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"According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves." – Plato

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25 December, 2010

How the nerdy, socially inept Dr. Spencer Reid found himself engaged to the biggest social butterfly to ever live, he had no idea, but that's the way he woke up on Christmas morning – engaged to the love he'd never expected, Calliope Sellers. If someone had asked him three years ago, Spencer would have said he expected to be a perpetual bachelor, destined to live his life with books and education and serial killers. Now that life was so far in the past he wouldn't have been able to see it with a telescope.

"Spencer! Where's Perses' Christmas collar!" Calliope poked her head into the bedroom. Her curly hair spilled over her shoulder, obscuring the neon green and pink stripped sweatshirt she wore over her grey yoga pants.

"Still at the store," Spencer smiled as she walked towards him, the Goofy slippers she wore scuffing against the hardwood floor. "You never bought it."

"I didn't?" Her brow furrowed together as she tried to remember. Spencer wrapped his arms around her shoulders and gave her a quick kiss.

"No. You spoke about buying it nine times, but, as far as I know, you never actually bought it."

"I could have sworn I bought it," Calliope sighed and Perses, their one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, trotted into the room carrying what had just last night been Spencer's favourite sweater. The frayed remains demonstrated exactly how appropriate it was to have named him after the Titan of Destruction. Perses jumped up on the bed and dropped the sweater. He thumped his tail happily as Spencer winced at the soggy wool. Calliope scratched his head with a fond smile, "No festive Christmas wear for you, Pers."

"Because purple and yellow screams Christmas," Spencer gestured at the bright purple and yellow sweater and yellow slacks hanging in a plastic drycleaners sleeve over the back of the chair.

"Hush you, my fashion choices are fabulous. Besides, red clashes with my hair," Calliope pushed up on her toes and kissed him.

"Everything potentially clashes with your hair. That's the risk you take when you dye blue, purple and green streaks into already red hair."

"Party pooper. You're ruining my fun. Maybe I'll put a scarf around his neck."

"He might destroy it."

"Naw, he only destroys your clothes," Calliope laughed. "You nearly ready to go? We need to leave for Dahlia in thirty minutes."

"I'm ready. You ready?" Spencer ran his thumb over the engagement ring on her finger and Calliope made a face.

"Better sooner than later."

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