Unlike the haunted mansion case, that involved a former prime minister, the cult case was filled with controversy. Photos upon photos of the burning college building were featured on the cover of news papers for days, speculations were growing more and more malicious and names were dragged as the days progressed. This is the scene I have to deal with after coming home from the hospital.

The funeral of the remaining offspring of the Japanese Prime Minister is the most sought out story of the week. A first daughter who got involve in a dangerous group is all the reporters see, the mourners, they don't mind. Ayako's father almost got suck for lacking of action and SPR was now being haunted by media. Naru is refusing to talk to anyone. Even the "Mai, Tea!" that I'll be so glad to hear was imprisoned at the office. . I couldn't be more happier! Happier to die that is.

"Mai, are you sure you don't want to go home? You look worn out." Bou-san asked, interpreting my worried look wrongly.

But Ayako isn't. Maybe it's a female instinct. "Naru is a big boy Mai. He can take care of himself." She smiled kindly. "If you want to go home I'm sure Lin will understand. You lost a lot of weight that worries us so much."

"I'm fine, Ayako-san." I answered truthfully. "Shouldn't you be the one who has to go home?"

"Nah! My father is a big boy. He can take care of himself. And beside they were used of me not being home all the time."

"You know Ayako's an insensitive old hag, Mai." Bou-san chastised that earned him a head punch from the Miko. I laughed at them so loud that it sounded odd on my ears. Their cheering worked.

"Have you heard anything from the twins or Heidi lately?" I asked randomly.

"I think the last time we seen them is in the hospital before you got discharge." said Bou-san while scratching his chin. "It seems like classes are back that's why they hang out in the hospital a lot."

The doorknob rattled and Yasahura-san entered. He was carrying a wad of thick paper and announced he just got out from a research work for Naru. Like radars all our antenna beeps.

"I think I just find out why the cult is so interested with the Lumiere twins." He shuffled his files immediately. "The sacrifice of a blue moon is one of the most sacred rituals of Satan's Church for years. The members believe that Satan rewards them after and to be able to achieve this they need to sacrifice a special offering, a human being with a rare gift."

"There was this old Latin history Occhio Del Dio which simply means The Eye of God. Over the years, signs of Ochio Del Dio are seen in many history books. The manifestations are simple; whoever possessed this quality can see beyond what normal eye can see."

"Hmm. Is it similar to the eye that seen Cain in the bible?" John observed. He was being quite all the time that I didn't even notice he was in the same room with us.


"Like psychic powers?" Bou-san interjected in.

Yasahura shoke his head. "No, psychic can see and feel spirits but Occhio Del Dio can only see. There are even instances that they cannot tell the difference between a ghost and a human being. But unlike psychics, they can see non-human entities. This came in handy especially when they were hunting a demon or vampire and the likes in disguise. Not only this. They also possessed God like quality. For example, seeing the future." He shuffled the papers again. "And check this out! Whoever possessed this gift have pair of eyes that changes colors."

"Charles!" We chorused.

"But Charles is the only one who possessed this Occhio Del Dio. I don't even know if Cassie can do anything unusual!" Ayako exclaimed while Bou-san is nodding.

"Charles and Cassie are considered one individual." We all jumped at Naru's voice. But nonetheless, seeing him emerged from his office sends chills down my spine. Before anybody can see my cheek being ripped off by my smile, I announced that I will be glad to make tea for everyone.

While bustling for tea, I tried to tune in into the conversation.

"What do you mean, Naru-bou?" I heard Bou-san asked from the function room.

Naru sighed like Bou-san is exasperating him. "It means, twins are considered as one person only because there are chances that their mother might conceive only one individual.

"Charles and Cassie are fraternal twins, Naru. Identical twins are the one science considered as one individual." Ayako debated knowledgably.

From where I am standing, I can almost see Naru's icy galre at Ayako like he was daring her to contradict him again. Then he said, "Fraternal and identical twin are somewhat the same because of their DNA." Silence from Ayako means she was sweat dropping on her seat. "To be able to complete the Blue Moon Sacrifice, the cult needs both of them." Then he added. "We may not seen what Cassie can do but I'm sure that the DNA of the Occhio Del Dio splits half for Cassie and Charles."

The tea maker beep and moments later I emerged with a tray full of cups and a heaping teapot. The conversation at this time was turn on other matter and I was polite enough to not eavesdrop this time.

"Yasahura-san, you're not staying for tea?" I asked bemusedly while setting the tray in the coffee table.

He looked up from buttoning his jacket. "No. But thanks anyway Taniyama-san. I have classes today." He walked slowly on the door. But before he vanished, he said, "Send my regards to Masako."

"Mai, can you bring my tea to the office?" Naru commanded quietly.

Disappointment cascaded in my stomach like an ice bigger than the one that sunk theTitanic.


He was sitting with his back on the door and looking at the pedestrian when I came in with his cup of tea. I decided to leave him alone again when an idea struck my head.

"Hey, Naru." I started.

He turned his swivel chair to me and gave me an expressionless look that I know was his way on encouraging me to go on. The lighting on the room was so odd that it created a shadow under his eyes. It actually creeps me out.

"Well I overheard your conversation when I was making a tea," I paused for anything sarcastic comment but there was none. "and I was thinking, God can see not only the future, he can also see our past and present. Remember when I told you I dreamt about Cassie's past? "

"I was thinking about that too." Naru agreed.

There was an awkward paused.

"Well, that's it really."

I was at the door when I heard him call my name. It was quite but loud in my air at the same time.

"I just. . . I just wanted to apologize." Naru started.

I gaped at him, not wanting to believe what I was hearing. Maybe I was dreaming. I told myself.

He elaborated. "This is the most dangerous case we handled." His tone drop but he didn't stop looking at me. "You almost die. I'm sorry. . ."

"Naru we almost died." I laughed nervously. "What are you saying sorry for?"

He stared at me further like he was deliberating what he will say next. He sighed loudly but this time not because of exasperation. At last he opened his mouth to speak and for a moment I thought he's about to open up for the first time, unless you count him showing me a magic trick that involves a talking nickel. But instead he said, "Never mind."

Instead of disappointment I found myself laughing at the fact that I thought Naru was being out of character. As a response, he cocked his perfectly lined eyebrow. Instead of saying anything I rushed down on his chair and gave him a tight embrace. I can feel his hesitation together with his body warmth. . . Without explaining myself, I broke the hug and leave him by himself with a wide smile on my face.



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