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Hisagi Shuuhei laid in the open meadow with his eyes stuck on the sky. He was watching the birds fly and the leaves of the trees blow in the wind. This was nice for him to finally be able to get out of the stuffy ninth division headquarters. After becoming the acting captain, since Kaname Tosen's betrayal, his workload had been brutal. It wasn't just the vice-captain duties, but also the captain's now; he wished he had the authority to appoint someone to help with the paperwork but he knew only a captain would have that power.

I wish that he was still here; his thoughts drifted right back to the same thought he had been on all morning, he was the greatest captain.

Hisagi pushed himself forward and turned to the sound on soft footsteps making their way towards him. It was Kira Izuru, the acting captain of the third division, he had also been betrayed by his captain, Gin Ichimaru.

Both Gin and Tosen had fallowed the lead of Sosuke Aizen to overthrow the Soul Society and take the King's throne.

Kira took a seat beside Hisagi and for a moment shared in the silence. This was probably Kira's first break in days also; he had the same amount of work as Hisagi.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Kira broke the silence, "Just couldn't stay working with the sun like this."

"Yeah, same…" Hisagi stayed with his eyes still fixed in the sky still unable to break the thoughts that had tied up his mind.

"So what exactly are you worrying about? Afraid you will get a captain like Amagai Shuusuke?" Kira said through a chuckle.

Amagai Shuusuke had become the captain of the third squad but had only held his title for a couple of weeks before his plan of revenge was exposed and once again Kurasaki Ichigo, the substitute Shinigami, had to save the day. It was strange that the captain commander had allowed Kurasaki to stay in communication with the Soul Society even though he had gained hallow powers but he viewed Shinji Hirako, Kensei Muguruma, Mashiro Kuna and the others as violent traitors that must be eliminated at any cost. Luckily, the seven former Shinigami were able to flee before anything bad was able to happen.

"No, I don't think I would get someone that bad, but I want someone as brilliant as Captain Muguruma…." Hisagi sighed out as he slid his eyes closed.

Captain Kensei Muguruma was the reason he became a Shinigami, actually he was the reason that Hisagi was still alive. If it hadn't been for Kensei, Hisagi would have been devoured by a huge hallow a hundred years ago.

"I've always wondered why you got the same numbers tattooed on you as Kensei, what do they mean anyways?" Kira said his eyes fixed onto Hisagi's left cheek.

Hisagi could see the numbers printed on the torso of Kensei; he could see those numbers every time he closed his eyes.

"They were important numbers to him. Muguruma uses the kanji for six in it and he was the captain of the ninth division. Sixty-nine," Hisagi said raising his hand to touch his cheek, "He saved my life when I was a child. I was going to be killed a hallow. He cut me out of the hallow's hold and then destroyed it within two seconds with his Tachikaze, his kanpakuto. I've idolized him since. I joined the ninth squad because of him."

Silence fell between them and again the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the birds and the wind rustling through the grass around them.

Shinji Hirako was once the captain of the fifth squad but after his Vizard transformation he was forced to leave with all of the others that had gone through the same. There were seven of them. Former captain of the seventh squad; Love Aikawa, former captain of the second squad; Rojuro "Rose" Otaribashi, former lieutenant of the ninth division; Mashiro Kuna, former lieutenant of the twelfth squad; Hiyori Sarugaki, former lieutenant of the eighth squad; Lisa Yadomaru, former kido corps lieutenant; Hachigen "Hachi" Ushoda, and of coarse the former captain of the ninth squad; Muguruma Kensei.

Currently a small fight was happening between Shinji and Hiyori. No one really knew how this one had started but it had advanced quite quickly. They were screaming different things into each other's faces when the only thing that could really be heard was the occasional "dickhead" and "bitch".

"I'm getting a headache from those two, I am going to go for a walk," Kensei said as he climbed to his feet and walked toward the door.

"Wait up, I want to go pick up some new magazine's," Lisa said jumping to her feet and fallowing after Kensei, "Anyways, I don't want to have to restrain Hiyori when she decides to finally shut Shinji up."

As they exited the building they called their headquarters, Hachi opened a small doorway for them to pass through the border. They made a left turn and headed down the street towards the closest convenient store.

Perched on top of the warehouse next to their headquarters was Isino Nehero and open seeing them, his heart jumped into his throat. He hadn't expected to see Ise Nanao, vice-captain of the eighth division, in Karakura Town, let alone with the former Captain Muguruma, who was seen as a traitor. This was important news; he had to immediately report back to the Soul Society.

Kyouraku Shunsui laid across the rooftops of his headquarters with his vice-captain Nanao perched beside him. She was currently telling him that he shouldn't be slacking off and that there was too much to do to just be laying about.

"Nanao, lay down for just a moment, it's a beautiful day, all this work will still be there in an hour," he said looking over and smiling at her.

That would keep her quiet for a couple of minutes until he was actually ready to get up or until he fell asleep, either case he would be able to get some rest for now at least.

A black butterfly appeared in front of Kyouraku and he couldn't help but let out a long harsh sigh. He wanted to relax but apparently more work had just sprung up for him. He slowly sat up and held out his index finger for the butterfly to land.

"Kyouraku, I must immediately ask for both the presence of you and your vice-captain. New reports have revealed that she may have been in communication with traitors," The message of the Captain-Commander, Yamamoto Genryuusai, spoke.

Kyouraku slowly turned his head and smiled towards Nanao, "So what traitors have you been in communication with?"

"Captain Shuusei! I am repulsed that you would ever have that idea!" She screamed back at him.

"Well either case, there's been a report and Yamamoto wants to see us immediately."

Kyouraku jumped from the roof and slowly began the short trip to the centre of Seireitei fallow closely behind by Nanao.

Hisagi slowly pulled himself to a sitting position as a black butterfly came into view; "I wonder what captain is bothering us now."

"I bet that Rangiku is just bored and wants to know what we are up to," Kira said with a smile over his face, "She would do something like this."

Hisagi held up his hand and allowed the butterfly to sit on the tip of his middle finger before the voice, that made his jaw drop instantly, sounded.

"Attention to all heads of divisions. We are immediately calling a meeting. All captains and acting captains are expected here as soon as possible." The captain-commander's voice itself ordered.

"That's a surprise," Kira said as he climbed to his feet and brushed himself off.

"So much for getting out of work for the day," Hisagi said as he fallowed the other's lead.

Both nodded towards each other and quickly took off with their shunpo.

"Captain, do you honestly think that they have finally been found?" Nanao whispered into Kyouraku's ear.

"We can only hope that is the case," he sighed out before putting on a quick smile, "Else they are probably going to want to put you to the death penalty."

Nanao's eye began twitching as she stared at her captain, "CAPTAIN! This is not a time to joke around!"

"Nanao, please keep your voice down, I was only kidding around, please you are embarrassing me…."

"You should be embarrassed about always slacking and this is not the time to be joking around like that! How do you think that makes me feel!?" She screamed out at him with her eye still twitching and her reiatsu flaring everywhere.

Suddenly, the tension was broken as Kira and Hisagi made there way into the room. Already all the captains were there.

"Captains and acting captains. We were given a report that Lieutenant Nanao was seen with a traitor in Karakura Town but after speaking with Captain Kyouraku and Lieutenant Nanao, I have come to the conclusion that it must have been Lisa Yadomaru," Yamamoto spoke glancing around to see the startled faces around him.

"Who was the other that she was with sir?" Soi Fong, Captain of the second division, spoke.

"In the report that Isino Nehero has sent, it was said to be the former captain of the ninth squad, Muguruma Kensei."

All colours from Hisagi's face began to drain and he could feel himself grow dizzy, although he would never show that he was in this state. He couldn't imagine that Kensei had been found, he couldn't imagine that he would be killed if anyone found him, he just couldn't handle thinking that anything back could ever happen to Kensei. He had to be on the mission.

"After some thought, I have decided that Captain Fong, Captain Kenpachi, Captain Byakuya and Captain Toushirou will be leading the mission with help from their lieutenants and Lieutenant Izuru and Lieutenant Shuuhei fallowing under them."

A sigh of relief washed through Hisagi. Hopefully he would be able to find Kensei before the others did and be able to warn him, tell him to flee or at least go into hiding. It was the least he could do, after all he owed this man his life.

"With that, I ask that those involved in the search go and make preparations for their leave."

"Did you feel that?" Rose asked looking out of the window of the warehouse.

"Hachi! Add another five layers to the barrier, captains are in the area!" Shinji shouted out immediately after Rose had spoke.

"You don't think…" Lisa began.

"That they've found us?" Hiyori finished.

Shinji's smile leaked off of his face and it showed that he was worried about this, without his smile he didn't even look the same, "We can only hope they haven't."

Their steps were in unison as they entered Karakura town and their eyes slowly took in all sites around them. The lieutenants stood beside their captains and the captains seems to have released a portion of their reiatsu as a warning to anyone in the area, but to Hisagi, this moment still felt surreal, it couldn't be true.

The stealth ops captain stepped forward, "Byakuya north, Toushirou, east, Kenpachi south, and I will go-"

Bells sounded and everyone turned to see Kenpachi heading off in a random direction, "This way Ken-chan!" Yachiru screamed pointing forward.

"Kenpachi, you are going the wrong way," Captain Fong spoke using her shunpo to step in front of the other.

"You have no authority over me, I will go my own way and I will find them first…" The tall man spoke as he sidestepped to pass around the other captain.

"Ken-chan loves a good fight!" Yachiru shouted back as they continued to move forward, "Hurry up and find them or Ken-chan will have all the fun!"

Hisagi hated that little brat. Yachiru was truly a disgrace to the vice-captains. He had never seen her power and he doubted that she actually had any, he was almost positive that Kenpachi was all the power that she had; it explained why she never left his side. It was almost like she was his carry-on.

"Izuru, Shuuhei, go south, if you find them, report back to use. Remember these are captain level renegades, they can kill you in moments," Soi spoke before suddenly vanishing with the others around them.

Hisagi stared off after the others; he had to beat them, he had to find Captain Muguruma first. He had to pay his debt to the man that had saved him years and years ago; he had to make sure that man survived.

"Hisagi, an order is an order…" Kira spoke turning southwards, "And if you attempt in anyway to help the traitors, I will not hesitate to attack you with everything I have."

Hisagi spun to stare at the other man; this was how it was going to be. There was nothing he could do to change what was going to happen. He was going to fight on the side of the man he admired, the reason his heart was still beating, he was going to save that man even if it meant killing Kira Izuru; his friend.

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