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Whoever decided that alarm clocks were a good idea seriously needs to get tested for any deformities in their brain. Seriously. What's worse is that it takes all 3 alarms on my cell phone and the alarm on my stereo, to even get me remotely lucid by 8 am. Even still, it isn't till 45 minutes later when I get my "Your-ass-better-be-out-of-bed-because-I'll-punch-you-in-the-throat-if-you-keep-me-waiting-at-Starbucks" phone call from Alice that I realize that unless I want to be pummeled that day, I should probably get out of bed.

So as most of my mornings go, it is 8:46 and I am scrambling to get my ass out of bed because as drastic as it sounds, she probably would punch me in the throat.

Fortunately, I know myself well enough that I have everything ready the night before. I of course take into consideration the weather for the day, and sure enough, this Monday morning weather is overcast and drizzly. I place my hand flat against the window of my apartment, shivering at the cool glass pane under my fingers. The heat from my hand leaves a foggy print on the window, and I grin a little. Because really? It doesn't take much to amuse me.

Having showered the night before, I just wash my face and brush my teeth and throw my hair up into a messy bun. I put on the laid out clothes- charcoal dress pants, black wedges, white long sleeve oxford shirt, and vest- and fix my hair into a low ponytail. I slap my face a couple of times to bring out some color on my cheeks, slick on some chap-stick, grab my purse and umbrella, and I'm out the door by 8:55.

I walk two blocks from my apartment building and see Alice sitting at a table inside, glaring at her watch. Thank you, Seattle, for having a Starbucks on every street. Crazy coffee drinking fiends. I chuckle to myself and knock on the glass when I get closer. She jumps a little, and her face breaks out into a grin. She's already ordered my drink, and I shuffle inside.

"9:00 on the dot. You got lucky this time," she says while rolling her eyes. "You should just get up earlier. I mean, I'd be a lot less threatening to you at 7:45 in the morning."

I plop a little less than gracefully into the seat across from her and give her my best withering stare.

"In all the years that you have known me, Alice, when have I ever been late?" I ask.

She glowers at me. "Never. But that's beside the-"

"And in those years how many times have I actually set an alarm before 7:30?" I'm smirking now, mostly because she's vibrating in annoyance.

"Fine. Never. You win. Drink your damn latte." She huffs and stares out the window.

I laugh obnoxiously loud for the small Starbucks, and take a long gulp from my drink.

"If it makes you feel any better, I have a little surprise for you..." I'm baiting her, hoping she will know what I'm talking about. "It has to do with something that comes up in few months."

She turns to stare at me, and her eyebrows question me for 2 seconds before realization dawns. She squeals in delight and jumps out of her seat to hug me.

"OH MY GOD! You got the tickets!?! I'm so stoked! Thank you so much for getting them. Wait you did get three right?" I nodded my head, laughing. "Good because Rosalie would flip her shit if she didn't get to go this year. Remember last year when she had to work? That was a nightmare. Really. You didn't live with her, Bella. For the next two weeks she just moped around and glared at me. I'm so excited you got the tickets!"

By the end of her ramble, I'm doubled over in laughter. She looks like a kid on Christmas day. A very stylish kid, for that matter. Her hair is an array of different, jagged pieces pointing in different directions as her usual look. A cobalt blue headband compliments her blue button down shirt under her black jumper, and her black stirrup leggings made her red flats stand out. Her makeup was flawless, of course, because Alice wouldn't have anything less than perfect on her face.

Alice stretched her arms over her head and sighed happily. I finished the rest of my latte and stood up.

"I have to get to work Al, so we will have to talk later and make plans. Maybe...have a little wine? A little champagne for getting tickets this close to the date? You know, stay up all night and celebrate?" I wiggled my eyebrows at her suggestively. Alice cocked an eyebrow at me, and started laughing under her breath.

"You are one strange bird." She stood up as she spoke and threw away her coffee cup.

We walked out of the Starbucks talking about plans for that evening, and I reminded her to call Rose before she got to work to tell her the good news. We had reached the front of the art gallery she managed and said our goodbyes.

I had two more blocks left to walk before I was at my office. Fortunately it hadn't started raining yet so I enjoyed the light breeze that had started to float around. There was something about Seattle this time of year that always reminded me of my dad's house in Forks. Sometimes I missed the scent of the trees and fresh, clean air. But I enjoyed and cherished how it felt to live in a big city.

I saw the brownstone building coming into view. I had been working at Ribbon Tree Publishers for two years now and had seen my fair share of up and coming authors come through and go off to become successful. I saw a tall figure out of the corner of my eye as I reached for the double doors, but still managed to be surprised when a hand reached out and grabbed the door for me.

"After you Bella," the voice said. I rolled my eyes and turned around. There stood Edward Cullen: company geek, arrogant, and awkwardly cute computer tech guru guy. He had opted for his standard khaki pants and gray and green argyle pullover. His hair was, as usual, a mess. There was no other way to put it. The copper color looked good with his pale skin, but his eyes were different. Usually they were honey colored, but today?

"Thank you Edward, and why are you wearing blue contacts?" I rolled my eyes as I walked forward, literally hearing him smirk as he followed in behind me.

"Staring into my eyes again?" he asked. I scoffed at him as I walked to the elevator.

"Anyone can tell that blue is not your color. Especially when your hair is borderline in making you a ginger."

"Yeah, because I've never heard that one before," he said. I wanted to smack the condescending tone out of his mouth, but he was already walking towards the stairs. "You should take the stairs more often, Bella. It's better exercise and might help get your heart rate going to thaw out all the ice around it." With that he vanished behind the door.

I was fuming. I don't understand what I had done to make him treat me so poorly, we had never even really had a personal encounter. What made me even more aggravated was that my stupid tear ducts decided to betray me and I felt the moisture and slight pressure build at the edges of my eyes. Thankfully the elevator chimed and I walked in, slamming my hand against the fourth floor button.

"Asshole." I muttered out loud. I leaned back against the wall of the elevator and tried to regain some composure before I walked into the office. I couldn't just tell Angela, my boss, that the I.T. guy was harassing me. This was mostly because I had said my fair share of hateful things towards him, but only after he started provoking me.

I was so lost in my world I almost forgot I was even on the elevator and was startled when the chime sounded as the doors opened. I set my shoulders and walked into the office.

"Good morning, Miss Swan," our receptionist Jessica said pleasantly. I returned the smile and felt bad that I didn't have it in me to make small talk with her like we normally would. I glided into my office with unusual grace and set to checking my messages from the weekend. Afterwards, I started up my Mac to check my latest emails as well. I was sincerely hoping that the writer who sent in his manuscript had responded to my last email. While I waited for it open, I heard my iPhone chirping from my purse. The screen read 4 new text messages.

From Alice: "i called rose. be prepared. LOVE! :D"

From Rosalie: "OMG! i so cannot wait 3 months! i'm emailing you ideas now for our outfits. a theme is VITAL! 3 you!"

From Rosalie: "also aro gave me those days off this time. he did NOT want a repeat of last year."

From Rosalie: "*glee!* did i tell you i love you?"

I laughed out loud and quickly responded that I was about to check my email and that the love was reciprocated. Sure enough, by the time my email was up, I had seven emails from Rose all with various subject lines that continued to express her delight. I scanned down and saw a response from my potential author. I vowed I'd look at the links Rose sent me...which would either be after I present a new client to Angela, or after I sob myself into oblivion.

Dear Bella,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my manuscript that I sent to you. I have to be honest with you; I only sent it to your company on a whim. I didn't think anyone would actually like my writing as much as I did, and I sincerely don't mean that to sound vain or proud.

I'm so pleased that you are interested in my short stories, and I am very eager to work with you and see what can develop between your company and myself. I'm available anytime after 2:00 pm this entire week, so let me know what day works best for you.

Emmett McCarthy

I had only made it half way through his response when I started bouncing in my seat, and by the end of it, I was standing and clapping my hands. I quickly called Angela and asked to meet with her as soon as possible. I grabbed his file and the mug off my desk and pretty much skipped down the hall to the break room.

I couldn't help but feel a little rush of adrenaline when I saw Edward helping Mike in his office with a computer problem. I rounded my shoulders and went over to his open door and knocked on it, smiling my biggest smile.

"Morning Mike!" I could even hear the elation in my voice. Mike looked up from his computer and grinned at me.

"Hey, Bella. You seem in a good mood." I heard Edward scoff, behind Mike. I shrugged it off.

"I am. I have a really great client interview to line up. I'll have to let you have a sample of the manuscript to see what you think. But I won't bother you now." Edward looked up at me finally, and with his usual disdain, but something passed over his face. A ghost of something? Surprise maybe? He shook his head and steeled himself to fixing Mike's computer.

"Yeah, I would definitely love to read some of it. Hope your meeting with Angela goes well!" I smiled in appreciation.

"Wait, Bella!" Mike called. He was standing up now coming towards the door. "I just, uh, well, you look really beautiful today." He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, looking sheepish.

I smiled at him, genuinely flattered. "Thanks Mike. That's really sweet." I hit his arm playfully with the file folder. "You're not looking so bad yourself." He blushed. "I'll talk to you later, okay?" He smiled at me, nodded, and turned back into his office. I cast one last look over towards his desk and caught Edward watching our exchange. I smirked at him. He glowered.

Take that, you bastard. And with that, me and my warm, iceless heart bounded towards Angela's office.