Me: HAHA! A Natsuki/Alyssa one!! BWUAHAHAHAAHHA

Nao: Shu has had enough coffee to keep her up for three days

Me: FINALS TOMORROW!!! im not getting any sleep and i still have to write an essay on the Odyssy

Nao: In other words, she's fucked

Me: I wish.... this is wrose than fucked!! This... this... this is fuck-a-bitch bad!

Nao: ...... yeaaaaaa

"I can't believe you convinced Miyu-san to let us have a day without her. How did you do it, Onee-chan?" a small voice rang out. Spiky blonde hair pulled back in a head band bounced lightly as the girl ran ahead up a small hill. She reached the top and smiled lovingly at her partner. She un-folded the red and white plaid blanket from her arms and bellowed it out so that it laid perfectly on the green grass. She grinned and laid down fully on the thing, her arms and legs spread out from her white summer dress.

Natsuki Kuga reached the top a bit later, smiling at the sight before her. "I just told her that you were stuff on top of the Sky Scraper downtown and she flew off." she said. Sat down next to her girlfriend's head and put the picnic basket off to the side a bit. She picked up the bundle of blonde and put her head on the lap of her tight black jeans. "Well my little angel, how about you take a nap while a watch you sleep."

"Creeper." The girl responded, giggling.

Natsuki twitched and pouted, rolling her eyes at the girl's behavior. "You didn't have that attitude last night, my little minx." she said with a wink. This caused the girl below her to glare at her through two glacier blue eyes and blush. Laughing, Natsuki stroked the girl's hair and leaned down, planting a sweet kiss on her lips before pulling back a bit, "Come now, my Alyssa, let's eat."

Alyssa opened her eyes again and found two pools of emerald staring back at her. "Natsuki, why do you love me?" she asked, suddenly.

"Eh?" Natsuki questioned, completely off guard. They had been together for like, what, 2 months? Alyssa was always straight forward with her questions, but this was just random. "Wait, what do you mean why?" she asked, emphasizing the 'why'.

The blonde minx smilied sadly and closed her eyes once again, basking in the heat of the summer heat. It was a perfect day really. Green grass, slightly cloudy sky, weather not too hot, and a girlfriend to spend it with. Fluff, anyone? "You could have had Shizuru. I know what went on between you two, so you don't have to hide it like I know you try to."

Natsuki blushed a bit, but shook it off. "Alyssa, what happened with her doesn't mat-"

"I know you slept with her."

This caused the woman to pause.

Not getting an answer, the younger girl continued, "I also know that Mai had a thing for you for a bit after the Carnival. And Nao is still basically throwing herself at you every chance she gets. Always trying to get you drunk so she can steal you away. And I always had Miyu around, so why would you consider me? What made you ask me out? I'm so st-"

"Beautiful?" Natsuki cut in, getting a bit irritated at the girl's attitude. "Loving, caring, amazing at kissing, innocent, devoted, must I go on?" Natsuki smiled at the girl, who was now looking at her with admiration. "Maybe I wanted something totally different than the carnage that I had been through. Maybe I wanted peace."

Nodding, Alyssa sat up and turned to face the woman she loved, "I love you, Natsuki Kuga. So don't forget it. Even when Nao gets you drunk."

Natsuki chuckled and leaned forward for a kiss. "I won't. Oh, and, love you too, babe." she grinned, leaning in the rest of the way and kissing the younger girl with all her heart.


Natsuki: I don't think you could have added more fluff!

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