Chapter 8: School Tour

"Foreboding huh?" Tyler asked as he waved his parents into the school and stood next to Astrid looking up at the old stone building he'd been calling home since middle school.

"A little." Astrid admitted looking over at him.

"It's just like any other school." Tyler assured, taking a chance, he reached down and took her smaller hand in his and smiled at her. "Cliques." He said tugging her hand as he pulled her up the steps. "Jocks, nerds, bitches and pricks," He teased as he pulled open the door and pushed her inside teasingly as he dragged her down the hall.

"We've got your date rapists and cheerleaders; we've got your bullies and the all around good kids." Tyler laughed pulling her along, grinning when he saw a smile form on her lips and her eyes roll. "And of course we've got your totally popular crowd."

Astrid laughed as she started walking next to Tyler instead of being dragged. "And who are theses totally poplar kids you speak of?"

"Well us of course." Tyler laughed wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "And now that you're part of the group that makes you instantly popular too."

"Got to love the way high school hierarchy works."

"Don't you?" Tyler laughed

Astrid shook her head in amusement. "You certainly have a way with words Simms."

"Thanks." Tyler smirked as he knocked on Provost Higgins office, only opening the door once he heard the resounding 'come in'.

"You must be Miss Pope." Astrid heard once she'd walked in, she looked over at the desk and saw the portly older man standing behind the desk with a grin on his face, giving Astrid the impression that Glenn and Rosalind had already told the older man just how much they were willing to shovel into the school to let her in.

"Yes." She answered, shaking his offered hand.

"I'm Provost Higgins, please have a seat." He said gesturing to the seat in front of him, in front of Rosalind and Glenn, while Tyler took the seat next to her. "Glenn was just showing me you're transcripts, I have to say I'm quite impressed, you were in all of the accelerated classes at your old school and doing impressively well."

"Thank you." Astrid said with a smile.

"You were also on the girl's swim team?" Higgins asked.

"I was good at diving." Astrid shrugged. "And backstroke."

Tyler looked at Astrid in amazement, but turned to the Provost when he started laughing. "So modest, according to your principal you were their best diver and won them regional's your first two years at school. Mrs. Herbert said you quit towards the beginning of the year, mind if I ask why?"

Astrid swallowed, and gave another shrug, trying to push the day she'd decided to quit swimming to the back of her mind. "I lost someone close to me, and I just didn't want to swim anymore."

"Understandable, I do hope that you take joining again into consideration, our girls swim team is nothing compared to our boys, and I believe you'd be just what those girls need to get into shape."

"I'll think about it, thank you." Astrid nodded.

"Well, with grades and glowing recommendations such as yours, I want to welcome you to Spenser; I know you'll be an excellent addition here. Now I'm assuming you'll want to live in the dorms like you're cousin here."

Glenn answered for her, "I think Astrid would much prefer living here in the dorms rather then in an empty house."

"Of course." Higgins's nodded as he pulled out a folder from his desk and opened it up. "Well it looks like we only have a few rooms open." He murmured.

Astrid bit her lip as she leaned forward to see the numbers, she looked down the list and saw Tyler's name with Reid's under the number 329, looking down she saw that 331 was still empty.

"Is 331 still empty?" Tyler asked, causing Astrid to sit back and look at Tyler in surprise, but instead of him looking at her, he was looking at the Provost.

"You know, it is, and it would be in the hall with Mr. Garwin, Mr. Parry and yourself," Higgins said. "Is that all right with you Mr. Simms?"

Glenn nodded as he looked at Rosalind who smiled. "I think that's perfect, it would definitely make Astrid much more comfortable having Tyler near by."

"Perfect, I'll have Mrs. Cavil get you the key and your information packet, Tyler you'll of course show you're cousin around, make sure she knows her way across the campus."

"Of course." Tyler nodded.

"Well then." Higgins said standing; Astrid stood with Tyler and shook his hand again. "I expect great things from you Miss. Pope."

"Thank you." She said with a small smile.

"Why don't you two go get Astrid's key and packet, Tyler, and show her around a little, while we have a word with the Provost?" Rosalind said with a smile.

Tyler smiled. "All right mom, see you at home." He said leading Astrid out and to the office across the hall.

"Mr. Simms isn't it a little early for you to be reporting for detention." The older lady sitting at the front office desk asked dryly without taking her eyes off the papers in front of her.

Tyler smirked as he leaned against Mrs. Cavil's desk causing her to look up slowly. "Please Mrs. Cavil, you know I only come to keep Reid company, I'm the good one remember?"

"Hmm." Mrs. Cavil said as she looked back down at her papers. "That's to be determined, what can I do for you then?"

"My cousins starting Spenser on Monday and I'm here to pick up a welcome packet and her key."

"Room number?"

"331." Tyler said, causing the older lady to nod and go to the cabinet next to her desk and open the doors, filled with little pegs, most of them empty now that students had their room assignments, she took one of the keys and gave it to Tyler before handing him a yellow folder. She looked over Tyler's shoulder and smiled lightly at Astrid.

"Welcome to Spenser honey, and I hope you're not a trouble maker like your cousin here."

"Not much of one, no." Astrid smiled back.

"Thanks Mrs. Cavil." Tyler said leading Astrid back out. "Come on dorms are across the campus."

"Tyler?" Astrid asked once they were outside, walking across the grounds to where Tyler had pointed out the dorms.

"Hmm?" Tyler hummed, looking through the packet, trying to remember what was in them.

"Why did you ask for that room?" Astrid asked quietly.

Tyler looked over at her briefly before shrugging. "I don't know, it's close to us, I guess I just thought you'd want to be near us."

Astrid nodded. "But there were two other empty rooms on your floor."

"Yeah but 331 is a single. I doubt you'd want a roommate, what with your visions and all."

Astrid smiled and bumped his shoulders lightly. "I know you know that 331 was Chase's room Tyler."

Tyler shrugged as he closed the packet and climbed the stone steps, holding open the door for her. "I don't understand you're relationship with Chase, I may never will." Tyler said slowly thinking about his words carefully. "It doesn't mean I don't respect you for it." She looked over at him in surprise. "You miss him Astrid, it's so obvious that you miss him, Caleb doesn't want to admit it, Pogue is going to ignore it, and Reid is going to condemn you for it, but me, I'm going to try to understand it and make it easier for you."

"So you asked for his room?"

Tyler shrugged. "I don't know, I thought it'd make you leaving your friends a little easier."

Astrid smiled and hugged his waist as they climbed the steps to their floor. "Thanks Tyler."

"If the guys asked, the Provost placed you there, I never asked." Tyler said, causing Astrid to laugh.


"Reid and I are in a double two doors down, Pogue is at the end of the hall." Tyler said as they reached their hall and pointed out there doors. "And this is going to be yours."

"There are more girls on this floor right?"

Tyler nodded. "Yeah, its mixed floors, there's really no boys hall or girls hall like it use to be when Spenser first started, it is communal showers, you up for that?" he smirked.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Simms." Astrid laughed taking the key from his fingers and unlocking her door. "Oh wow." She murmured as she walked in.

The room itself was bare, the small twin bed was stripped down to its mattress, the walls bare and white, while in the closet at the opposite side of the room the empty hangers swayed softly with the stirring of the air. But even with the empty room, she could still feel Chase.

"What is it?" Tyler asked.

Astrid bit her lip as she looked around the room. "It's just…" she shook her head and shrugged. "nothing."

"Nothing?" Tyler asked with a raised eyebrow.

Astrid smiled lightly, suppressing the shiver that wanted to run through her, she felt Chase, definitely felt Chase in the room, but there was a twinge of something else, something else she'd never associated with her brother and she didn't like it. Could this be the Chase that Caleb, Pogue and Tyler tried telling her about.

She looked around the room again, biting her lip lightly, maybe it was just her powers trying to come out again, her head was starting to ache a bit, she really wouldn't know until her powers were unlocked.

"You okay?" Tyler asked, taking her arm and pulling her out of the room lightly.

Astrid gave a brief nod, handing Tyler the key and letting him lock the door. "Yeah, just got a bit lightheaded is all."

"Well let's get back to Caleb's or else Seb is going to have my head for not bringing you back in time."

"Perfect." Astrid smiled. "You're parents won't mind us not coming back?"

Tyler shrugged. "We'll go home in time for dinner, don't worry about it, just like they're in and out of the house all the time, so am I, we're use to it."

Astrid nodded, glancing back at the door that led to her room one more time, before accepting Tyler's hand and following him out.


"Sibyl!" Sebastian called as he followed her into the house, only to wince when she ignored him and stalked through the kitchen, "Sib I'm going to fix it!" he called as she reached the stairs, she whirled around and glared at him, ignoring the two pairs of eyes staring at them.

"When Seb?" Sibyl hissed. "When are you going to fix it?" she glared at Sebastian. "Forget this incident Seb, when are you going to tell them? When are you going to stop using me as your scapegoat and man up and tell them? When you get caught?"

"Sib." Sebastian sighed.

"Don't you dare tell me I don't understand, I have been through this with you from the very beginning and I'm done."

"Sib, don't say something you're going to regret." Sebastian begged,

"I don't regret this Seb, this is for your own good, when you get back, you're telling Kael the truth, or else I will." Sibyl said before turning back around and walking up the steps, causing Sebastian to stare at her.

"Wow, tense."

He turned around and saw Astrid standing by the door, as Tyler closed it; he looked into the living room and found Pogue and Caleb watching him carefully. "How'd it go?" Sebastian asked as Astrid walked towards him.

"Fine." Astrid said reaching up and smoothing out his frown lines. "What's up with Sib?"

"She's still pissed; she wants me to tell Kael when we get back."

Astrid gave a small nod as she patted Sebastian's arm, starting to go up the steps. "I think that's a good idea."

Sebastian grabbed Astrid's arm and made her turn around. "You can't be serious."

Astrid shrugged. "Sibyl's tired of pretending Seb, and if Sibyl's tired I can only imagine how you're feeling. I think it's time, what's the worst that can happen; they kill you?"

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. "Yes!"

Astrid laughed. "Okay, so that is a possibility, but I still think you should tell them Seb and let Sibyl start living her own life." She started walking up the steps again and laughed. "I'm going to be upstairs with Sib. I'm pretty sure she wants to bad talk you and I am only happy to oblige."

"You're a bitch Astrid."

"Oh, but the best kind." Astrid laughed as she rounded the corner.

Sebastian turned around and saw Tyler sitting on the couch, while they all watched him. "How'd the meeting go?"

Tyler nodded. "Like Astrid said, it went fine, we gave the school money, and Astrid was accepted, I learned the Astrid was on the swim team."

"She was?" Pogue asked.

"She was a diver and she also did backstroke for the team." Sebastian answered as he sat on the chair next to the couch.

"She quit though." Tyler pointed out.

"Why'd she quit?" Caleb asked.

Sebastian sighed. "Swimming is one thing that Chase and Astrid shared, the day the lawyers came to tell Astrid that he had died, was the one and only meet that Chase didn't make, she just…didn't want to swim after that." Sebastian shrugged. "She loves it though, she was co-captain of the team, but since our school focuses more on football and basketball then any other sport the girls swim team get forgotten about."

"We'll get her back in the water." Pogue smirked, "Swimming is big at Spenser."

"Good." Sebastian nodded. "She needs to keep her mind focused on something other then her brother and us."

"Do you mind if I ask what's going on between you and Sibyl?" Caleb asked.

"Not at all, do you mind if I don't answer?" Sebastian smirked looking over at Caleb. Caleb raised an eyebrow causing Sebastian to sigh. "Shifters are very different then witches, you know? Not just in our powers or our origins, but in more ways then you could ever know."

"How so?" Tyler asked.

"Our history is more directly related with the Greek gods then anything, supposedly we're descendents of a Zeus. Zeus was disguised as a wolf when he went to a well known witch and seduced her. She gave birth to twin sons who at puberty turned into a wolf; supposedly this happened so that they could better hide from Hera's wrath, me I think the big guy upstairs fucked up."

"So what happened?" Caleb asked.

"As the years went by, our kind started abusing our abilities, some stayed in their wolf form while others preferred their human. Those who preferred to be in their wolf form started mixing the breeds, wolves with chickens, and just some crazy shit. Zeus didn't like what this race he created was doing so he destined us to have mates."

"Mates?" Pogue asked.

Sebastian nodded, "One person meant for us for the rest of our lives, compatible with us in every way shape or form."

"I'm guessing it doesn't really work that way?" Caleb asked.

Sebastian shrugged as he looked over at the group. "Most of the time it does, my mom and dad are pretty damn happy with each other, they've had four litters already."


Sebastian nodded. "I'm only one of fifteen, and there are three sets of twins, my two older sisters, my brother and me, and my younger sister and brother."


"So yeah, it works most of the time, Dara, I don't know if you met her?" Sebastian asked.

"She works at the bookstore where we picked up Sibyl right?" Tyler asked, remembering the pretty quiet dark haired girl who wouldn't meet his eyes

Sebastian nodded. "Yeah, that's her; she's mates with my pack leader Kael."

"Really?" Pogue asked.

Sebastian nodded. "Mated since middle school,"

"Are Rafe and Astrid mated?" Tyler asked.

Sebastian turned to the young boy and shook his head. "No, I'm not going to go into their courtship, that'll come out on its own, but, no Rafe and Astrid weren't mates."

Pogue stared at the blonde before voicing what everyone else in the room was thinking. "What about you and Sibyl?"

Sebastian laughed bitterly as he leaned down resting his elbows on his knees and running his hands through his hair, tugging lightly at the ends. "That's the question isn't it? Is Sibyl my mate, god I hope not, we'd both kill each other within a month if we were to mate."

Tyler frowned. "How do you know if someone is your mate or not?"

Sebastian turned to the youngest and shrugged. "Sex."

"I'm sorry?" Caleb asked.

"You have sex, at the moment of climax you get this sign that you're mates."

"Sign, like what type of sign?" Pogue asked.

"No idea, it's different for everyone, according to Kael and Dara, they were surrounded by a million little colored orbs, my parents said that it felt like their souls were being tied together but they didn't see any lights."

"So you and Sibyl haven't…" Pogue trailed off.

"No, we've tried, but we've never been able to actually get to it." Sebastian shrugged. "Mostly because we know that when it comes time to actually mate, there's a ninety percent chance we'll be mated, we're compatible in every way shape and form."

"So what's the big deal?" Caleb asked. "I mean in the last few days we've seen you interact, it seems like you guys get along great, why would you being mated to Sibyl be such a big deal?"

Sebastian stared at the witch and said the phrase he'd only said once before. "I'm gay."



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