A special thanks to Kyoo, who is like the best beta ever! I hope my changes were half as good as her recommendations.

A Moment of Sin

"Maybe we could go elsewhere and…continue our conversation." While Cullen had been brought up in the Chantry, he knew what she meant as she'd stepped towards him, her eyes darkening with passion.

Her tongue lightly touching her top lip, those perfect red lips uttering those words full of sensual promise. And Maker help him, his traitorous body responded to the erotic tone of her voice. His skin burning, alight with desire and lust, he'd headed outside to cool the fire in his blood in the chilly night air.

Alone, amidst the shadow of the Tower walls, he stood with his forehead and hands pressed against the cold stone. He couldn't banish the thoughts of her. His mind invented images of those inviting lips pressed against his chest, trailing wet kisses down until she was kneeling in front of him…

Andraste's light! He stifled a cry against the rough stone wall, as his growing arousal throbbed against his holy armor. He bit his lower lip and felt his hips twitch involuntarily.

He glanced around and noted the courtyard was deserted. Moving further into the shadows he stripped to his chausses. Leaning back against the wall, Cullen imagined her mouth wrapping around him slowly, feeling her hot breath against his skin. Tucking his hand under the fabric of his braes, he wrapped his hand around his rigid shaft and stroked slowly, as if savoring the feel of her. His imagination soared to new heights of depravity, as he pictured her head moving up and down and his hand tightening in the soft tendrils of her hair and pushing her down harder.

His exhaled in small desperate gasps as his fingers worked dexterously pumping and squeezing his hardened flesh. He bit down into his lip to repress the cry trapped in his throat, and stroked faster. Her head was pushed down again and again until she was pushing at his hips, fighting to break free, but he held her there. The more his mind pictured her thrashing and railing, the faster his fingers pumped, his hips now rising to meet the thrusts.

His belly began to tighten and the whole world shut down. All he could see was the sweetness of her lips around him and all he could feel was the growing need for release. His hips thrust into his hands as his back pressed hard against the cold of the Tower stones. His mind was a haze of her face and mouth, fueling his hands to stroke faster. And then his body shuddered as his hips bucked a final time and his final release spilled onto his hands and stomach.

He stood there, lax against the stone, trying to regain his sanity as the world slowly came into focus. A moment ticked by and then he looked down at the evidence of his shameful behavior and began to clean himself off. A rustle nearby made him freeze in fear.

She stepped out from the darkness and a knowing smile playing over her features. Without a word she went inside.