…Did you say something?

Your Other is supposed to be your proof of existence, right?

He's supposed to be. I dunno… I don't really feel like I know him.

But he's you. How can you say you don't know him?

I have his memories. I know his life back and forth. But I've only spoken to him once. And he is not me. I'm me!

Those are his emotions, not yours. And maybe hers too. She's part of you both as well.


You don't remember. That was what was ordained. But memory can be so fickle. How can something that you cared for, saw, listened to, touched… how can it just be gone from your memories?

I… I don't know. What are you asking me?

What do you want, Roxas? What is your proof of existence?

I left everything I had… in Never Was. Proof that I lived there. Proof that I had a life. Everything…

What a shame to be Nobody. You just need to find the proof of your existence. Yours and hers, and you can be real again.

Yes… My life. My life… and hers. My life, and Xi…


Tell me why he picked you…

You're stronger than me; our duel proved that. But it can't be true that you were wanted more than me. Riku and Kairi wanted you back, certainly. DiZ wanted you for his revenge, his vendetta against his former apprentices. But to get you back, they took everything from me. They never considered that I was wanted, too.

I was… actually happy for a while. Just the simple pleasures of eating ice cream on top of the clock tower with my friends. But Riku… Riku ruined that for me. Riku told her that she had to go back to you, and she believed him. Riku stopped me, when I could have freed Kingdom Hearts and gotten her back. Riku and DiZ cast Axel out when he tried to save me…

I fought you for my right to exist, and you were the stronger. But you can't just forget that I'm here. I want to see home, just one more time… And I want to remember. Everything about the Order, and everything about her…

Ai. I know that there is a stupid abundance of post-KH2 fanfictions out there. But I wanted to play with my viewpoints on Roxas and Organization XIII. Seriously, I like them more than Sora. I didn't WANT Sora back at the end of Roxas's week. But the more important question that I realized I was asking: Were Organization XIII really the bad guys?

...I don't know who the other voice is supposed to be. Italics is Roxas. Maybe it's that big voiceless voice from the beginning of the first game. You know, "You are the one to open the door to the light." and all that stuff? :D

Well, here goes nothing! Hope you guys like the story!