A Military Squad's Nightmare

Chapter 1

'Practice Run'

"This John, do you copy Tim?" Captain John Solavin released the transmit button on his radio and checked his assault-rifle. He had an average build with muscular arms. He was well respected by his unit, mostly because of his style of command. When they were relaxing he was fun loving and kind. When they were out of the safe house though, he was hard and precise. 'This is Tim, team 2 copies. Ready when you are to take the target.' Sergeant Tim Lomka was a good soldier and fiercely loyal, he gives 'Code Red' a new meaning. He had a heavy build and was all muscle. That doesn't mean he is dumb though, he sees a lot more than the common soldier. "10-4, all units prepare to breach on my mark."

Captain John opened a window a quickly looked in. There were three people inside, one man and two women. All three of them were concentrated on the door, not even glancing around at the windows. Glancing around the room he saw furniture in the room, leading all the way up to the three, just asking to be used as cover."Be advised team 2, they are looking at your entry point, try doing movement 3." John aimed his rifle and scrambled over the window sill quietly, and kneeled down behind a sofa. "Team 2." John whispered. "Move in!" The door opened quickly and something was tossed in. John covered his ear and shut his eyes. An earsplitting bang and bright flash of light was Captain Solavin's cue, as he ran up behind the three people, who were about to go through the door after Tim. "Not so fast guys!" John shouted as he aimed his rifle at the group. Seconds after John shouted, Sergeant Lomka appeared in the door way, aiming his own rifle at the group of stunned people.

"Damn Captain!" Private Natasha Gegtha yelled. "I still can't here!" Corporal Sam Taski turned toward the Sergeant, blinking rapidly. "Movement 3? That's a classic." Private Nikki Lemming laughed heavily at the remark. "Really? If it's such a classic why didn't you think of it?" Private Natasha Gegtha was the team medic. She had proven herself numerous times during their time in Malton. She is Russian, and is tall. She was stronger than she looked and always speaks her mind. Corporal Sam Taski a short man, but has a fierce spirit. He is Africa-American and is proud of his dissent. Private Nikki Lemming is a strong American, skilled in anything that goes boom. She likes to joke around, and is popular with the squad.

"Alright, quiet down." John called out. Immediately the noise died down and everyone turned to their Captain. "You three have to watch all points of entry, not just the door. I easily go in through the window, and no one even glanced my way." John shook his head. "Just because we aren't in the US any more doesn't mean we can slack off. We have to stay in top condition." The Sergeant was the only one in the group smiling. "Okay you guys; let's get back to the safe house." The group nodded and each walked out of the door, each with their weapons raised, ready for any undead that might attack them.