Here is my very first Secret Saturdays story! I don't own them however, as much as I would want to. A quick note: Zak is nine years old, doesn't know about his powers, and Doc isn't blind in one eye. Enjoy!

Why did the cryptid have to be in the Arctic? Doc wondered for perhaps the hundredth time that day. He pulled his jacket tighter around him as the bitter wind picked up again. Looking over to his right, he noticed his wife was shivering from the cold. She smiled as he draped his arm over her shoulders and the two walked on.

"Ow! Fisk! Watch where you're going!"

Doc and Drew turned on the spot to see Zak sprawled on an ice patch about twenty yards away. Fisk was next to him, sitting up and rubbing his head. Komodo was a short distance ahead of the two boys, staring at Doc and Drew.


Zak stood up with Fisk's help, trying to avoid answering the question. Before Doc could stop her, Drew was running back towards the two.

"I told you to stay on the airship, Zak!"

"Mom, it's okay! We just want to help! I'm nine years old now, I thought I should be doing something for you guys," Zak said, making things up as he went along. He, Komodo, and Fisk were really in on this for the adventure.

Deciding to step in, Doc said, "Drew, we should let him stay. We're only after a cryptid here. Maybe it's time for him to see how we do things?"

"He's too young Doc! What if he gets hurt or -," Drew started anxiously. After she glanced at Doc's serious face and Zak's pleading eyes, she gave in. "Fine. He can come along." She turned around to continue walking with Doc.

Zak and Fisk high-fived each other, Komodo growled happily, and the three quickly ran to catch up with Doc and Drew. They walked on through the barren land, Doc had his arm around Drew again and Fisk carried Zak to keep him warm.

After walking in silence for several minutes, Zak spoke up, "Dad, where are we going?"

"We're looking for a cave. The cryptid is supposed to be in there, but even if it isn't, it's worth searching," Doc explained casually.

"It's been disturbing some of the scientists doing research here, so we're the ones who deal with it and try to keep everything quiet," Drew continued.

"Can't the other Secret Scientists handle it? Isn't Dr. Cheechoo supposed to be stationed here or something?" Zak asked, sounding annoyed.

"He isn't authorized for dealing with cryptids, Zak," Doc responded without looking back.

"Besides, aren't you the one who snuck out of the airship to come along with us?" Drew said teasingly.

"I wanted to come with you guys! It's not my fault we're not in the Bahamas," Zak mumbled. Fisk nodded his head in agreement, but Doc and Drew didn't stop.

"The cave should be around here somewhere," Doc said to himself as he left Drew's side. He walked around in a large circle, searching the cliffs for any signs of cave openings. Drew followed suit, leaving Zak, Fisk, and Komodo to watch them as they worked.

"Fisk, what's that?" Zak asked, pointing to a strange disruption in the cliff face that neither one of his parents had noticed yet. After making some odd noises, Fisk ran across the ice to get a better look. Once he investigated the thing on the cliff, he began jumping up and down and pointing to it excitedly.

"Mom! Dad! Fisk found something!" Zak called out to his parents. He jogged towards Fisk, Komodo at his heels.

Doc and Drew turned from their own investigations to see what Fisk had found. Upon reaching Zak, Fisk, and Komodo, smiles crept across both of their faces as they recognized the entrance to a cave.

"Nice job, Fisk," Doc said softly as he put his hands onto the opening of the cave.

"Maybe letting you come wasn't such a bad idea," Drew laughed, ruffling Zak's and Fisk's hair.

As they stepped into the cave, Doc and Drew took to walking in a more defensive manner. Zak noticed, and did the same.

"Is the cryptid gonna be right at the entrance?" Zak whispered, noting the ominous silence that his parents were being careful not to disrupt.

"Little is known about this one, so we don't know much about its habits," Drew explained in an equally quiet whisper.

"Zak, if this thing attacks, don't try and fight back. We'll handle anything like that," Doc whispered, putting his hand on his son's shoulder.

"Dad, I'm not five!" Zak said, raising his voice angrily.

"Quiet!" Drew chided. "And Zak, listen to your father," she added as an afterthought.

The family walked further and further into the cave and the light from the entrance slowly started to fade. Drew searched in her coat pocket for a small but bright flashlight to help everyone see better. After only a few more minutes, a loud crash broke the eerie silence.

Doc and Drew exchanged quick, worried glances and set off at a run; Zak, Komodo, and Fisk were right behind them.

As they ran, the unmistakable sound of people talking grew louder. The family headed through twisting tunnels until at last, they came across the entrance to a large, brightly lit cavern. Drew held out her arm in front of everyone, stopping them from entering. Cautiously, she stepped forward and looked inside. "Oh, it's just Dr. Cheechoo and the other scientists!" she said as she withdrew from the entrance.

Everyone walked inside the cavern and were greeted by the secret scientists. The scientists stood in a circle, closely examining something on the cold ground. The Saturdays headed towards the groups of scientists to get a better look.

"What are you guys up to?" Zak asked excitedly.

All of the scientists looked up from Zak to Doc and Drew with shock evident on their faces.

Being the most blunt, Dr. Beeman was the first to speak up, "What's Monochrome Head doing here?"

Before any of the Saturdays could enter, Agent Epsilon joined in, "I would never dream of bringing Francis along on a mission at such a young age."

"It's not our fault if he sneaks along, is it?" Drew retorted. However, she gave her son a quick smile.

Without any further comments, the scientists all returned back to their work.

Doc bent down to get a better look at the contraption they were working on. "What is it?" he asked with a hint of admiration in his voice.

"It's nothing yet, but it's going to allow us to hack into any computer system within a twenty-mile radius. Plus, it's portable," Miranda explained as she started pressing several buttons.

The machine whirred and made several beeping noises. Some of the buttons lit up, but after only a couple seconds, it became still and quiet once more. Miranda smacked her fist against the ground in frustration, grabbed a wrench, and started loosening bolts holding the machine together.

"Why are you working on it here, of all places?" Drew asked, kneeling down between Miranda and Epsilon to get a closer look.

"Some of the researchers here claim that someone's been messing with the research on their computers. Dr. Beeman came up with the idea to make a device that could hack into a computer and trace its whereabouts," Dr. Cheechoo explained.

"So you want to catch whoever's tampering with the research," Doc said, clearly interested. "Maybe I can help." He bent down on Miranda's opposite side and grabbed another wrench from the cave floor.

Zak stood awkwardly behind the circle of scientists with no idea of what was going on. Finally, after he could no longer take the silence, he said, "What about the cryptid?"

All six eyes immediately fixed themselves on Zak's face and he felt himself grow red.

Drew chuckled, "Doc, he's right. We should get going."

"You're looking for a cryptid out here?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah. Researchers claim to have seen it running around here somewhere," Doc explained as he stood up and then turned to help Drew up.

"Is that why you're in here in the first place?" Dr. Cheechoo asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"It's supposed to hang around inside caves, but we haven't seen it yet," Drew elaborated, catching Dr. Cheechoo's worry.

"Well, we'll see you all later then. Good luck with that machine there," Doc called as the family moved towards the back of the cavern. Everyone but Epsilon said their farewells. While walking towards the far wall, the Saturdays saw that there were two different tunnels to choose from.

"Should we split up?" Drew asked.

"No. Who knows what could be in there?" Doc said, glancing down both of the tunnels. As he did so, he unconsciously gripped his wrist of the hand wearing his Battle Glove. He led the way down the tunnel to the left and his family followed closely behind. The light from the scientists was fading as they walked on, so Drew unsheathed her Fire Sword to light the way.

"Is it always this quiet whenever you go on missions?" Zak asked, sounding annoyed.

"No, Zak. We haven't found the cryptid yet, so there's nothing we can do," Doc replied.

Zak sighed exasperatedly. However, Fisk and Komodo were looking around worriedly.

The family continued on. The temperature seemed to drop with every step they took. Zak started shivering again, so Fisk lifted him up and carried him as they walked.

Suddenly, the sound of several pairs of running footsteps filled the tunnel. Everyone turned around and looked back down the way they had come, waiting to see what was coming.

The secret scientists came into the light of Drew's sword. All were running as fast as they could; all had looks of terror on their faces. Miranda was ahead of them all and as she ran by, she pushed the Saturdays out of her way and sprinted past. Cheechoo and Beeman soon followed. Doc grabbed onto Beeman's jacket as he ran by, pulling the man back.

"Dr. Beeman! What's going on?" he yelled.

"It's the cryptid!" Beeman shouted.

"Can't you fight it?" Drew asked.

"None of us have our things except Epsilon!" Beeman explained as he managed to wrench his coat from Doc's grip. He turned and ran down the tunnel after Dr. Cheechoo and Miranda.

As soon as he was out of sight, Epsilon came into view, sprinting down the tunnel. Without a word to the Saturdays, he ran past and, like his fellow scientists, out of sight.

Seconds later, a large, black, furry creature came bounding into the light. Its red eyes glowed despite the blue light cast from the Fire Sword. With its fangs bared and claws unsheathed, it leaped towards the Saturdays, ready to attack.

Well, there's the first chapter! Hope everyone enjoyed it and feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading :D