I ran through the remains of the battle, looking desperately for Annabeth.

Last I had seen, she was fighting next to a set of cars, but now that Kronos' bomb went off, she could be under a car, instead of next to it.

I pushed myself harder, knowing deep down that something was terribly wrong, that she was dying, that I might not be able to save her.

I was running way too fast for a normal human being; I could see my friend's astounded looks as I raced by. The city still hadn't unfroze from it's time lapse, since Kronos couldn't die.

He was probably keeping it held to antagonize us. Everyone of course, looked at me to provide a solution, but hey, I'm only Percy Jackson, not time-lord of the universe.

That spot had been taken.

I got so lost in my thoughts that I almost missed Grover calling me.

I tried to stop quickly but only ended up gracefully crashing into the side of a car, landing on the ground. I picked myself up, wincing as my muscles protested, and waited for Grover to catch up to me. "Percy, you better come quickly, it's Annabeth"

I followed him to the remains of a van that had been wrecked in the explosion. Next to it was Annabeth's still figure. "Annabeth!" I cried, feeling the anguish in my heart that she had been hurt, and it was my fault.

Ignoring the people now drawn to the scene I gathered her limp figure into my arms, and then felt for a pulse. It was there, but faint.

She was still breathing, but slowly. I gently touched her hair, stroking her perfect, beautiful face.

She had blood spattered on her neck, and all over her shirt. An arrow shaft protruded from her side, the tip buried deep. I could feel my eyes start to water, the salty tears spilling on my cheeks. If I had protected her better, and let her come with me, she would be uninjured, not wavering over the barrier of life and death.

I buried my face in her hair, breathing in her glorious smell, the scent of lilacs and roses, and myriad of a dozen flavors, the smell I loved, needed, and protected. I could feel the life sapping out of her, the small petite figure growing cold under my fingers.

But then she moved, and her eyes opened. I gently brushed a strand of hair from her face, more tears beginning to cascade down my cheeks.

"Percy" she whispered. I grasped her hand in mine.

"I'm here" I said, it sounded lame, but when the love of your life is about to die, what can you say?

"Can I have a healer?" I asked the crowd surrounding me.

A healer from the Apollo cabin stepped forward and gently laid his hands on Annabeth's wound.

He sang a song, praying to Apollo to heal Annabeth, to let her flesh become whole again, to bring her many more years to come, and to protect her. At first, the breath seemed to leave the girl, and then she gasped and opened her eyes with renewed vigor.

The healer slumped back, exhausted, and then was carried back to the hotel by his fellow campers.

I didn't realize it, but tears were still streaming down my cheeks.

Annabeth smiled and stood up, she wiped my face, and then she pressed her golden-sweet lips against mine.

It was sheer ecstasy, the soft touch of her lips and the smell of her were simply overwhelming. I kissed her back, harder this time. When she kissed me in Mt. saint Helens, all I wanted to do was grab her around the waist and kiss her back, but I lost the opportunity, considering if I hadn't got my rear in gear, we would have both died.

But now I had my revenge.

You gotta love being a demigod.

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