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Day 1

It was a beautiful sunny day and a warm breeze was blowing through SPR service van's window. As we drove to the winding road of the exclusive Tokyo University, I can't help myself to be owed in amazement. Eleven different buildings grace the wide perimeter as what I supposed to be, the eleven colleges of the said University. I came to this conclusion when I saw large banners containing colleges' logo, hanging individually on every building.

Taniyama Mai is the name. I am a sophomore highschool student and was resuming my part time job as an assistant for Shibuya Kazuya, head of the Shibuya Psychic Research also known as the SPR.

We were heading for the Medicine and Nursing Department building as a request from our newest client, Dr. Kenjie Matsuzaki.

"Otou-san! What the hell are you doing here?!" Our team's miko, shouted one Saturday morning while pointing at Dr. Matsuzaki, her beautiful face all red because of blood rush. Apparently, seeing his doctor for a father sitting on SPR office is the oddest thing she had ever encounter on her 24 years of life.

And as a knee jerk reaction, we reacted loudly, our voices not legible. However, a striking, snapping of a cardboard folder halted our screaming. And we hear no more except the middle aged doctor.

"I am Dr. Kenjie Matsuzaki, surgeon and dean of College of Medicine and Nursing at Tokyo University." begun the 54 years old client with a shy smile to his kind face. I was still under the impression that Doctors have scary fa├žade or very formal attitude until that time. But Ayako-chan's father held nothing of any of those characteristics. His large belly was protruding slightly on his black suite. However, none of this description erased the authority and respect he was obviously carrying. "I came here because of the growing plea from my fellow professors and colleagues. But I have to add though that this decision do not came from the head of the University itself. I was hoping to hide it from their knowledge because of reputation issue if you could understand."

He paused slightly to set seven files from his brief case to the center of the table. He arranged it according to a variation even I don't understand. From the look of it, it contains individual student record with 2x2 photo stapled neatly on the top right corner.

"I see." A formal voiced said. But I was too engrossed to look up and see who have spoken.

"Our college, you see, was having disturbing deaths that increases on an alarming rate during the past few months. The first one was during the summer of this year." he paused again to wipe his nearly bald head then pointed at the first file to resume his explanation. "This is Nanashi Akamura, a nursing student who committed suicide, on what we gathered is, because of depression. No suicide note was ever found besides the body or any of the belongings."

Death. Disturbing deaths. I felt the blood rushing out of my face as cold sweat deteriorated my system. I was afraid to look up and see everybody's reaction but I was afraid to look at the other photos also. My eyes was glued to the smiling face of Nanashi Akamura, his blue eyes seems to penetrate me.

"A month after Akamura-san's funeral, a Swedish nursing student by the name of Mary Aydie Baxter died because of Meningitis complication she acquired from hospital exposure training. Three nursing students died because of car crash a week after." Dr. Matzusaki pointed at the file again I reluctantly look the name and pictures of Arthur Collins, a 22 year old American, Hanataro Deguichi, another 22 years old, Japanese and Ejiro Enemoto, 21, Japanese. "We held a Catholic mass by a request from a professor after the latest funeral. At first, we thought the thing was just a coincidence because a month past peacefully. But last month, a Medicine student name Itachi Fujikage died because of fluid accumulation in the lungs. And last week, another medicine student, Yukari Hayashi, drown during varsity practice in the University sports complex."

"With all due respect sir, I don't see anything odd about this death at all except that they all happen this year." John Brown, a twenty year old Australian priest asked our client politely.

"Hai Otou-san. I have to agree with Brown-an. These events might be a series of coincidence!" Ayako agreed. "The time, type and variation of death are not even alike."

"And I don't see paranormal phenomenon here doc. Most of them occurred as natural deaths. And not even one of them is malicious. Is there any?" Houshou Takigawa also known as 'Bou' or 'Monk' interjected.

"I all but agree with you. Yes not of them are malicious." The doctor said with a sad smile. "But you see the surname of the students sequenced in an alphabetical order according to the time of death."

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stands out as we stoop down to read the names to the files. Akamura, Baxter, Collins, Deguichi, Enemoto, Fujikage, and Hayashi.

"And all of them are from a well known family." He paused for a moment hesitating. "We were suspecting this to be a work of a cult."

A day after Dr. Matsuzaki's visit, I found myself with SPR team heading to the Tokyo University.

I roomed my eyes inside the van. I was sitting beside Ayako who, by the look of it, is fidgeting as if she is trying to sit on a red hot poker. Her green eyes was wary and her face sweating bullets.

"This place is stunning! Don't you think Ayako-chan?" I looked up to see John the blond priest leaning behind on the front seat to look at Ayako. "Eh Ayako-chan. Are you alright?"

A booming bark made me jump as Bou-san the retired monk with bleached long hair laughed at Ayako. "Ayako is having a daija vou, ne, Ayako-san? It must be nice to visit your old school as a 'successful' priestess."

"Hmpt!" Ruffed Ayako.

"Ore? You studied here, Ayako-chan?" I asked in astonishment. I've known her for a year now but I didn't now she studied here.

"Ayako-chan is smart." John stated with a kind smile.

Bou-san laughed loudly again at that statement that made Ayako decide to struggle him. John and I joined at the laughter. Ah! It feels good to be back at last! This is my family as I was an orphan. Although it's scary to solve a case, I felt warm when I'm with them.

I wonder where is Masako? I was thinking when the laughter died down. Although I was rehired again, I haven't seen her not even when Dr. Matzusaki offered the case. Although she hated me and considered me as a rival, I missed her presence as if my family is incomplete. Her short jet black hair, her pale complexion and expressive eyes live me an impression she is a porcelain doll. I haven't seen her show for a while now as Hara Masako is a famous psychic who has the ability to talk to a spirit.

I missed Yasahura-san too. A smart, bespectacled young man who joined our team temporarily after the SPR helped his school. Although he doesn't have any psychic abilities, he was very resourceful and cunning. I heard he was studying here in Tokyo University. Maybe, we'll get a chance to meet him.

"We're almost there." The deep voice of Lin-san, a Chinese omnyoji and the 'second' boss of SPR, made me looked up.

Lin-san is very serious all the time. Although it is very awkward to have him as a companion, I like him. He was very protective to all of us as he was protective towards our boss, Kazuya Shibuya, most commonly known as Naru, a nick name I chastised him, which is short for Narcissistic, as he is one.

I sighed loudly while looking at Naru from the rearview mirror. He was the icon of every female fantasy and yet he was still the most snob person ever existed. His dark hair grew a little but his face doesn't change. He still has those beautiful long lashes that fan his rosy chick (when he was not suffering from anemia), and the full red lips that was always held on a firm straight line as he always was an insufferable unfeeling human being.

Suddenly, he looked up from the rearview mirror. Needles to say, he caught me starring at him. I felt my face going red as I looked down to scan my shoe lace for any spec of dust.

It's been almost a year. A year after I begged him not to leave. A year after I confess my love for him. . .

"We're here!" Ayako squeaked loudly in a panicky voice. And my reverie was cut short, thank kami-sama!

I dismounted the van with the team and I found myself standing on a Greek palace. No, wait! This is the Medicine and Nursing Department! I scolded my self. But If I have to give my view, this for me, is the most stunning building I have ever seen. No comparison. And to think this is a campus?! Kami. . .

I counted twelve floors mentally on my head. We were currently standing on the parking lot and the sun was not visible from this point of view. There are two wings and rectangular wing on the middle with long marble staircase. The left side corner held a large banner of the University and on the other was a banner of the college itself which comprises of a black hawk carrying a golden rod with two serpents entwined on the middle, with its dangerous looking talons. All so large it covered the entire wall of twelve floors. On the heart of ground, was a large fountain with mesmerizing, dancing water. It was graced with a large bronze structure of two twisted metal that comprised of small human figure. I was lucky enough to identify it as a DNA structure model.

We started to walk towards the entrance. And I saw in horror how the female students (even few of the males) gawked at Naru. If only Masako can see this, I sighed in disbelief.

_ --- _

As always, we requested a room as a base. And Dr. Matsuzaki gave us a large cozy one. We settled the equipment in after the dean brief us. He gave us blue prints of every floor and a key for two rooms in the dorm behind the campus.

"Arigato for doing this." the kind Doctor bowed and banished.

"Let's start." Naru commanded in a dead voice. He spread the blue print of building on a center table where we encircled.

"The building has thirteen floors all in all." He began.

"Ore? I thought I counted twelve floors when we were still on the parking lot." Brown-san interjected.

"Same here." I agreed thinking of how the Greek like roof hides the sun.

"If you put it that way, it has twelve floors. But according to this blue print the 13th floor was the basement."

"Hai. That was the cadaver area." Ayako agreed with a humorless smile.


"Cadavers are human corpses that we used to study for anatomy by dissecting them." She explained again.


"Don't worry Mai-san. It's almost semester break so they don't store cadavers. Not until the classes resume of course."

I sighed in relief. Human corpses are as scary as ghost and monster to my book, at least.

"Ayako-san, what are these abbreviations?" Naru asked while pointing at a floor plan that replaced the building's over all blue print.

"NAL stands for Nursing Art Laboratory. It was a large room set like hospital."

"And the laboratories were located usually in Left and right wing of this building?"

"Hai. Also the offices and projection rooms."

"The highest floor was a mini auditorium by the look of it." Naru also informed us.

"And we have a semi-Olympic size swimming pool on the roof top."

"The rooms and elevators has overhead camera's and thermostat installed on them so we don't need to set the equipment in every rooms except the to the roof top." Naru explained to my relief again. I never dream to go room to room to set infrared cameras. This place is huge!

"Honestly! Is this a school or a prison?" Bou-san muttered.

"Naru, the camera from the third floor, left wing is not working." Lin-san interjected in while scanning the monitors.

And to my surprised, Ayako laughed.

"Gomen." She said, her voice full of sincere apologies. "That was the NAL you're referring at. Infrared cameras do not work at that area even though staffs were trying to fix it out again and again. It was rumor to be hunted."

"I see. Mai, Bou-san, brown-san, install a camera and a room thermometer in that laboratory. Ayako, write an amulet to protect those equipment." Naru commanded in his usual dead voice.

"Hai." We said in unison.

_ --- _

As Ayako have said, the NAL was set like a hospital. In a second, I was gawking at the large rectangular room with hospitals beds at both sides. Hospital equipments were also set neatly everywhere and a realistic operating table was pushed in the far edge corner.

"These mannequins are giving me the creeps!" Bou-san said, grimacing at the life size dolls lying on the beds as if they are patients. Some of them are even in cast.

Bou-san and Brown-san set the camera while Ayako write an amulet. As for me, I set the thermometer. When I'm done, I help myself with the view. Although the some the dolls are scary looking, they were really fascinating. I run deeper at the room to look at the fake babies set on cribs and incubators.

I was deeply entrance by other equipments I was not familiar to, when a cold win blew behind my back. I turned to see if any of the large windows were open but to my surprise, I found myself face to face to a pale girl wearing a white nursing uniform.

"You scared me there, sempai!" I complained while clutching at heart and leaning at the nearby bed post.

"What is you're name?" She asked with a polite smile as if she hadn't heard my last question. I noticed how her long brown hairs curl up in a very neat way. Her blue eyes give me the impression that she is not Japanese.

"Mai Taniyama, I am working as an assistant to Shibuya Psychic Research." I said answering her dashing smile.

"Psychic Research?" She said with a frown, all traces of friendliness vanished.

"H-hai." I stammered.

"Please hurry up and leave Mai Taniyama. If you don't want to die."

I felt my body drained out of blood as she finished her statement. I want to answer her but my lips are glued together. My entire body went numb with fear. Then I felt a cold air knock the microphone I was holding. It brought me out of my reverie. I stoop down to retrieve it and I accidentally caught sight of girl's feet. Her stockings and shoes are as white as snow. And it was floating inches from the ground where a normal human stood. . .

_ --- _

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