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~ July 9th ~

'She's you. She's a witch version of you.'

'And why is that in a negative context?'

'It's not, really, I just thought you'd appreciate that you aren't alone.'

'Oh, thanks =P'

Jazz had become the perfect getaway from the routine of Order headquarters. His daily conversations were more or less added to the routine rather than breaking it up, but he appreciated it nonetheless. After his practical sessions, he would retreat to his room and talk to Jazz, which she appreciated due to the time difference. Initially, Danny would write to her whenever he wanted a study break, but Jazz quickly learned to take off her bracelet before bed, and Danny would sit with the journal in front of him for ten minutes doing absolutely nothing before remembering she was asleep like normal people were over the summer between three and six in the morning. He really missed talking to Sam and Tucker, but his sister had not let him down so far.

'She's already giving me study tips, and I've known her for a day. I mean, I was never the best at studying, but that's not really my fault.'

'She just wants you to do well, and it sounds like she's trying to help. She sounds nice at least.'

'I'm almost done with my first year studies, I'd say I was doing pretty well before she came along.'

'You're almost done already? Wow, that was fast! Maybe you need a vacation from ghosts more often.'

Danny smiled wryly, finding it ironic that Jazz had given him the doppelganger idea in the first place and she did not realize that was why he was so far ahead.

'Just give her a chance,' Jazz continued. 'It won't be good if you're at ends with all of Harry's friends before he gets there. You said you and Ron don't get along already. Don't alienate his other best friend too.'

'I'm not alienating him!' Danny wrote back furiously. 'He's the one acting all moody! He's alienating ME, not the other way around. Why do you think I'm writing to you every day rather than spending quality time with the people here?'

'I know this is hard on you, Danny, I do. Just...' her writing paused for a moment, and then she scribbled out 'just.' Another minute passed before she started writing again. 'Look, Danny, I know you're taking in a lot right now, and you're probably worried about meeting Harry, but try taking some time to socialize with his friends.'

Danny sighed before replying, 'I appreciate the help, Jazz.'

'Do you think I could count this on my resume? Experience: counseling little brother on his ghost and magic issues.'

'I don't have issues!' Danny wrote indignantly, before relenting. 'Okay, yes I do. But I'm not paying you anything.'

'You don't have to.'

Danny smiled, embarrassed by his sister's words and very thankful that Jazz could not see him. His smile dropped very quickly when Ron burst into the room. Ron did not seem to register that Danny was in the room as he went straight to his bed and collapsed on it.

"Tired?" Danny asked, trying to follow Jazz's advice and reach out to the redhead.

Ron bolted up, startled, but when he saw Danny he scowled and laid back down. "You wouldn't know," he grumbled.

Frowning, Danny turned away from the two-way journal. He could already see this going downhill. "I cleaned just as much as you did this afternoon," Danny pointed out.

"Yeah, and while I was attacked by a teapot this morning, you were attacked by first year Charms," he muttered.

Danny snorted, which was probably the wrong thing to do as Ron gave him a swift glare. Letting out a frustrated sigh, Danny closed the journal and gave his full attention to the irritable redhead. "Look, I don't know what has you so pissed off at me, but this is getting ridiculous. I know I'm not Harry, and honestly, I'm just as frustrated as you are about him not being here. But at least your family's here, at least your friends are here, at least you haven't been thrown into a world that is completely unlike your own-"

"Sure, my family's here. My family's here while yours is sitting safe at home in America, away from all of this!" Ron spat, sitting up in bed again. "You've never had to worry about something bad like this happening to your family! Where were you when Harry's been in the line of fire?"

"Too weak to escape, and you're too late to save them."


Danny hastily pushed that memory to the back of his mind, desperately trying to keep his cool in front of Ron. He chose not to respond to Ron's jibe, not wanting anything to slip. Not even Sam, Tucker, or Jazz knew that he had watched them die that day before Clockwork fixed everything. Sure, they knew about the alternate future, but they didn't know that Danny had lived through it himself. He wasn't ready to share that quite yet.

"All of a sudden, Harry's long-lost brother appears from nowhere," Ron continued very mockingly, "completely oblivious to everything. You're here studying basic spells, and everyone you care about is stuffed safely out of the way—"

"'Stuffed safely?'" Danny repeated, his anger starting to leak out. "Do you have any idea how much has been thrown at me in the past two weeks? I'm adopted, I'm a wizard, and I have a twin brother, all things that I did notwant to learn just before ending the school year. I left my friends and family under the impression that I'd be meeting Harry, only to find out that I wouldn't be meeting him for a month and in the meantime, magic books have been shoved down my throat. And for your information, my family and friends aren't exactly sitting at home completely safe from everything. You don't know what I had to give up to come here-!"

"You-Know-Who hasn't spread to America, has he?"

Danny started, surprised by the new voice that spoke from behind him. He turned to see Hermione standing by the door. "No, he hasn't," Danny answered stiffly, still worked up from his talk with Ron. "Just because an evil wizard isn't after my family just yet, doesn't mean they're safe."

"Just what did you have to give up to 'vacation' in England for the summer anyway?" Ron challenged.

"Ron!" Hermione admonished, watching Danny with slightly wide eyes.

Danny had had enough. He slammed the pencil that was still in his hand on top of his closed journal and stormed out of the room, hearing the beginning of what sounded like Hermione lecturing Ron. Making his way down the stairs, he paused when he heard voices in the kitchen. Sirius, Kingsley, and Lupin were talking behind the door, but their conversation was too muffled for him to hear. Seeing that the coast was clear, he walked quietly through the entry hallway. He paused once more at the door, alarm bells ringing in his mind. He had been told specifically that he had to stay inside the house. For his own safety.Danny scoffed. He had ghost powers, what could possibly go wrong? Glancing up the hall again, he muttered very quietly, "Going Ghost."

The familiar thrill of ghost energy rushed through him as a bright white ring erupted around his waist, splitting in two and sending rings to the ends of his body. His blue jeans and white t-shirt shifted into black hazmat, and his black hair grew silver. Icy blue eyes closed as he changed, and as the transformation ended, glowing green eyes snapped open with childlike mischief. Checking one last time that the coast was clear, Danny Phantom went intangible and phased through the front door of number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Perhaps it was being confined to a dark, dingy, and downright depressing household that had affected him, but Danny could not remember the last time it felt so good to fly. Joy coursed through him as he flew at top speeds into the sky, the wind whipping his face as he laughed in soft ecstasy. He remembered the first time he flew without falling out of the sky or losing control whatsoever and it was nothing like this moment. This had been the longest he had gone without using his ghost powers since first attaining them, with the not-so-satisfying exception of making duplicates for homework. His powers were usually used for catching a rouge ghost that had escaped the Ghost Zone, and this flight was for pure enjoyment. I should do this more often, Danny sighed, flipping in midair. He hovered for a moment, looking down at the ground below him, and gasped. He must have been thousandsof feet above London! He had not realized how rapidly he had been ascending while releasing his pent up energy.

Unused energy still surging through him, he built up a ball of ectoplasm and threw it away from him, watching as it exploded in a shower of green sparks. He repeated the process several times, eventually trying to emulate various styles of fireworks. After successfully completing a pinwheel firework, he performed some extravagant and completely superfluous flips and spins in the air. He created a couple duplicates and started flying around with them as well, continuing the fireworks display with the added help. I did miss the Fourth of July, after all,he rationalized with a smile.

He continued his controlled bursts of ghost energy for a solid half an hour, high above the city of London. The adrenaline finally flowing out of him, his doppelgangers popped out of existence and he kept hovering in place, peacefully looking at the sky around him. He took a moment to stare at the specks of light that dotted the landscape below him, trying to pinpoint which small cluster was Grimmauld Place. Hoping that his ascent had been completely vertical, Danny started flying back towards the ground, though at a much gentler pace than he had flying up.

He reminded himself once again of Jazz's advice to try and befriend them, but he could not help but think that it would be impossible. Regardless, he did have another month or so until he met Harry, and he would rather spend that time on somewhat civil terms with Harry's best friends.

As Grimmauld Place came back into view and he let himself go invisible, Danny decided to ask Ron and Hermione, and the other inhabitants of number 12, more about Harry. Maybe that would tone down Ron's anger a bit, and at the same time he would learn about his brother.

Danny landed in the Grimmauld Place outdoor plaza and started walking towards the building, but what he saw made his blood run cold-or, his ectoplasm run colder. "Oh no," Danny moaned. The moonlight glittered off of number 11, and a tree branch masked the shadowed 13.

But the clouded silver 12 was gone.

~Amity Park~

Jazz frowned looking at her own writing in her journal. Danny had yet to answer her questions, and it had been about ten minutes at that point. Her questions really weren't that difficult, they were mostly meant for comic relief. She scribbled 'I'm gonna guess you left then. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye, little brother,' just as she heard a knock at the front door. She closed her journal and hid it in her desk drawer. Though her parents knew the journal existed and knew of its magical properties, there was no telling what would happen if a visiting friend found the two-way journal. Jazz was actually surprised her mother had yet to insist to write to Danny.

After another impatient knock on the door, Jazz hurried downstairs. She opened the front door to find an irate Sam at the door, with Tucker hovering behind her.

"What took so long?" Sam asked as she and Tucker walked in the house. Jazz probably would have been offended by the comment if she had not known Sam for as long as she did.

"I was upstairs writing, and I'm the only one in the house," Jazz answered. "I'm not Danny; I can't take the short cut and travel through floors."

"Noted," Sam smirked.

"Speaking of Danny," Tucker said, "have you talked to him at all since he's been gone? Because we've tried calling him and his phone's not in service." Tucker waved around his own cell in Jazz's face, as if emphasizing the point.

"No, I haven't!" Jazz said a bit quickly.

"Do you know any way of getting in contact with him?" Sam asked.

Jazz bit her lip, "We've been writing letters, but it takes a while to respond."
"Well, can you at least give us some sort of contact info?" Sam asked with folded arms. "If long distance is the issue, I can pay-"

"I just don't know how he's surviving without cell service!" Tucker moaned. Jazz smiled lightly, remembering a conversation with Danny from a few days ago. Neither Danny nor Jazz could figure out just why Danny had no cell reception. Danny and the rest of the Fentons had tried to no avail to contact the other via cell phone.

"Written letters are just gonna have to do, I guess," Sam sighed in defeat. "Do you have his address?"

Jazz's face reddened. "Uh, I don't have it..."

Sam scowled, "Then how are you writing letters?"

"Have you been able to email him?" Tucker asked hopefully. "Because I haven't been able to email him either."

"I don't think he has computer access, and he didn't bring his computer with him," Jazz answered truthfully, remembering one of the first journal conversations she shared with Danny. 'Jazz, you don't understand. I CAN'T PLAY DOOMED! What will I do with my summer? THEY WANT ME TO CLEAN!' Remembering the vivid blue writing that stared back at her that day, she giggled.

"What's so funny?"

Jazz blushed, "Oh, nothing! Um, I don't have Danny's address, but maybe I can ask my mom when she gets home."

"Do you really not know?" Sam asked in suspicion.

"I just know he's in London," Jazz said lightly. She remembered that she was not actually allowed to know where Danny was, which she thought was weird, but she knew that definitely meant Sam and Tucker were not supposed to know. "Why don't you give me any letters you want to send, and we can get them to Danny somehow."

"What about his birthday?" Sam asked.

"Should we give you his present to send to him?"

Jazz nodded hesitantly. "I think that should be fine...I need to talk to my mom."

Sam and Tucker, realizing they probably were not going to get much more out of Jazz, decided to leave. Before walking out the door, Sam turned to ask, "How is Danny doing?"

Jazz sighed. "He's got a lot going on, but I think he's fine," she said after a long pause.

Sam nodded, and Tucker shouted, "Thanks, Jazz!" just as the door closed.

Jazz looked at the closed door and sighed. He'll be fine.


Okay, don't panic.

Danny tried to calm himself down, hovering anxiously in the Grimmauld Place plaza, but the longer he stared at the gap between eleven and thirteen, the more his panic began to mount. What if he was completely locked out forever? It was not as simple as walking up to the front door and knocking to get someone's attention. His available ghost solution could not work either because he could not just phase into the building if it did not exist.

He touched down to the ground, gripping the snowy hair at the back of his head fretfully. "Okay, think," he told himself sternly, his other hand resting on his hip. How did I get in last time? Danny thought back to his arrival in London with Mr. Weasley. One minute, number 12 didn't exist, and then all of a sudden it did. What made it appear...?

"Read this, but don't say it out loud."

'The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London.'

"That's it!" Danny cheered, startling a small animal that had been prowling through the bushes. The movement alerted him that he was still invisible, so Danny reminded himself to stay quiet. Focusing once again on the gap between doors eleven and thirteen, he visualized the thin, neat handwriting that had been presented to him over a week ago. Just as he remembered the words from the piece of paper, a door sprouted between the doors of eleven and thirteen, followed immediately by multiple windows. Before Danny could really register what had happened, number 12 was glaring defiantly at him, in the clouded silver he remembered. Danny hovered in the air again, and turned intangible. As he phased through the door, he childishly stuck his tongue out at the offending number.

Almost immediately after entering the house, Danny nearly yelled in shock. Not more than three feet away stood Kingsley and Lupin speaking in low tones. Danny kept any sound from escaping him, and floated straight up through the ceiling to avoid them. He phased through the floor of the second floor room, and overshooting his flight in his haste, phased through the floor of the third floor room above it. After deciding the darkened room was deserted, he regained tangibility and visibility, and returned to his human form.

Danny quickly realized this was a mistake.

He heard an unnatural squawk from behind him and immediately froze in a guilty hunched position. When he heard a continued rustling behind him, he pivoted very slowly and after seeing what was before him, he had to bite back another yell.

The first thing Danny noticed was its head, which sported the largest eagle head he had ever seen in his life. Taking in the rest of the creature, he spotted lethal-looking talons and large folded eagle wings mounted on the body of a feathered horse. This is a hippogriff, Danny realized, remembering the conversation at his first meal in the house. This must be Buckbeak. I hope he's trained...

Just as Danny thought this, the previously hostile-looking creature bowed its head towards him and then seemed to relax back into its resting position on the floor. Somehow recognizing he was no longer in danger, Danny straightened up with a sigh, rolling his neck to crack a tight knot that had formed. His fear having left him-mostly-he slowly walked towards Buckbeak, and when he was close enough he reached out to stroke his beak. Buckbeak seemed to be enjoying the attention so he continued to stroke his beak lightly, until the door suddenly opened.

"There you are!"

Danny turned to see Sirius standing in the doorway, looking tired and relieved, and after a moment he looked shocked.

"Have you been here this whole time?" Sirius asked, stepping into the room. Before he walked too far, he bowed, keeping eye contact with...Buckbeak? Danny followed his gaze and watched as Buckbeak nodded his head just like he had to Danny.

"Why are you bowing to him?" Danny asked, genuinely interested while also trying to avoid the previous question.

Sirius looked even more startled. "You have to bow to a hippogriff to gain their respect, otherwise they won't let you near them. Don't tell me you didn't bow! How're you standing so close?"

"But I didn't bow-oh," Danny paused, remembering his hunched position when he had been facing Buckbeak. Well, that was lucky,he thought, guiltily rubbing the back of his head. "I was already hunched over when I noticed him, so when I did see him, I was too shocked to move...I guess that qualifies as a bow." Danny grinned sheepishly, his hand falling to his side.

Sirius stared at him for a moment before letting out a strained chuckle. "I can't believe you've been up here this whole time," he sighed. Danny did not bother to correct this assumption as it worked in his favor very well. "Everyone's been looking for you for half an hour," he continued, beckoning Danny towards the hallway. Danny left the room with him, giving a last glance at Buckbeak while feeling very guilty for the trouble he put people through. "Hermione said you and Ron had a little spat-"

"It's fine," Danny interrupted with a slight scowl, no longer feeling guilty for the search. "I just got a little too worked up, so I left the room to cool off a bit. Somehow I ended up in Buckbeak's room..." Danny trailed off unconvincingly, but Sirius thankfully did not question it. "I'm sorry for the trouble—"

"Don't worry about it," Sirius said, waving it off. "You're fine, that's all that matters. I'd hate to send a letter explaining that we lost you after less than two weeks."

Danny appreciated the small attempt at humor, but he could not manage more than a small smile. As they reached the second floor landing, Danny asked, "When is Harry going to be here?"

Sirius sighed heavily. "Hopefully soon," he answered after a moment. "Harry is not the type of person who likes to be confined with no news of the outside world, and unfortunately that's exactly what we have to do until he gets here. When he comes is up to Dumbledore."

"Have you been able to talk to him?" Danny asked curiously.

"A bit," Sirius said with a humorless chuckle. "I don't think Harry likes the small messages we send though. We can't include anything of importance obviously, in case the owls are intercepted, but I've been trying to give him advice and such...ironic coming from me, though. He's probably getting a good laugh out of my warnings to not do anything rash. Far too much like my reckless behavior."

"You? Reckless?" Danny gasped, though unable to keep the smirk off his face.

"Cheeky brat," Sirius muttered with a small laugh. "Good night."

"Night," Danny mumbled as he reached his bedroom. Sirius clapped a hand on his shoulder briefly and nodded his head with a small smile before retreating towards the stairway.

Danny opened the door gingerly, scoping out the room. He saw Ron getting ready for bed, and quickly looked away from him, not wanting to get into a shouting match with him. Almost immediately after looking away from the redhead, he could practically feel an angry gaze on his back. Ignoring this feeling, Danny made his way to his desk, where his journal and bracelet lay. Remembering guiltily that he had been in the middle of a conversation with Jazz when he stormed out, he opened the journal to his conversation, finding new entries from Jazz.

'Look, just try to get along with them. You just have to last the summer, and then you'll be home with us. You've faced much worse than moody teenagers; I think you'll be fine. Who would you rather deal with: Ron or the Crate Creep?'

'Really? Is it that hard of a choice?'

'Are you still there?'

'I'm gonna guess you left then. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye, little brother.'

'It's the Box Ghost,' Danny corrected automatically. 'And as long as Ron doesn't start ranting about corrugated cardboard or start shouting "Beware!" I'll definitely take him over the Box Ghost,' Danny wrote, chancing a look over at Ron, who was climbing into bed. Ron now seemed to be steadfastly ignoring him.

'Sorry I just left you hanging, I had to go clear my head, and I forgot to put the bracelet on
Danny tapped his pencil against his chin twice before lowering his hand once more. 'Thanks, Jazz,' Danny wrote before closing his journal. He did not really know what else to say. After changing, he climbed into bed and waited for sleep to claim him.

~July 10th~

Danny let out another large yawn, delaying the forkful of breakfast that was on its way to his mouth. He didn't get much sleep the night before as images of exploding Nasty Burgers haunted his dreams. He could not even be mad at Ron for bringing the memory to the front of his mind because he had no way of knowing about Danny's alternate future. At least Danny was used to lack of sleep, so other than the constant yawning throughout breakfast, he was fully functioning.

Barely listening as Mrs. Weasley outlined the cleaning plan for the day, Danny just focused on finishing the food on his plate. He would just follow the group after lunch to wherever they would be cleaning that afternoon.

Something was moving in front of him. Blinking, Danny focused on a hand waving close to his face. "Can I help you?" he asked, watching as Ginny removed her hand with a smirk.

"You're late for class," she said smartly. It was then that Danny realized that everyone had gotten up from the breakfast table and most had left the room or were on their way out.

"Thanks," he mumbled. He put his fork down on his empty plate but made no other motion to move.

Instead of following everyone out of the room, Ginny sat down next to him. "You okay?" she asked.

Meeting her gaze, Danny saw some concern reflected in her eyes. "Yeah," Danny sighed. "I'm just tired."

Ginny studied him for a moment before getting up. "Ignore Ron, he can be tactless sometimes," she said quietly before walking away.

Danny watched her leave before slowly standing up from his seat. As he made his way back to his room, he went over in his head what he wanted to accomplish that morning. Alright, so I have two more chapters of Herbology, History of Magic, and Astronomy, and one chapter for everything else. The Defense chapter isn't very long, and neither is Charms. Transfiguration and Potions will probably take longer. I might be able to move on to second year Defense and Charms today,he mused as he reached his room. Locking the door bolt in place behind him, he took a breath to try and cleanse himself of his exhaustion, and then said, "Going Ghost."

Silver hair, green eyes, and black hazmat suit in place, Danny focused on making his normal six clones to start working. He moved towards his Transfiguration book and opened up the last chapter, but just as he was about to start reading, he noticed something was off.

There were only two other Dannys in the room.

"That's weird," he mumbled to himself. He thought hard about making four more clones, but all he ended up with was an extra head on his own body. "Gah!" he yelled, staring wide eyed at the head on his shoulder. After concentrating hard to rid himself of his extra head, he looked back at the two original clones that were looking back at him with confused gazes.

Danny did not know what was wrong. He had been able to make six clones for the last week and a half, every day, without fail. What was wrong now?

Sure, the first time he made his duplicates that week and a half ago; he was only expecting to make two clones. He was pleasantly surprised to see six pairs of glowing green eyes staring back at him and he did not think too much of the achievement at the time (though he did wish he could have told Sam and Tucker). As the days wore on, he decided not to question it and passed the occurrence off as a growth in his powers. Now however...

"Uhhhh..." Danny turned towards his two clones. "Why don't you start with Herbology, and then halfway through, switch to Astronomy," he started, pointing to the Danny on his right, "and you can work on Defense, and then Charms, and if you have time History of Magic. I guess I work on Transfiguration for the first half, and then Potions. Don't worry about finishing, just do what you can-" Danny was cut off when he let out a large yawn, which his duplicates copied after. As he watched the clones, the gears started turning in Danny's head.

"That's it!" Danny exclaimed, smiling at his clones. "The reason why I can't make more is because I'm tired. I haven't been using my ghost powers this whole time except to duplicate, so I had a lot of leftover energy."

"And since I went out flying last night-" the Danny on the right started.

"-And used up a lot of that excess energy-" the left Danny continued.

"-I don't have the leftover energy I used to have to make a bunch of duplicates," the original finished. He looked triumphant for a moment for figuring it out, but he soon slumped down on his bed. "I guess I can't go flying much if I want to keep studying at this pace."

The three Dannys in the room said nothing until the left duplicate said, "Shouldn't we start reading?"

The other two Dannys nodded and the original settled into the pillow on his bed and reopened his Transfiguration book to chapter eleven, the last chapter required for first years to study. It would have been much more satisfying if it was the last chapter in the book, but Danny was only halfway through the book. The other half of the book was covered in year two, according to Professor McGonagall. He was slightly jealous of the Danny who would be finishing Charms. Since the Charms textbook, The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One, covered the entire year, he would be completely finished with the book.

Much more satisfying.

The original Danny sighed and looked down at his textbook. 'Important to remember when transfiguring complex objects, one must hold of the details of the original form in mind just as explicitly as the details of the transfigured form...'

Later that night, as the Weasley children and Hermione were playing some sort of exploding card game downstairs, Danny retreated to his room to write to Jazz. Looking down at the last written page, he noticed that Jazz had yet to respond to his last message.

'Jazz?' he wrote, hoping that she was wearing her bracelet. Surprisingly (or maybe not), Jazz responded within the minute.

'Hi Danny. Oh, sorry, I just put the bracelet on, I didn't see this.'

'I just wrote your name.'

'When did you write the rest?'

'Last night, you might have been at dinner.'

'Right, sorry. I actually remember the bracelet reacting, but Mom's ecto-cooker went on the fritz again and after that "excitement" I must have forgotten to respond. And I knew it was the Box Ghost! I was just keeping you on your toes!' Danny laughed as he read that. 'And stop laughing at me! I know you are!'Danny bent over the journal, laughing even more. As he recovered, he saw that Jazz had written more.

'So how's it going so far?'

'With what?'

'With getting to know them and Harry!'

Danny winced, knowing that he had been avoiding doing just that. It would have been easy to say "You're right, Jazz!", close the journal, and go downstairs and actually interact with the young witches and wizards, however interacting with Ron at this point was almost like trying to cooperate with Dash, just without the bullying Danny was not upset about it at all at this point, he just chose not to associate with it. Hermione was yet another reason for Danny to avoid going downstairs. It had now been two days with the bushy-haired witch, and if Danny heard her offer help and tips one more time while they were cleaning, he was going to sic Klemper on her.

'Not yet,' Danny wrote finally.

'Why not?'

'One does not simply walk downstairs.'

'Yes you do, it's really not that difficult. Just ask them a question-'

'Jazz, it was a joke,' Danny wrote, cutting her off. "'One does not simply walk into Mordor.' One does not simply walk downstairs...get it?" At Jazz's lack of response, Danny sighed, hoping at least Sam or Tucker would have gotten the reference. 'Never mind.'

'I think that not only does Ron think you're replacing Harry, you also don't want them to replace Sam and Tucker. And maybe you're homesick.'

Danny turned the page and was about to write something when he paused. Placing his pen on the open journal, he leaned back in his chair with a sigh. Maybe that was part of the issue too. He had not spoken with Sam or Tucker, or his parents, since he was in London.

Before Danny could respond, the door to his room opened very loudly. It was not so much the door that was loud; it was what had opened the door.

"When are those ears going to be ready, Fred?" Ron asked leading the group into the room. Fred followed behind him, then George, followed by Hermione and Ginny.

"Patience, little brother, you can't rush genius," Fred answered sagely.

"They'll be done by the end of the week," George finished.

"Why are you making ears?" Danny dared to ask. Ron almost instantly glared at Danny before making a beeline to his bed, determined not to look at Danny again.

"To listen in on Order meetings," Ginny grinned. "We want to know what's going on in there."

"And how are ears going to help?" Danny continued confused. "You all have ears already."

"They're making a product that works like walkie talkies," Hermione explained. "Normally I'd disapprove, but I'm rather curious as to what those meetings are about as well."

"What's a walkie talkie?" George asked.

"It's the muggle version of what you're making," Hermione explained lightly.

Danny cocked an eyebrow, "That'll work? Why don't you just use a walkie talkie then?"

"Because magic and electricity don't work together," Hermione explained. "It's more pronounced at Hogwarts, because absolutely nothing electronic will work there due to the saturation of magic in the air, but the same is also true here due to the amount of wards and spells cast on the house."

"So that'swhy my cell phone has no service!" Danny explained, slapping his hand to his forehead. He turned back to his journal, and wrote, 'Hey Jazz! I found out why my phone doesn't work! It's because magic and electricity conflict with each other! And there's so much magic in this house that it's messing with my phone.'

"What are you writing in?" Hermione asked, walking towards. "A diary?"

"No, it's a journal-"

"Hugedifference right there," Ron interrupted sarcastically.

"Danny, it's writing back to you," Hermione frowned, staring at the journal. "It's writing in a different color ink, too."

"Danny, that is literally the worst change in subject you have ever used,' Jazz wrote as Hermione looked at the page.

"Where'd you get that?" Ginny frowned, suddenly looking hostile. This worried Danny, as Ginny was one of the few in the household he got along with.

"At Florish and Blotts, when Tonks took me to get my school things," Danny answered quickly, still unnerved by Ginny's pale-faced glare. "I'm using it to keep in contact with my sister. It's a Two-Way Journal, so whatever I write appears in her journal, and whatever she writes appears in mine."

"So the red writing is her writing," Hermione asked, still studying the page. Danny was glad that nothing on the page was...questionable, but he was still annoyed by Hermione's prying. "Oh, right, your sister's name is Jazz!"

"What, did you think I would name a diary 'Jazz'?" Danny asked sarcastically, turning back to his journal. Aware of Hermione hovering over his shoulder, he wrote, 'That is not the worst subject change I've ever used. Hermione says 'Hi,' btw,' Danny added, letting his sister know subtly that someone was overlooking their conversation.

'Hi Hermione! Nice to kind of meet you! (And that counts as another change in subject, little brother!)'

Hermione chuckled, and moved her hand towards Danny's. "May I?" she asked. Danny shrugged and handed over the pen and let the bushy haired girl write in the journal.

'Nice to meet you too!' she wrote in much neater handwriting than Danny's before handing the pen back to him. "I'll let you talk to your sister," she said before moving to sit with Ginny on the extra bed, which would soon be Harry's.

'She left,' Danny wrote, blocking out the conversation in the room.

'She seems nice,'Jazz wrote back quickly.

'Only because I didn't let you two interact more. I don't want these pages filled up with your essays to each other.'

'Hey! =P' she wrote, inciting a muffled snort from Danny.

~July 11th~

Danny brought his copy of A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration down to lunch the next day, hoping that Professor McGonagall would be around to answer a question for him. Looking around at the mostly set table, he frowned, not seeing the aged witch among the lunch crowd.

"You're becoming worse than Hermione," Fred snickered, appearing behind him. "Bringing a book to lunch, I don't believe it-"

"What's wrong with wanting to get your work done?" Hermione huffed, mostly in her own defense, though she turned with a kind smile to Danny. "What are you working on?"

"I had a question for Professor McGonagall, but she's not here," Danny shrugged, intending to run the book upstairs before lunch began.

"I can help!" Hermione offered immediately. Danny mentally cringed, but decided he'd rather accept the help now so he'd be able to continue working tomorrow morning.

"Okay," Danny sighed. "Well, it's about the spell to turn beetles into buttons-"

"Danny, that's second year material," Hermione frowned.

"And you're going into fifth year, so you should be able to help. Unless that's too advanced for you," Danny quipped.

Hermione huffed, "Do you want my help or not?" Don't answer that!Danny willed himself. "So why are you studying 2nd year Transfiguration?"

"Wow, you're on that already?" Ginny asked. "Are you doing one subject at a time then?"

"No, he's working on all of the subjects," Sirius interjected from his spot at the table. "He's been working on Defense, Charms, and Transfiguration spells. We're starting 2nd year Transfiguration tonight and maybe 2nd year Defense if he gets to that point."

"But Defense Against the Dark Arts doesn't really have that many spells to learn in the earlier years," Ron pointed out. "It's mostly Charms and Transfiguration."

"Which is what my practical classes have focused on," Danny interrupted. "So it's really not that big of a deal that I'm that far in those classes." Danny conveniently left out that he was just as far in his other subjects. "You know what? I think my question has more to do with the application of the spell, so I'll just wait until tonight to ask Sirius."

"What's the question, Danny?" Hermione asked quickly. "I'm sure I can help."

"I'll just ask Sirius tonight, I'm starving." Danny's comment seemed to remind the Weasley boys that they were hungry too, and they strode over to the table just as Mrs. Weasley started laying out food. Danny tried to ignore Hermione's putout look as he joined the table. Maybe if she just minded her own business, she would have been able to help and things would be just fine.

This thought did not quite settle his guilt as he sat beside his godfather and began loading his plate with potatoes.

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