finger under his balls, to the sensitive area underneath. I went at it for several minutes, and my fingers were starting to get wrinkly, but the sounds Edward was emitting were enough of a motivator to continue. Finally, I tasted that he would be climaxing soon, so I sped up my pumping and took him in deep one last time, letting my teeth lightly graze over his shaft. He then filled my mouth with his warm spooge. Never being one to spit, I swallowed it all back, like a shot of tequila.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me. We spent the rest of the day lounging around the Cullenman's house in our sweats, reading next to one another on the couch. Edward only stopped to watch Glenn Beck. I left the room. Esme and Carlisle came home with a pizza, cheese of course. Esme had us stand around the electric menorah in the living room as we said the blessings and lit it by screwing in another bulb and plugging it in. The pizza hit the spot and Esme and Carlisle excused themselves to go to bed early.

After finishing our dinner Edward and I returned to the couch where we watched movies. He fed me Hanukkah gelt as we watched. Each time, he would slowly place the chocolate in my mouth, kissing my neck and whispering, "Happy Hanukkah, Bella."

6th Night

Edward and I repeated our laziness again today. He was very into his Stephen King, Dark Tower books and I was engrossed in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We noshed on some chips and Edward took a break to watch Fox News. I tuned it out. Esme and Carlisle were attending a holiday party that evening, so I declared my ambition to cook Edward dinner. Esme, who had noticed that her son and I were a little bit more than friends, gladly showed me where everything was in the kitchen, and instructed me to help myself to anything, before heading upstairs to primp.

I decided on roasted chicken, homemade zucchini latkes, and a salad. I was thankful that the Cullenmans had all of the ingredients. Just as I was checking on the chicken, Carlisle and Esme came down dressed to the nines for their holiday party. Edward joined me in bidding them farewell and they told us kids to "behave ourselves and not to wait up." Neither of us was sure how much they knew about us but they didn't seem to care. No, they seemed pleased.

"Edward, I'm going to go get dressed for dinner. Will you finish up in here?" He nodded and looked at me quizzically.

I ran upstairs and put on the chemise he bought me, and a thong. I brushed my hair and put on a little make-up. I came back downstairs and threw an apron over the chemise so I wouldn't burn myself when frying the latkes. Edward just looked at me and shook his head. For someone as pigheaded and opinionated as he was, I sure had found a way to shut him up.

The latkes were the last thing to do so I quickly got an oil filled skillet ready and began plopping the batter down. Edward had gone upstairs to, I assumed, change clothing as well. He had set the table, so once the latkes were done, I put all the food on the table. Edward came strolling down in satin pajama pants, slippers, and what looked to be a smoking jacket. I couldn't help but snicker at his clothing choice.

He stepped closer and pulled my face against his to silence me. "The candles! We have to light the Hanukkah candles!" I exclaimed. We decided on the quick, electric menorah that set the darkened living room aglow. Edward grabbed a bottle of wine and poured glasses for the two of us, and we sat down to a very civilized, very adult meal. It was like we were playing house.

When we finished and both declared we could go for something sweet, I started to panic about not having baked something too. Gee, I'm not Martha Stewart, but still.

"I have dessert for you," Edward said, arching his eyebrow. "Hot tub."

"I don't have a bathing suit," I exclaimed. The Cullenmans hot tub had been put to good use at several after parties and events, it was one of the reasons Jasper and Alice had planned events at Edward's house, though I had never been in it.

That's when it hit me. Oh wait, the Cullenmans were out. I didn't need a bathing suit.

"I know," Edward replied. A wicked smile spread across his face. He was going to be a great politician – he was so calculated. "If you go get towels, I'll do the dishes. It's the least I can do after you cooked for me this amazing dinner. A man could get used to this." What? Esme was a great cook.

I ran upstairs and grabbed the towels and checked myself in the mirror. Would I be losing my virginity in a hot tub? Nah. Edward met me in the living room and opened the French door that led out to the deck and the hot tub.

"So do we undress here or out there?" I asked, looking down at him. He had taken off his robe.

He looked down at me and told my boobs, "Outside would probably be better."

A few minutes later, we were naked in a hot steaming tub of water despite it being freezing outside. The deck was dark, so we wouldn't draw attention to ourselves from the neighbors. The only light came from the glow of the electric menorah from the window. Edward sat on one side of the hot tub and I on the other. Edward switched on the jets.

"Oooh!" I cried a sharp stream of bubbled had just gone right up my ass. I jumped up from my seat and floated away to the center of the tub.

"What?" Edward asked reaching out and pulling me on top of him.

"I had sat on a jet. It went up my ass. That's an out hole."

"You sure you didn't like it?"

"One way street, Cullenman," I warned. Was he suggesting anal? I knew some kids would have anal sex and still consider themselves virgins. No thank you.

He didn't answer me. Instead, he turned me around so that our chests were facing one another and I was straddling his lap. His lips found mine and he pulled me into a round of spit swapping kisses. He pulled me in closer so that my boobs flattened out against his chest. I wrapped my legs around his back and I could feel his erect cock grazing the outside of my entrance. Even, in the hot water, I could feel the heat we were both emitting.

I wanted friction.

Grabbing his eight inch long cock in my hand, I slid it between my lower half, under the water. It would be so easy to just sit on it, but instead I let it graze close enough. For whatever reason, or, you could probably guess why, I kept thinking about a hotdog in its bun.

Moving his hands down to press on that magical spot on me that he had recently discovered, I continued to glide up and down on him, letting him feel my wetness. He pressed hard on me as I sped up my movements on him.

"Come with me, Bella." He pressed harder and bit down on my earlobe at the same time. His spooge came out and suddenly I remembered all of those crazy questions in sex ed class and jumped out of the hot tub quickly. No babies. Not for like a decade. I wrapped the towel around myself and stuck my feet back in the water. Edward, who had watched with amusement, got out and wrapped a towel around him as well.

"Bella, there is so much chlorine and bromine in this hot tub that I am sure that all my Little Edwards died as soon as they hit the water."

"I'm not taking any chances," I shook my head.

"Let's get inside then before we freeze." He kissed the side of my neck then softly whispered in my ear, "Happy Hanukkah, Bella."

7th Night

It was hard sleeping in a room so close to Edward and not being next to him. I awoke early and read in bed until I heard Edward stirring. Quietly, I tiptoed into his room and climbed into bed with him. I snuggled up against his chest and noticed he was sprouting heavy morning wood. My hand gravitated to it, like my own personal video game joystick. He opened his eyes and looked down at me and let out a deep groan. His morning breath hit me like a wave and I flinched, moving my hand away from his huge cock.

"Sorry," he said, covering his mouth. "We should get up. My parents..."

We both ran into the bathroom and brushed our teeth, even synchronizing when we spat into the sink. When we reached the kitchen, giggling and tickling one another, Esme looked up from the waffle iron, but didn't say anything about us or the empty bottle of wine that we had left out. Instead, she shoved two plates filled with waffles in front of us, along with two tall glasses of orange juice, and proceeded to tell us about her evening. She then explained that since it was Christmas Eve, we would once again be left to our own devices tonight. She suggested that since we were both over eighteen, we should check out the Matzo Ball at the Jewish Community Center up in Port Angeles. It was the annual Jewish singles dance held every year.

Edward and I exchanged looks. Was she serious? Is this what we had to look forward to in a post youth group life? Matzo Balls as an opportunity to meet people? Oy. Then like a cartoon, Edward perked up.

"Mom, since you and Dad are both going to be at the hospital tonight and tomorrow, if Bella and I go schlepping up to Port Angeles tonight, we'll just have to drive back up there tomorrow to go to the movies on Christmas. Don't you think it's a little meshugana? Not to mention that all that driving while tired isn't safe. It's also a waste of gas and bad for environment."

"Edward what are you getting at?" She looked up at him and glanced at me. She had to know. She knew.

"Well, maybe we should see if there are any hotel rooms available. Driving back and forth is such a schlep." He ran his fingers through his hair. I put my head down, staring into my plate.

"That's a great idea, Edward. Port Angeles is such a schlep," Carlisle cried, walking into the room, dressed in a button down shirt, slacks, and a sweater vest. "I wouldn't want you on the roads tonight driving late only to have to go back up to go to the movies tomorrow. It's not like we are going to be home," he shrugged looking at Esme. "Edward, go check to see if there are any available hotel rooms." Edward jumped up and left, leaving me there still trying to be invisible. Awkward. "Esme, I said rooms." She shot him another look. "What? Like we weren't ever young?"

I was in shock that the Cullenmans seemed so accepting of Edward's idea. I deduced that guys dads are all about getting their sons laid, but still. I was in their care. Not that I was complaining.

Edward came back into the kitchen. He played it very cool. The only place with available space was the hotel a mile outside of town that offered cabins on the water. Edward, being Edward, had called and negotiated a rate so low, Esme and Carlisle would have taken it just to frame the bill.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by, despite Edwards insistence on watching some special on Tea Parties that Fox News was airing. Esme and Carlisle left to go to the hospital and we left shortly thereafter. We shared a duffel bag and I couldn't help but notice that Edward had placed a Costco size box of condoms in the bag. Ribbed for her pleasure, why thank you. I realized we were going to miss not lighting the candles tonight, so Edward unplugged the electric menorah and put it in the bag too.

An hour later, we checked into our cabin. Edward placed the bag on the large king size bed. He had told his parents it was two full size beds. Unzipping the bag, Edward pulled out the menorah and placed it on the nightstand and then reached back in and pulled out the chemise he had bought me.

"Bella, I'd love to see you in this again." He grinned, holding it up.

"Edward, honey, I'm hungry. Aren't we going for dinner and the Matzo Ball?" I asked, licking my lips. I really was hungry.

"Food, yes. Matzo Ball, no. So, if we do the traditional Christmas dinner of Chinese food tomorrow night, then that leaves either Korean, Japanese or Thai."

"Tough choice, hibachi could be fun, but I do love pad Thai." I thought about it. Hibachi seemed much more date like. "Hibachi could be fun. Do you eat shrimp, Edward?" Shrimp and other shellfish aren't kosher and neither is pork.

"Yeah, only when I eat out, never in the house. You?"

"Me too." I love shrimp. I really do.

I freshened up and we headed out for an early dinner. The hibachi restaurant put on a good show and the place was pretty busy for being Christmas Eve. As we sat next to one another throughout dinner our hands kept wandering up each other's legs. Edward floored it back to the little cabin. He opened the door for me and our lips took over. We stepped inside the cabin, kissing, when I saw the menorah.

"Edward! We forgot to light the menorah!" I cried.

He went over plugged it in and we said the prayers and screwed in another bulb. When we were done, the mood cooled a bit. I picked up the chemise and went to the bathroom to change. I stayed in there for several minutes to make Edward wait a little bit and also to give myself some prep time. I took off all my clothes and pulled on the chemise. I opened the door and leaned against the doorframe. Edward had turned off all of the lights with only the menorah glowing.

"Hineini," I stated. It's Hebrew for "here I am". We used to joke that it was the ultimate Jewish pick up line. Much sexier than, "Hey, baby is that a mezuzah in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

Edward, wearing only his boxer briefs, strolled over to me. His hand grazed my face and then slid down the length of my body. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer, kissing his neck, anxious for my lips to rejoin his. His hand, now resting on my ass, guided me so that our middles were aligned. I could feel his cock through the fabric of his underwear lightly against my thigh.

We stumbled back, until we fell back onto the bed. Without having to worry about gravity, I wrapped my legs around him, anxious to feel the friction. His mere presence made me wet, so our current activities made me feel like I was dripping. I needed to feel him inside of me. I wanted this. I was ready. I wanted it to be Edward. I knew the first time would probably suck but at least we would suck together.

I pawed my fingers down his body, unwrapped my legs, and began pulling at the band of his underwear. His hands, which were busy playing with my nipples, assisted, as he sat up and pulled them away, and suddenly he was naked. While I had on the lone chemise, Edward slid back down and then moved up so that his chest was flat against mine. He inched his body closer to mine. His cock was knocking at my entrance and I was ready to answer the door. My hips rose to meet his when he slipped inside. He wasn't all the way in but he was teetering on the edge and my hungry vagina wanted to suck him in.

"Bella, are you sure? Once we do this there's no going back," he asked.

I searched until our eyes met and nodded. Then, by the glowing light of the menorah, I bucked my hips once more. He pushed through with a little resistance, being my first time, and fully entered inside of me.

"So tight," he whispered, "like an Asian school girl." I began to wonder what sort of porn he had been watching.

Sex was weird. I realized we had not put on a condom and pushed him away, whispering, "Condom!" in his ear. He pulled out of me, and a few moments later after he tore through the duffel bag and I heard some ripping, he was back. His second time in stung a little but once he was in his hips glided toward mine as I rose to meet each thrust of his pelvis. I could get used to this.

It wasn't long, maybe a minute in, when Edward, who looked very pensive – almost as if he were doing calculus, or something – cried out, "I'm gonna..." With that last pump he collapsed onto me. So, that was sex. Better luck next time.

Edward rested on top of me, until his cock grew limp. After pulling out of me again, holding his cock to go clean off, Edward leaned over me, smiled and said, "Happy Hanukkah, Bella."

8th Night

It was Christmas morning and I woke up after the best sleep I had ever had, nestled in the crook of Edward's arm. He was better than my old security that I still had but never used. I was still a little sore down there, so Edward switched on the television, only to find that there was nothing on worth watching for a bunch of Jews on Christmas, so he left it on the channel broadcasting the Yule log. We lay there wrapped around one another enjoying the show. Our growling stomachs fueled us to finally climb out of bed. We checked out of the hotel and went in search of a place open where we could eat.

We ended up at a greasy spoon, truck stop style diner not too far from the hotel. We walked inside and sat down at a booth. The waitress was something out of a cartoon – older lady with blue hair and a pink uniform, wearing a Santa hat. Edward ordered a tall orange juice and an omelet and I got hot chocolate and scrambled eggs.

After we finished up we headed to the movie theater. It was packed like the synagogue on Yom Kippur. We couldn't turn around with running into someone or someone's parents that we knew, and for that reason we didn't hold hands or touch. Edward was chatting with the Rabbi's husband, when Mike Newman came and put his arm around me. Newman was in youth group with us. Not only did he have greasy hair, he was also disrespectful and obnoxious. At events he would always hit on the younger girls and never participate in the actual planned activities. Edward excused himself, and came over, taking my hand and pulling me away from Mike. Yeah, let the yentas talk.

"Good to see you again. How is Peninsula Community College?" Edward asked, feigning interest. He stood behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist. He glanced at his watch, "Oh, look at the time, Bella and I have a movie to watch." As he pulled me away, I glanced back to see Mike's jaw lying on the floor.

I couldn't tell you anything about the movie we watched. We sat in an empty row in a back corner. You can guess what happened. Edward played let's make Bella wet and I played how big can the bulge in Edward's pants get? Needless to say, but I will anyway, we rushed out of there before the credits even started. Edward flew back to Forks and we decided to go to my house, since his parents were due back at any moment. The thought of having sex in my own bed sort of freaked me out; I mean the pink painted walls and unicorn pictures were definite mood killers.

My fears were unnecessary, because as soon as I opened the door Edward grabbed me and carried me to the dining room, placing me down on the table. He threw off my clothes and then started kissing his way up my body starting with my toes. I guess he didn't mind that they had been stuck in boots all day. His mouth stopped on my wet entrance. As his lips got closer I stopped him, I wanted to kiss him but not with me on his lips; it grossed me out. Instead, he trailed his fingers up my thigh and plunged them into my deep abyss. With his fingers pumping away, he kissed his way up my naked body until our eyes met. I looked down and realized he still had on all his clothes, even his coat.

"Off," I murmured breathlessly, moving my fingers down to take over the job of his now absent fingers.

My small digits didn't have the same force his did. A few moments later, I felt his hand on mine, and he went back to fucking me gently with his hands. My hips glided back and forth as his fingers cupped me inside, his thumb rubbing my clitoris. I wanted more. I wanted his cock inside of me

"Edward," I pleaded. He slid on top of me, his legs over mine and his cock was pushing to come back to its warm home. "Condom," I reminded him. Judah Maccabee Cullenman was not to be born nine months from now. No way.

"I got it," Edward replied, sliding off of me once again. I heard the wrapper tear open and a few moments later, Edward started pulling my legs down so that I was on the edge of the table. He lifted my legs, placing them on his shoulders, and aligned himself to my entrance, and came crashing down into me. He pumped his cock as he held onto a hip with one hand and my feet with the other. He was so deep inside of me, and with each pump he kept hitting a spot that made me yearn for him more and more. It wasn't enough.

He lifted me off of the table so that as he stood I was ridding piggyback style on him but instead of his back I was on his front and attached to his cock. I rode my hips up and down on him and alternated with kisses – up on his lips, down to his nipples. He started walking toward the dark living room as I rode him. He gently laid me down on the carpet and pulled away.

"I'll be right back," he said in hushed tones. A few moments later he returned with my parent's menorah, a plate, and matches. He placed the menorah on the plate on top of the coffee table and lit all eight candles and the shamesh, the lead candle, before saying the blessing. "Okay now I can give you your big present." He knelt down on top of me and leaned down to kiss me. I dug my nails into his ass, and pulled him back down on me, in me.

Edward had me rollover and he took me from behind, his cock once again finding the spot that made me want to explode.

"Edward, harder, faster. I'm gonna..."

He stopped and flipped me around and then his cock made its way back inside of me again. I could spend days sitting on his cock. It was like I was made for him. He pumped away, his lips meeting one of my nipples and then making their way back up my neck until they met my lips. With one last thrust, I let go and Edward soon followed. A smile broke out on my face as Edward pulled his lips away. My first orgasm from sex. No – my first orgasm from making love.

Edward moved his mouth close to my ear, but before he could say anything, I moved my mouth up to his ear and whispered, "A Happy Hanukkah it is indeed, Edward."

AN: If you have questions about any of the terms used in this story, please PM me. I did not have time to write an extensive dictionary on all the terms. I hope you have enjoyed, I have an Edward POV version in the works. It is very 18/19 year old boy.