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Bella's POV

"Mr. McCarthy! It's so good to finally meet you." I settled behind my desk smiling at the large man who sat across from me.

"I prefer Emmett. And it's great to meet you as well Isabella." He flashed a large smile and relaxed into the seat.

"And I prefer Bella. I have to say, my boss was starting to think I had just made you up, and I was beginning to believe her. So do you want to get some introductions out of the way or just get straight to business?" I folded my hands under my chin and gave him a serious stare, attempting to look intimidating.

So of course, Emmett just laughed at me.

"Well, let's see. My name is Emmett, and I'm 6'5. I hate long walks on the beach because I hate getting sand everywhere. Generally I can't get it off my feet, and then it gets in my car, and I'm kind of a freak when it comes to my car. I still read comic books and have a love for Faulkner, but I also enjoy playing football. I'd rather drink beer than liquor but can do some serious damage to tequila. Me and Jose are good friends. I have yet to find someone who can best our very serious relationship." He gave a serious nod and the giddy laugh that had been building in my chest broke free.

"So I think you'd be perfect for my friend Rosalie." Emmett gave a hearty laugh.

"Well I am single." He gave his eyebrows a waggle.

"Well after reading your stories I don't know why. Which maybe is why I think your book is going to be such a success." I stood up from behind my desk and went to sit in the chair next to him. "I have to ask, why exactly would you think to write in the first place? You had a pretty good thing going for you with the whole sports thing."

"See that's just it. Ever since high school, I had done the sports thing because I'm a big guy who can kick some serious butt. So football, baseball, and wrestling were my things. I got a full football scholarship to University of Texas, and of course I took it and went. And it was awesome. I got a lot of girls, things came easy to me, and I could walk into places and get free stuff or handshakes just because I was on the team." He rubbed a hand at the back of his neck. "I'm not going to lie. It was kind of awesome. But the funny thing is that ever since being a jock in high school, I've been popular and was an ass to the not so popular kids. But if I hadn't done the sports, I would have been just like them."

"No I totally understand. You did what you had to do to survive." I said nodding in agreement.

"Exactly. But that doesn't necessarily make it right." He looked straight at me. "And I think that's what kind of got me thinking about doing this book. I mean, I'm good at football, and I like playing for fun. But scouts could tell that I didn't have my whole heart into it, and that doesn't make a good player. I knew I wasn't going to go pro, so I graduated with my bachelors in literature, focusing on more modern American Literature, which I love. But after doing sports for so long and then not doing it at all, I still kind of went through an identity crisis. It was kind of a relief but at the same time really terrifying."

"Well I think it's really brave to bare your soul the way you have. You are writing about what it was like to be a jock- a guy's guy, but how that wasn't all you were about, that you were kind of a big book nerd in your private life. But the stories aren't written for people to throw you a pity party or to resent your success. They are really funny and clever."

"And kind of hypocritical," he interrupted. "I mean sports jock by day, video game junkie by night. I didn't give kids I was probably friends with on online games the time of day."

"Yeah, you were kind of an ass in high school. But listen, whether you realize it or not, you writing about it now and being honest is making up for that and not just so you have peace of mind." I relaxed into the chair and propped my head in my hand. "You've got something really special here, Emmett. It's going to be a hit. I can feel it."

We chatted for over an hour about the details of his book, sharing personal stories, and we clicked right away. It also didn't hurt that I could completely understand where he was coming from considering my high school experience. After discussing the book and signing a contract we continued to talk. He made it easy to tell him anything.

"So tell me about this friend Rosalie?" Emmett asked taking a swig from his water bottle. I laughed out loud.

"Rosalie is...nothing but herself. She is a girly but honestly, I think she would be happier with a Dr. Who marathon, take out and beer. She actually is a part owner in a hobby shop in Pioneer Square. She's big on their comic book selection and likes to make model cars for the shop and for herself. Last year for Christmas Alice and I got her a model car kit for a 1959 Edsel Hardtop. She nearly peed herself." I laughed at the memory and then looked up to see Emmett staring at me wide eyed.

"So when can I meet her?"

Edward's POV

Jasper and I had been to three different bars so far and I was fairly pleased with how buzzed I had become. Jasper used that to his advantage and somehow convinced me that we should go end the night on a high note and go to Club London, this new chain of clubs that had started off in Chicago with Club Moscow, but had opened more establishments in New York with Club Tokyo and in Las Vegas with Club Madrid. Jasper had gone recently, and apparently, you didn't have to drink to have a good time; going to watch the waitresses was enough of a reason to keep coming back.

It didn't take much to convince me after he said that. I was drunk, I was alive, it was a Friday night, I'm a guy, and I could really use a random hook up. It'd been a while.

A very long, lonely while.

Normally I wouldn't have thought too much about this, but alcohol brings out the best in me, I guess.

It was around 11:30 when Jasper and I pushed our way through the door. Fortunately, on his last visit he had made friends with a waitress (and by friends I mean he had a frisky fuck-buddy) who got us in, no problem.

We found a pub table on the second level, ordered a couple of beers and took in the atmosphere. The walls were charcoal grey, kind of like the soot from a fire place. Black and white photos of London printed on stretched canvas adorned the walls. The "uniform" for the waitresses was very mod; some variation of a short, baggy dress with a high neck line in various colors or patterns, flats with knee highs or platform boots, and and they either had boy-short hair or board straight long hair with bangs/ They were all insanely skinny with thin faces, no makeup except for exaggerated eyelashes. Regardless, they were smoking hot. Jasper and I drank our beers and decided to check the scene downstairs. Being two guys alone in the more remote area was making us feel a little uncomfortable, even when Kate would come by and whisper things in Jasper's ear, making him grin and grab her ass.

It kind of made me want to throw up.

Downstairs was packed with people on the dance floor, a circular tiled area of see through tiles with white and blue lights flashing underneath. The walls were painted blue, but instead of pictures of London, there were circular mirrors and reproductions of Warhol hanging a foot apart. Underneath them were a series of gray suede benches and chairs where people were sitting to drink, talk, watch the dancing, or make a new friend for the evening. The bar was on the opposite side of the room and was fairly long. There were four bar tenders behind it, evenly spaced to take orders, and two other people who worked to keep things organized and cleaned. The wall behind the bar had the British flag painted on it with glass shelving filled with various liquor bottles.

Jasper and I found seats at the middle of the bar. Kate had gotten off work and had changed out of her uniform. She waltzed over to Jasper with a sly grin on her face. He wasn't much fun for the rest of the night, mostly because his tongue was shoved down Kate's throat.

Again with the wanting to throw up.

"Looks like your friend decided to ignore you."

I looked up and saw that the bartender was grinning at me. She was an attractive red head with a few thick curls framing her very thin face. The rest of her hair was pulled up into a messy bun. She looked so fresh and honest. I grinned at her and glanced at Jasper and Kate who were now on the dance floor that probably made someone pregnant just by looking at them. I rolled my eyes.

"Apparently I'm not as entertaining as his lady friend."

"Kate is a lady friend to all, you should warn him," she said with a laugh. "Do you want another drink?"

"Well what would you recommend?"

"Well," she said pulling out bottles and a glass. "I make one deadly gin and tonic." She dropped in the ice, poured a generous serving of gin, poured in some tonic water, and added a slice of cucumber. She put the drink in front of me.

"That does seem deadly," I said. I pulled the drink to my lips and took a fairly healthy sized swallow. I coughed as the barely concealed gin burned down my throat. "It tastes deadly too." She laughed as I continued to cough.

"I think it tastes better than most shots, but its gets me drunk just as fast."

"Well it was my intention to get drunk tonight." She smirked at me.

"Well, another one of these will definitely do the trick, especially if you've already been drinking tonight." I finished off the glass with a shudder, and she put another one down in front of me.

"I'd drink this one a bit slower. It won't taste as strong of gin since you basically downed the last one, so just enjoy it."

Sure enough the first sip tasted kind of clean and the cucumber was a much stronger taste, followed by a little burn from the gin.

"It's delicious. Thank you..."

"Victoria." She stuck out her hand and I shook it.

"I'm Edward."

"So, why did you want to get drunk tonight, Edward?" She started making someone sitting down from me another drink.

"I don't normally go out, let alone drink. But it's been a strange week, and it seemed like a good idea."

"What's got you so busy you can't go out?" she asked, while taking another order. I shrugged.

"Work." I took another swig of my drink and could feel my face getting hot and my eyes getting foggy. "Actually, I also play a lot of video games."

"Oh cool! Like Halo?" She asked.

"Uh, actually I meant more like online role playing games. Or strategy games. I mean I've played Halo but I'm not very good at it. Plus, I like to write code. I'm second in command of the IT department at a publishing company and sometimes it comes in handy when I have to fix something; or if I get bored I can make my job a whole lot easier by simplifying commands and stuff. That and I can make my own web games to post on sites." I took the last swallow of my drink. "Oh, man. I didn't drink it as slow as I should have. Can I have another please?" I looked up at Victoria.

She was giving me a very strange look, one mixed between amusement and confusion. She fixed the drink and put it down in front of me.

"So you are like, a really big geek, aren't you?"

I nodded.

"But...you are like, good looking."

"I guess so? Is it just me or is it burning up in here." I pulled off my sweater and she stared at my t-shirt.

"Nice shirt." I looked down and saw I was wearing one of my favorite Star-Trek t-shirt. I looked back up at her. She was shaking, from holding back her laughter.

"Thanks." I was half way done with my drink and getting frustrated. Apparently drinking makes me care what other people think about me.

"You know, can you just tell me how much I owe you from the drinks and my beer?"

She whirled around and was still chuckling as she closed out my tab. I threw some cash down to cover my bill and gave her an undeserved tip.

"Thanks, it's been swell."

"Hey, nice meeting you Edward. The force be with you." She started laughing at her own joke.

"Yeah, wrong movie. That's Star Wars, not Star Trek." This just seemed to make her laugh harder, so I got up and left the bar with the rest of my drink.

I had only taken a few steps before I realized two things. First of all, I was really, horribly drunk. And secondly, I remembered why I hated going out to drink in the first place. Suddenly the place seemed way too crowded, and everyone was moving too fast. I managed to somewhat dance/shuffle past the dance floor and found an empty seat by the front window. The wooden blinds were pulled shut, but I cracked them open and stared out at the street forcing myself to sober up, so I could just get home.

When that didn't work I just finished my drink and leaned my head against the cool wall and sighed.

"Edward?" My eyes snapped open, and I jolted upright.

Standing in front of me was Bella. Well, I think it was Bella. It sounded like Bella, appeared to be Bella, but this woman in front of me was like a freaking movie star. Her hair, usually pulled back in some way, hung down her shoulders in loose curls. The black dress she wore was loose with a modest neckline and hit mid thigh. I didn't dare to look any farther down because that might be creepy, so I looked back up at her face again. She looked...beautiful.

And concerned. Wait, why concerned?

"Edward?" She sat in the seat next to me and gently shook my shoulder.

"Hmm? What? I'm fine. Gin. Gin kills me every time. Don't know why I drink it. Anyways. Yeah. Hey. What are you doing here?" The words all came out in a jumble, but she seemed to relax now that I was using my motor skills. I sat up straighter and rubbed my eyes.

I looked at her again and realized another person standing close to us. It was the huge dude from her office earlier. He glanced between Bella and me and sat in a different seat near Bella.

"I'm here with Emmett, the guy from my office earlier. Why are you here?"

I know she didn't mean it to sound bitchy, that part of my brain seemed to function properly, but all I could seem to think was that she didn't think I belonged in the swanky club.

"It's Friday night. I felt like it." I snapped. She immediately recoiled and sighed.

"I meant are you here with anyone? You don't look too good."

"I'm fine. Just had a string of very strong drinks. Trying to chill out before I go home. I'm here with my roommate, but I think he's already left to go get laid." I suddenly felt really embarrassed that I was this drunk. I put my arm across the back of the love-seat and pushed myself up straighter.

"Ooo-kay. Emmett, could you get me a glass of water for him please?"

"Yeah of course. Hey, no worries about being drunk. I was you last week. It was not pretty. Though I did find that those cheap, Totinos pizzas are the most magical hangover food ever. Especially the cheese ones." With that he got up and left me with Bella.

I moved to look at her and it felt like my head moved but my brain hadn't caught up with what I was seeing. She smiled.

"You are the last person I thought I'd see here tonight, Cullen." She laughed as she said this. I wanted to be annoyed that she was laughing but it sounded so nice that all I could do was laugh with her.

"It does seem kind of strange. I don't normally get out."

"Yeah, me too. This was a fluke evening if there ever was one." She leaned against the cushion of the chair and sighed. Her hair fanned against my arm, still resting on the back of the seat. "I'm not usually out this late. Ever."

"Wait, what time is it?" I asked.

"Almost one. They will be closing up soon."

"Have you been here all night with Emmett?" She looked at me funny, and I realized how awkward that most have sounded.

"What I mean is, since I last saw you? Have you been with Emmett since earlier? Obviously not because you changed, but I don't know what I'm asking." I rubbed my eyes with my free hand and she laughed.

"Yes, actually I have. After our meeting we made plans to celebrate the contract we have to publish his book and meet up for dinner around 8. We decided to come here and get a few drinks and my friend..."

Here's that water!" Emmett came up and held out the glass. I looked up at him.

"Seriously? You are like the tallest person I have ever met." He laughed as he sat down and gave the glass to Bella.

"I hear that a lot." He seemed friendly, despite his brick wall like nature. I had a hard time imagining him and Bella being together.

"Okay, I'm not insulting you, or trying to make you feel shitty for being drunk," Bella paused. "But can you hold the glass without dropping it?"

"Thanks for the explanation, and yes, I can hold the glass." I took the glass and chugged the water down, not realizing how thirsty I was.

"I actually am feeling better already, so I'll let you guys get back to your celebrating." I stood up, and they got up quickly as well.

"Edward, I really think you should wait a little bit longer before you, you know, move." Emmett said this as he stood in front of me in case I fell forward.

I'm totally fine. You two have fun." I took a step and as luck would have it, tripped over my own feet. Bella managed to grab my waist before I fell to the floor, and I put my arm around her shoulders without thinking about it. Any other time this would have been a cute embrace, but now it was just horrifying.

"Um, Edward?" Bella squeaked. "You...you kind of got a handful there."

"What? Oh My God!" I looked down to see that my arm had draped over her shoulder, and my hand had lined up perfectly with her breast.

Which I had grabbed.

My hand flew off of her like she was on fire and to make matters worse, I clocked her right in the face.

"Shit!" She cursed, releasing my waist and clutching her eye. I staggered but steadied myself feeling very sobered up after the mortifying experience.

"Oh, Christ! Bella, I'm so sorry!"

"Edward, it's fine. It was accident." She kept her hand over her and sank back down into the seat. I sat next to her, scrambling with the ice left in my water glass and a napkin, making a lumpy ice pack.

"Here put this on it to help." She took the offering and pressed it against her eye and sighed.

"Bella, are you alright?" Another female voice joined the party. A beautiful blonde crouched down to Bella's level. Bella moved the ice from her eye and the blonde hissed.

"You and your near-albino skin. You are going to have a shiner tomorrow morning. Who decked you?"

Bella looked in my direction. Rosalie glared at me.

"It was an accident! Bella, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Or to grope you."

"You groped her?" Rosalie seethed and stood to full height towering over me. Emmett came up next to her and rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Rose! It was totally an accident. He didn't man handle me, it just happened." Bella stood up as well. "Now I'm going to go check the damage in the bathroom." She looked directly at Rose. "Be nice."

"I'm always nice!" she called after Bella.

"Well let's just be glad that everyone was too busy dancing and drinking to notice anything," Emmett commented. "And hey! It seems like you sobered up considerably, Edward!" He patted me hard on the shoulder.

"Wait." Rosalie turned to me slowly. "You...you are Edward? The IT guy that works at the publishing company?"

I nodded.

She looked me up and down and grinned.

"I guess I should have seen it sooner," she said. "You look exactly how she described you."

I could feel my face warm up from embarrassment and anger, my mind instantly jumping to the worst possibility.

"Well I'm so glad you all have a good time laughing at my expense." I walked past her and Emmett. "Tell her I'm sorry again for me. I need to get home." I had managed to push my way though the crowd and finally got outside, where I was greeted by a cool breeze and the sounds of a city pulsing in my veins.

I am never drinking gin again.

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