Life On The Other Side: Brown

CID takes up a campaign to bring down local brothel-king Craig Bolt on rumours of supporting the trade of underage prostitutes. What they uncover is more than they imagined…

In Part 3: Brown, following up rumours about Hayleigh Spark, Millie faces a few things she didn't want to face. Meanwhile Bolt pops back up on the radar, but when he can't get back at his 'wife', he picks on someone else instead…

Rated T

PC Millie Brown/DS Max Carter/OC – DC Hayleigh Spark


Disclaimer: I don't own 'The Bill'

Chapter One;

She turned right when she reached Canley High Street, avoiding the busy walkways and instead cutting across the park and back towards Sun Hill. As she was stopped at a set of traffic lights she knelt over, catching her breath and placing her hands on her hips, waiting for the crossing to turn green. After about a minute the cars roaring through the intersection ceased and the pedestrian crossing lit up. She walked across the intersection, but as soon as she reached the other side she began to run again.

She enjoyed running. She always had. It had been what she'd been good at during her school years and she'd originally taken it up as a way to think and have some time alone rather than for the merits of exercising. When you were 13 and had the figure of a rake staying healthy wasn't the big issue – it was boys.

Not that a lot changed in 14 years. Even now her issue was boys, but this time for a very different reason.

Her issue was the Roxon and Bolt family. They'd all had their names changed and were now living under the alias of Rawlinson. Samuel had become Joseph, Eleanor was Sarah, Andrea was Isabelle and David became Paul. But despite the name changes, the new house and the assurance by Witness Protection that they'd be fine, their same problems remained.

So Millie had spent the day with the family, being watched over by a DS who spent the entire day seated in a corner talking to PC Beth Green about the likelihood of the policeman Samuel now feared finding out who they were. Witness Protection's big boss assured them their identities would only be revealed to those who already knew them and the two or three trusted individuals from WP who were in charge of liaising with them and keeping their identities alive in the world.

Sam was still hesitant about talking any more about the bent cop he was certain Natovnia had in his pocket, but could reveal he'd heard in his travels about where they may be able to find Bolt. It was news Max had suddenly become very interested in and, leaving a bemused Beth behind in mid-conversation (or what Millie jealously termed mid-flirt), he joined them on the couch. Samuel had his legs pulled up to his chest as he sat in the armchair and Millie was so busy watching his body language she didn't even note Max had joined her until his presence on the couch made her shift a little to her left towards him. She straightened herself quickly, glancing at him for a second as he frowned towards Sam, then smiled back at the boy. "So where were you when you heard his name?"

"Lygon St. On the other side of Linbroke." Linbroke was the borough neighbouring Canley, on the northwest side. "It was from a guy in a pub."

Max nodded. "What did he say exactly?"

"Something about a new guy named Chris Bolt trying to break into the local dealer scene. I've heard uncle Craig use the name Chris before, used it once on the phone when I was 7. That was back in Manchester of course."

Millie smiled. "That's great. When was this?"

Sam checked his watch. "It was about the 8th, the Tuesday." 6 days ago. "I should've mentioned it earlier, I'm sorry.

Max looked about ready to jump in with an angry agree, but Millie spoke over him. "It's okay Sam, you were unsure of our motives, we understand."

After that Max had taken his leave, wandering into the kitchen with the phone pressed to his ear, and Millie had left Sam with Witness Protection who were discussing Eleanor's new schooling arrangements. She couldn't go back to her old university classes and plans were being put in place so she could study distance education under her new name. Being a first year helped, but she was still going to be a few months behind. Like everything else so far, she was taking it in her stride, but Millie sensed it wouldn't be long before the cracks began to appear.

Max had been leaning against the kitchen bench, frowning at the roof as he talked, a phone habit Millie had always found quietly endearing. He glanced at her as she walked in and motioned to the kettle, but he shook his head, stepping aside to let Millie access to the kitchen drawers. She listened to his conversation as the kettle boiled. "… no, run a check through Kingmarsh… I know there's probably a thousand Chris Bolts in London but I'm not asking you to check London Stevie, I just need Linbroke covered… yes, all new occupants too… then get Kezia to help you… yes, you too." He snapped the phone shut and shoved it in his pocket. "I have to go run a check for Bolt before Stevie finds some new elaborate means for killing me, but stay here with the family and find out any more you can about Craig, Chris or whatever the hell Bolt is calling himself now. I'll need you in tomorrow f…" Millie made to respond but he stopped and held up a finger. "I know it's your day off PC Brown but DC Spark is still not up for a full day yet, so come in about 10, I'll see you then." Stalking off, Millie just scowled at his back.

He was right though; Hayleigh wasn't up to a full day. It had been three days since the raid on Holman's club and since then things had gone from bad to worse, especially for the team's newest addition. On the Saturday night, walking from the station back to the police accommodation only down the road, she'd been pushed and kicked to the kerb by unseen men. Then, on the Sunday night whilst drinking with Stevie and Kezia at the pub, a woman in the female bathrooms had punched her in the stomach. She'd been able to identify the woman, but she hadn't been found yet, but the two men from Saturday night had still got away. Hayleigh had assured them it was coincidences, but Stuart wasn't so certain and wanted the DC out of the line of fire, not that the woman would have any of it. Hayleigh was still working but, having been confined to the station, was almost useless when it came to following up on leads. Add to that 'Andrea' hadn't been recognized, Natovnia was still free, and Lewis Dunn had been admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning and wasn't due for release until Thursday, it had all added up to a horrid weekend.

Which was why Millie was now running to work, trying to exercise the trouble out of her head.

As she spotted the station at the end of the street she sighed.

Here we go again…