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"Miranda, I'm fine. Really, I am."

"No you're not. You can't go out there and fight right after getting caught in an explosion, Drew!"

"Doc, Zak, and Fisk are out there with that maniac! You think I'm just going to sit back and let them-,"

Drew attempted to get to her feet, but she fell backwards into Dr. Cheechoo's waiting arm. "How do you expect to fight if you can't even stand?" he chuckled.

"How can you joke at a time like this?" Drew asked, sounding horrified.

"Your husband has proved himself incredibly capable time and time again," Dr. Cheechoo explained, keeping a small grin on his face.

"What about Zak? He's nine years old!" Drew said angrily as she made another attempt to stand up, only to fall back against the cavern wall.

Dr. Beeman opened his mouth to make a sarcastic comment, but quickly closed it when two pairs of footsteps filled the silence. They approached quickly, and the gathered scientists turned to look at who was coming.

Zak and Fisk ran into the cavern and headed straight towards the scientists.

"Where's your father?" Drew asked quickly and worriedly.

"He wouldn't let us stay and fight!"

"He's fighting that maniac alone?" Drew nearly shouted. Miranda had anticipated Drew's next try to stand up, so she stopped the woman before she could even make a move.

"Epsilon and Arthur, go help Doc," Miranda commanded.

Dr. Beeman, not one to take orders, complained, "You heard Paul! Doc is perfectly capable of-,"

"GET DOWN THERE AND HELP MY HUSBAND, NOW!" Drew exploded, much to everyone's surprise.

"Thanks for the enthusiasm hun, but I don't need the help."

Doc had just entered the cavern and had started walking towards the gathered scientists. "Aidan's down that tunnel," he pointed over his shoulder. "I would strongly suggest going to restrain him before he gains consciousness." He paused. In the silence, realization hit and Dr. Cheechoo and Epsilon headed off the way Doc came to apprehend Aidan. "We still need to do something about the cryptid," Doc pointed out as he motioned to the still-unconscious cryptid in Fisk's arms.

"Dad, I have an idea," Zak said quietly.

"It was your brilliant idea that got us all into this mess, Static Head!" Dr. Beeman retorted, glaring at Zak.

"Arthur, don't talk to my son like that. Zak, what do you think?" Doc asked, clearly interested.

Zak, with a quick glance at Dr. Beeman, responded, "It was fine here until we disturbed it. I think the researchers should move farther away from this cave and no one should come inside. It gets angry if anyone bothers it."

"That's true Zak. I think that's our best option for right now. We don't know of anyplace to move it to, so I'm all for it," Drew said tiredly.

"I agree, it would be for the best. The researchers would just have to cope with moving a little farther away," Miranda nodded.

"Dr. Beeman? What do you think?" Doc asked, turning on his fellow scientist.

"It doesn't look like I have much of a choice now, do I?" Dr. Beeman mumbled.

"That settles that then. It will stay here," Doc said, ending the matter.

"Arthur and I will tell the researchers, Doc. You should really get Drew back on the airship before the cold does anything," Miranda offered.

"Thanks Miranda," Doc said mechanically. He walked to Drew's side and carefully lifted her back up into his arms. "We better get moving. It's a pretty long walk back to the airship. Thanks again, for everything, you two. Could you give Paul and Epsilon our thanks, too?"

"No problem, Doc," Miranda said before Dr. Beeman could make another sarcastic comment. Now was not the time.

"Thanks for everything guys," Drew waved over Doc's shoulder as he began to walk towards the tunnel leading outside to their airship

"Sure thing, Drew! Just be careful and don't do anything that could make those injuries worse, alright?" Miranda called after them.

"Yeah, yeah," Drew answered jokingly.

It wasn't until the family had reached the end of the tunnel before someone said anything.

"Doc, how did you stop that lunatic?" Drew asked, letting her curiosity get the best of her.

"That computer hacking device came in handy. It was lucky the scientists knew what they were doing," Doc responded. "Without it, Zak, Fisk, and I probably wouldn't be here right now."

With that statement, the reality of the fight with Aidan came rushing to him and smacked him in the face. However, that was all past now. The scientists were handling the cryptid and Aidan, and he could finally go home and maybe have a race or two with Fisk. His dad would probably do the cooking tonight, and then he would finally be able to sleep in his nice, warm bed. The warmth was especially pleasing as a bitingly cold wind blew across his face.

As minutes of even more silence dragged on, Zak worked up the bravery to ask, "So... do you think I could go on another mission with you guys again?" Fisk groaned, but Zak took no notice.

"Zak, you saw what happened today, you were almost-," Drew started.

"Look at that, you're getting your mother all worked up," Doc interrupted. He flashed a quick smile at Zak. He knew Drew would never willingly let him go on a mission unless Zak did something like sneak off along with them again.

"I am nine years old, you know. It's time I started helping you guys," Zak stated, grinning back at Doc's smile.

"Nine is way too-,"

Instead of letting Drew go on another tirade, Doc simply said, "We'll see."

When the airship had come into view, Doc could think of nothing else but finally reaching its warmth, safety, and rest. As he walked, he wandered, for probably the hundred and first time that day, why the cryptid had to be in the Arctic.

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