Aladdin, the Sorcerer and the King of Thieves

Chapter One: Leaving

It was mid-morning in the Land of the Black Sand, though the sky was so thick with dark clouds that it seemed like midnight. A humble horse and cart were held stationary in the black sand dunes in the wilderness surrounding the Citadel. Two grotesque, half-dead mamluks gripped the young peasant who owned the cart. Before him stood the tall, lithe and dark figure of the young sorcerer, Mozenrath, his companion Xerxes floating by his shoulders.

"I'm telling you the truth!" the driver assured him, shaking. "I was just on my way to Agrabah for the wedding of the princess and the boy she has chosen."

Mozenrath rubbed his chin thoughtfully with his fleshy left hand. "Hm, so Aladdin and the princess are finally getting married."

Xerxes rested on his shoulder. "Good time to get gauntlet ba—" the flying eel was cut off when Mozenrath suddenly grabbed his throat. Xerxes got the message. "Sorry," he gurgled.

Mozenrath released him and looked back at the peasant. He smiled what was supposed to be a kind-hearted smile, but there was no deying the dangerous undertone.

"Now that I consider it," he said smoothly, "I don't believe you mean any harm."

The man's eyes enlarged with hope, completely ignoring the shadow behind his words. "Really?" he asked.

"Yes." Mozenrath looped his bundled right arm over the peasant's shoulders. "What is your name?"

"R-Ramin," the man answered.

"And what is it you do, Ramin?"

"I-I sell fine cloth and silk. I made a prince-worthy suit for Aladdin and a gown for Princess Jasmine." He said quickly.

Mozenrath smiled, his eyes half closed. "How sweet." The man sighed as the sorcerer dropped his arm and walked away from him. Mozenrath waved his hand. "Take his cloak and lock him in my dungeon."

"But you said you believed I was innocent!" Ramin cried as the two mamluks holding him tugged off his cloak and handed it to Mozenrath.

Reaching into the cart, Mozenrath found a large bag made of purple silk and opened it. He pulled out the beautiful white robe and pants suit highlighted with blue and gold that was meant for Aladdin. In no time, he had it on and was pinning the cloak around his shoulders.

"Perfect fit." He said pulling the hood over his head and climbing into the driver's seat. He set the distinguished turban on the seat beside him.

"You can't do this!" Ramin yelled as he was being pulled away. "Those are my silks, young man!"

"Young man?" Mozenrath placed his bundled right hand on his breast in mock astonishment. "You are barely my senior." He waved his left hand harder. "Take him away."

Ramin struggled against the mamluks, but it was no use.

"Xerxes, come." He commanded. Xerxes settled into the upturned turban. "Let's go congratulate the happy couple." He slapped the reigns and the cart began to move.

Xerxes turned to look at the peasant being drug away to the Citadel and laughed.

"Xerxes happy to get gantlet back. Master not have it long enough."