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Vincent: Gaia help us if that should ever happen.

Yuffie: Be nice Vinnie the nice lady put you in her story.

Cloud: That's good?

Tifa: Cloud be nice it's in your point of view.

OMCandBH: thank you Tifa and Yuffie.

story! -

"It's so long and I've never done this before!"

"You've got to wrap your hand like this." My eyes widen. What are they doing?

"So I put my hand here and hold like this?"

"No Yuffie. You're holding it too loosely, tighten your grip." What the fuck?! They can't be...EW!

"Is this right? I can't do much just holding it"

"No now it's too tight, you need a firm but loose grip and you've got hold it properly to do anything right." Is he teaching her how to...

"Perfect Yuffie. Just like that." My eyes widen and everything goes black.

A/N: For Vinnie's PoV go to chapter 3. For Yuffie's PoV go to chapter 2. P.S: They're two totally different versions.