Dark Soul: A Story of Stories

I've written stories with OC's in them, but I've never written stories completely centered on OCs. I decided I wanted to try my hand at an OC story, so here goes nothing.

Here is the way this story is going to work: in the backdrop, Cyclonis has been defeated and killed and Piper is searching her old enemy's room. There, she finds a notebook, and much to her surprise, Cyclonis composed stories in the journal. Each story Piper reads will contain a different OC in a different situation in a different part of the Atmos.

Of course, in the first chapter, I will elaborate on this introduction. Above is just a summary so this all makes sense.

Here is where you come in: if you're anything like me, you take great pleasure into submitting your OCs to various stories. Of course, I'm not trying to project my own likes and dislikes onto you, I'm just saying, in my opinion, it is very fun to create OCs. Well, guess what, lucky reader? I want to see your OCs. The submission form is below.

Original Character Submission Form

Name: sort of self-explanatory.

Age: a number, please. If anyone thinks its funny to put 'we want pudding' or something I will make the age up.

Gender: male or female. We're trying to stay human, or at least humanoid, here.

Physical Description: height, weight, skin tone, eye color, features, hair color/length/style, other miscellaneous physical traits

Clothing: no, we are not having naked OCs

Intelligence: yep, I had to ask. Book smart, street smart, witty, slow…

Personality: please, make it interesting. Throw in a quirk so they're not perfect.

Background: home terra, schooling, social status, tragic backstory, etc.

Job: you know, Talon, Sky Knight, Bounty Hunter, civilian, etc. If they're a civilian, be sure to elaborate the job—teacher, actor, scientist, etc.

Allegiance: Atmosian or Cyclonian. If you can think of another…I guess Murk Raider, otherwise. Allegiance I didn't mention? Well, tell me anyways. You can be neutral too.

Character: this is where it gets a bit weird. To keep this from becoming completely OC-centric, your OC is required to meet/interact with at least one character from the real show. I don't care if (s)he sees the Talon who always strokes his mustache once, but either pick a character for them to encounter or I will.

Feel free to submit as many characters as you wish. I promise I will use at least one, and depending on how many submissions I receive, more than one.

This page will remain up until the end of the week, or until I have received five submissions. I am sorry if I am a bit late updating, as I have finals on my mind, but I will try my best to get the first real chapter up in a week. Although this particular page may be deleted and replaced with the real story, you are welcome to submit anytime.