Title: A Day of Peace is All I Ask

Author: Michaelover101

Summery: He considers her forbidden fruit, the sister of the enemy and even when he allows himself to fall, he still feels like she's holding something back. Is love really enough to keep them together? Reid/OC

Rating: M

Pairings: Reid/OC, Tyler/OC

Disclaimer: Covenant members not mine, but Astrid and the shifter gang are all mine.

Beta: Dylan (Whom I love like a two dollar whore for editing this)

Chapter One: The Daughter of Ipswich

"What do you mean, Chase has a sister?" Pogue Perry asked as they sat around the Danvers' living room.

"I was going through Chase's stuff," Caleb Danvers said as he sat in one of the chairs near the fireplace, his girlfriend Sarah Wenham was sitting at his feet leaning against his legs, as he added, "And I saw some journals– some of them date back to the early fifteen hundreds and that one," he said pointing to the leather bound book on the coffee table, "that one is the most recent one, dating back maybe to early last year. He talks about his sister; she's younger, a year younger exactly."

"Is she evil?" Tyler Simms asked from his place leaning against the mantle of the fireplace, as Pogue reached for the journal. Reid Garwin looked at Caleb as he sat on the loveseat that was next to Tyler.

Pogue frowned as he read the entry. "Listen to this. 'She is the light to my darkness, though she knows of The Powers and celebrates her ancestry she doesn't need them as I do. She is content with them as she is without them, even with the limited access she has of them. It's hard to believe that I love her as much as I do, that I would do anything for my little sister.' He then goes on to say that she hates it when he leaves."

"He keeps that tone throughout the journal." Sarah said quietly, causing the boys to look at her. "From what I've read anyway."

"That doesn't answer our question." Reid said, causing Caleb, Tyler and Sarah to look at him as Pogue continued to flip through the journal. "Is she evil?"

"It doesn't sound like it." Pogue said as he stopped flipping through the journals. "He keeps saying how she has very limited access to the Powers, listen, 'She's having visions again, they come and go ever since she turned thirteen, this one was strong enough to wake even me from a good nights sleep and catch the first flight to her. It scares me to see her this way, curled up in a ball in the middle of her bed, screaming at the pain she feels as a vision rips through her head, the pain is enough to bring, even me, to my knees. Thank god for Rafe and Seb.'"

"She has premonitions?" Tyler asked, "Like, of the future?"

"Chase never says what she sees." Caleb answered. "Just that she sees something, he writes that every time she has one that's strong, they wake him."

"They have a connection." Reid said.

"A pretty damn strong one." Pogue said scanning the pages. "Who are Rafe and Seb?"

Caleb shrugged. "Friends? He never really explains, I mean it's his journal he doesn't have to explain who they are to himself."

"So what are we going to do?" Reid asked. "I mean, obviously if Chase isn't dead, this girl is the one to tell us."

"It's not just that." Caleb said. "But he talks about her and her powers,"

"And how she hasn't ascended. This one is dated just after he ascended." Pogue said reading another excerpt. "'I worry about what will happen when she ascends, if once she breaks will she keep her pure heart; living as she always has or will her heart turn black like mine? Will she know how to control powers that are foreign and new, will she succumb to the addiction, god I hope not. I wish I was the one to be able to teach her. I wish she had somebody other then that flighty foster mother of hers. I really do worry what will happen to my little sister when she ascends.' She's untrained. Chase might have told her some things but obviously he's been keeping her in the dark."

"Again I ask what are we going to do?" Reid asked.

Caleb ran a hand through his hair as everyone turned to him for guidance. He knew what he wanted to do, but not what they had to do.

"You want to find her." Tyler said in amazement, after watching Caleb's face go from indecision to determination and back to indecision.

"I do." Caleb nodded. "She's an untapped power, not only that, but she's got Putnam blood in her, she's part of the Covenant and has a rightful seat. If Chase is telling the truth, she's on our side and not his."

"Or Chase could be bullshitting us and this could be a trap." Reid pointed out.

"'She has no idea just how interconnected she is with my mission,' Pogue read, causing everyone to look at him. "'She hates when I leave, mostly because she's knows of my never-ending quest for more. She tells me she's thankful never to have had the heady feeling of The Powers filling her mind. I know she wonders with half a mind; once she ascends will I want her powers too? I find myself battling that everyday. I would never hurt her; I can't find it in me to hurt her, her friend's yes, if anything should happen to her, but her never. But The Powers call to me, I know once she ascends she'll be much more powerful then I, and with the Covenant connection even more so. She hasn't seen her fate yet, thank gods for that, but when she does…I wonder? Will she shy away from him or form an alliance so strong; her only choice is to go against me. Yes, I battle with myself everyday, when it comes down to it, will I kill my own sister, my flesh and blood, for more?'" Pogue looked at Reid with a raised eyebrow. "Does that sound like a trap to you?"

"Chase is a lunatic!" Reid said standing and pacing the room. "He could have had this planned from the beginning you know, lead us to some place where we can supposedly save his sister, only for him to trap us and get us to will him our powers."

"That's way too complex for Chase." Sarah muttered, causing Reid to glare at her.

"And how would you know?" Reid hissed.

"Seeing as I'm the one he manipulated, I know a lot." Sarah said quietly.

"Go on Sarah." Caleb urged, placing a hand on her shoulder and squeezing, "Why is it complex?"

Sarah shrugged. "Think about it, if Chase had wanted you to know he had a sister from the very beginning to trap you guys, he would have brought her up and he wouldn't have hidden her. He's protecting her, from the sound of it and from what I've read, it seems like he's trying to protect her from what he was doing here. She knows he wants power, but she doesn't know the extent of his addiction, she doesn't judge him for it but worries about him. I really don't think this is a trap, I think he really does have a sister and she's out there with powers like yours and come her eighteenth birthday she's not going to know what to do."

"Look, I don't want to make this decision by myself." Caleb said. "This affects all of us, if we go find her, we obviously have to bring her back here to help with her ascension, it's not something she can go through by herself, especially if she doesn't know how to harness the powers she has now, she'll be in deep shit come her ascension."

"Then what do we propose we do?" Pogue asked.

"We vote." Caleb said. "We all vote on what we want to do, majority wins."

"No." Reid said crossing his arms.

"No on voting? Or no is your vote?" Caleb asked slowly, looking at the blonde.

"I vote no."

"I vote yes." Tyler said taking a step away from Reid when Reid glared at him. "I think if anything, she'll be able to feel Chase when we can't."

"I obviously vote yes." Caleb said "so two against one, Pogue?"

Pogue shrugged. "I see where you're coming from Caleb, I really do, I just don't think it's a good idea. I don't like the idea of putting Kate in danger again, and the connection probably works both ways, sure she can feel Chase, just like he can feel her, we're opening ourselves up for vulnerability... I vote no."

"Two-two." Caleb looked at Sarah and gave a light smile. "You're the tie breaker."

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Place your vote Wenham." Reid said leaning against back of his chair, crossing his arms over the top.

"Why would I vote?" Sarah asked. "This doesn't concern me."

"You've been putting in your input all throughout this meeting." Pogue pointed out. "And they haven't been stupid ideas either, but well thought out answers. You get a vote."

"You're part of the Covenant, in the unofficial sense." Tyler said. "You deserve a vote,"

"This concerns you Sarah." Caleb nodded. "If we were to bring this girl back, you're just as much of a target as any one of us is."

"You're like our sister." Reid said. "Let's put it that way, welcome to the family, now vote."

"What about Kate? If we go find this girl she's just in much danger as I am."

"Kate's not here." Pogue shrugged. "And if she were, you know she's sure as hell vote no, but the fact is, you're the deciding factor here tonight Sarah, so what's in going to be?"

Sarah bit her lip, blushing slightly as the boys stared at her. She looked at the journal in Pogue's hands and smiled before holding out her hand for it. Pogue handed it to her; she flipped through the pages before settling the book on her lap having found the page she was looking for. "'I knock on the door once, twice pause then knock in three rapid successions, the code we came up with during my first visit, before Seb, Rafe and Sibyl knew and I was called to her. Seb answers the door, his face uncharacteristically grim with worry, and my heart pounds, is this it? Have the visions finally killed my sister?

'I seriously don't know how long I can keep telling people I'm getting migraines Chase'

Her sweet laughter catches my attention and I can't help but smile as I look over and see her leaning against the hallway arch in her pajamas, her short black hair a mess and her green eyes laughing but filled with pain. She gasps and doubles over as her eyes go black. Sibyl grabs her before she falls to the ground while Rafe gathers her hair and reaches for the trash bin next to the couch before she vomits. I ask how long she's been like that, and Seb answers four days, before helping with taking her to the bathroom. Rafe tells me she's been making them mask the pain as much as she can so I wouldn't worry. I can only imagine the pain she must have been in before it reached out to me.

Shrugging off my jacket, and dumping my duffle on the couch I go to the bathroom and replace Seb and Sibyl, grabbing a hair tie from the sink and tying her hair back, grabbing the damp wash cloth and letting her sag against me as I wipe her face carefully and stroke the small of her back. She looks at me with half closed eyes and gives a small laugh before saying.

"It doesn't hurt that much this time Chase, you shouldn't have come."

I can't help but smile bitterly and kiss her temple, mumbling an apology. Even if it didn't hurt, I would come. Hell, if it weren't for me she wouldn't even be getting the damn visions. I would go to the ends of the earth for this girl and she knows it. If I could take away her pain, hell if she allowed me to take away even an once of her pain I would. But I'm not able to and she would never allow it. It's her burden to bear, as she tells me and no one else's. I wish I knew how to help her, but I don't, and that kills me a little bit each time I hear her scream into the mattress as the visions tear through her. For a little while, I regret what I've done for us.'

Sarah closed the journal slowly as she looked at Reid, "That's the reason I vote yes."

Reid sighed rubbing his hand over his face before holding his hand out for the journal. Sarah handed it over as he took a seat and flipped through the journal himself.

"So when do we leave?" Pogue asked.

"That's the thing, I've been thinking about it since I read some of it and I think it should just be me and Tyler, the less intimidating of us first then gradually introduce her to you and Reid." Caleb said, causing Tyler to laugh.

"Her brother is Chase, Reid and Pogue are child's play compared to him." Tyler pointed out with a smirk.

"We don't even know this chick's name." Reid pointed out leaning back in the chair as he flipped through the pages filled with Chase's neat scrawl. "We don't even know where she is."

"We do some research." Sarah said. "We know where Chase was born and when, it's not that hard to find a girl born in the same hospital under the same last name on the same day."

"What if…" Reid trialed off when a piece of folded notebook paper fell out of the journal and onto his lap.

"What is it?" Tyler asked.

Reid shrugged as he opened the paper and saw that it was Hello Kitty notebook paper, filled with the neat scrawl of a young woman. He scanned the writing before smirking slightly and reading. "'Dear Chase'" Reid began garnering the attention of everyone in the room. "I hate this, I hate the chain of command I'm made to follow, as I feared Kael found out about Rafe and me, now Rafe won't even look at me. It hurts so bad, that I wish a vision would hit so he would come and take care of me, but even now I don't know where his loyalties will lie, with you or with Kael.

I don't know what to do Chase, I'm lost, I don't know whether to trap Rafe and make him speak to me, or leave Kael to you to kill. Gods, listen to me, I'm not that type of girl, remind me I'm not that type of girl, that relies on a guy to get through the day. Remind me that every time I was with Rafe I felt like I was cheating on someone else.

Even now, I'm not upset about our "break-up" if that's even what this is. I'm more upset about the way things ended, that they ended because Kael told Rafe to stay away from me, not because we mutually decided that that's what needed to happen. I'm bitter that Rafe has no mind of his own and doesn't stand up to that dickwad. All throughout our "relationship" I knew I wasn't meant to be with him, just as he knew he wasn't mean to be with me, but they shouldn't have ended this way Chase. I'm tired of speaking of this, of thinking it, Sibyl keeps giving me these pitying glances every time we pass the table where they sit especially when the entire lunch period is spent with Kael glaring at me, apparently I've ruined one of his men. Whatever.

I miss you Chase, I do, not just because you're my rock in times like these– but because I want my brother back. I wish that you would realize that nothing is going to help us. No amount of power or sacrifice will aide us, and if you go on with what you have planned, no one will help us either. I hate seeing you killing yourself to solve this hoping that whatever haunts us will help me with the pain. I'm use to it big brother and it doesn't hurt as much anymore. Promise. Just...come home Chase. Please. Love you, Astrid."

Reid looked up at his brothers as they stared at him, Sarah was looking at the floor biting her lip and he had a feeling she was trying to keep from crying in front of them.

"Is there an envelope?" Tyler asked.

Reid shook his head as he shook the journal upside down to see if anything else fell out. "No, it was stuck between pages."

"What's on the pages?" Pogue asked.

Reid shrugged. "They were blank."

"Well at least now we have a name to go off of. Astrid. And we know that she's been writing Chase, by the sounds of it, he writes back." Caleb pointed out.

"You have a box of his stuff right?" Reid asked.

"Yeah, up in my room." Caleb nodded.

"Have you gone through everything?"

Sarah shook her head. "We skimmed; there are only two other journals, one from the fifteen hundreds and one that's filled with little bits of conversation."

"What else was in the box?" Tyler asked.

Caleb stood. "I'll go grab it." He said jogging up the stairs to his room.

"There really wasn't much in there, we grabbed as much as we could from his room before Provost Higgins came to claim everything."

Reid frowned. "Where would all his stuff go though?" he turned to Pogue, "When you guys broke into the records office, did his records list a next of kin?"

"We were more interested in Chase himself not anyone else." Pogue admitted.

"Do you think his records are still in the office?" Tyler asked.

"Might be." Sarah put in. "The records office is filled with old and new students. There's no reason for them to pull Chase's file."

"Here it is." Caleb said coming back down the stairs with the box, setting it on the coffee table. They all gathered around and reached in, Tyler grabbing one of the journals while Pogue grabbed the last one. Reid grabbed a large wooden box that lay in the corner of the cardboard box while Sarah and Caleb went through the loose papers they'd stuffed in the box, in their haste to gather as much as they could.

"It's Putnam's journal before the witch hunts." Pogue shrugged. "Just talking about day to day life in the old world before migrating here."

"Just doodles." Tyler said. "Little pieces of conversation, like he was writing notes with someone and they were passing the book back and forth." Tyler shook the journal to see if anything would fall out, but nothing did. "That's about it, no dates or names."

"Notes and bills." Caleb said as he and Sarah skimmed through the documents they'd spread on the floor.

"Nothing about a next of kin in here either." Sarah said. "Just lots of school work and notes."

They all looked at Reid who was going through the wooden box. "What'd you find?" Caleb asked.

"The jackpot." Reid admitted as he tossed something in the middle of the table. There sat a lone picture of Chase smiling into the camera ray bans covering his eyes while a dark haired girl was hugging his neck and kissing his cheek, her green eyes laughing as Chase took the picture.

Sarah picked it up and looked at the back smiling. "Boys, we've got a location."

Tyler took the picture and looked at what Sarah had seen. "Astrid and Chase, PA." He said.

"Well we've got a state narrowed down." Pogue said with a roll of his eyes as he tossed the journal he'd been looking at on top of Chase's.

"And the town." Reid said as he held up an envelope. "I've got the town."

"Where is she Reid?" Caleb asked.




This is my first Covenant fic. I warn you now, personalities might be different but I'm trying to get them as close as possible to what I saw in the movie. There are only so many times I can see that movie for researching purposes of course lol.

I do have plans, and it is going to be a pretty long story if I have my way. I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope I do all the characters justice. It's one of the stories that I'm really excited about writing.

There are pictures at accompany each chapter and all pictures will be posted on the photo gallery on my website, the link is on my profile.

So once again, hope you guys enjoy it!