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Alex taped up the last box of things she was taking with her. She carried the box down the stairs of her Tampa, Florida house she had shared with Dave for the last 5 years. Chelsea was in the living room coloring as she waited for her mom to finish packing so they could head to Louisiana for their new life they were starting. "Mommy, why isn't daddy coming with us?" asked Chelsea.

"Daddy isn't coming with us because mommy and daddy don't get along anymore and we figured it'd be better if you and mommy went to live somewhere else," Alex replied.

"Are you and Daddy ever going to get along with each other again so he can come with us?" asked Chelsea with her big brown eyes.

Alex couldn't help to notice how much Chelsea looked like her dad. She didn't have one feature of Alex's she was a mini Dave. "Chels, I'm hoping one day everything will be okay between daddy and me, but right now it's just not that time. Mommy and daddy are just going to take a break for a little while. Now let's go it's time to leave," Alex responded.

Chelsea cleaned up her coloring stuff and put everything in her Hannah Montana bag. She put on her sunglasses and ran to the front door. Alex followed behind her with the box. Alex reached for the door knob and turned around and took one last look around. She thought back to the day her and Dave met.

IT was about 7 years ago when Alex was 21 years old. Alex was walking down the street of Manhattan and she was lost in thought. She had just broken up with her boyfriend Tony. It was a very rough break up and Alex was thinking about how badly things had turned out between Tony and her. She was so busy thinking she started to walk in a busy intersection and saw a bus coming straight toward her. She had no idea how to react she just stood there in shock as she felt someone's strong grasp sweep her off her feet and take her out of harm's way. The man put her down on the sidewalk and she looked up at him with amazement. He was about 6'5 and was muscular built. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Alex nodded her head in amazement over what had just happened. She was shaken up over the whole situation. She couldn't believe she almost died and some gorgeous stranger had just saved her life. "Thank-you! You just saved my life!" Alex responded with gratefulness in her voice.

"No problem. My name's Dave, what's yours?" He asked.

"My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex," she responded.

"Nice to meet you, Alex. I was on my way to Starbucks to get some coffee would you like to come with me?" He asked

"Sure," she responded.

It had all started with Dave saving her life and them going out to get a cup of coffee. They started a relationship after going on little dates for a month. Alex learned Dave was a wrestler for WWE and she learned he was 17 years older than her. To Alex none of that really mattered because she had started to fall in love with Dave. Dave was pretty much her world and meant everything to her. She was everything to Dave and Dave wanted to make her his wife. After being in a relationship for 6 months Dave decided to ask Alex to marry him. Alex gladly accepted.

A year later they got married on June 24th, 2008 in Connecticut in a beautiful garden. It was the best day of Alex's life. She was so happy. Shortly after their wedding they moved to Tampa, Florida after living in Washington D.C. for a while. They bought this beautiful house; it was Alex's dream house. It had 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There was a dining room, a beautiful kitchen, an attached garage, a big backyard their future children could play in and in the back yard was an in-ground pool. It was a private residence in the middle of no where just the way Dave and Alex wanted it to be because of Dave's celebrity status. Alex loved the house, it was perfect; a perfect house for their kids to grow up in. Dave bought the house and shortly after they moved into it.

Three months after they got married in September 2008 Alex got pregnant with her and Dave's first child. Dave already had two daughters from a previous marriage, so he was already a father. Alex and Dave were so excited. Alex had a difficult pregnancy. The doctors told her it was high risk and she spent most of the nine months on bed rest. Dave was hardly around because he was busy working so he could take time off when she had the baby. Dave felt bad for not being there during the difficult time and the high risk pregnancy. He barely made it to the appointments. He grew resentful for missing the baby's heartbeat for the first time and finding out the sex of the baby. Alex was starting to become resentful she felt like she was alone for most of her pregnancy. On June 18th, 2009 Alex gave birth to an 8 lb 2 oz, 20 inch baby girl. They named her Chelsea Alexandra Bautista. She was pretty much their pride and joy. They were so happy that day, but soon enough just 4 years and a month later they were going they're separate ways. Alex had no idea how it all came to this, but she took one last look around before she opened the door and walked out of the beautiful Tampa house.

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