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Hermione stared at her lunch. Harry and Ron had both scarfed down their meal and rushed off to Quidditch practice. As a girl whose two best friends had been guys since school started, it wasn't often Hermione Granger felt sorry for herself. She didn't expect them to want to stay up all night gossiping and talking about feelings. In fact, if they did she would probably run the opposite direction. But something about today had her needing someone to ask her how her day had been. "Not great," she mumbled to her sandwich.

She'd been up late the night before editing Harry's potions paper and basically finishing Ron's. She'd overslept, and then already in a hurry found her Transfiguration book covered in goo from Neville's cactus. And let's not forget Draco Malfoy. Every school has an obligatory jackass. He's ours, she thought, wishing the carrots she stabbed at with her fork were his face.

On her way to class that morning she'd been obliged to walk past him and his cronies.


"Look there's the beaver. Hey Granger!"

Just ignore him and maybe he'll disappear, thought Hermione as she hugged her books to her chest. No such luck. His group surrounded her and he draped his arm over her shoulder. "Hey, we've decided we'd rather swim than study today, you wanna come with?" he whispered conspiratorially. "Blaise will promise to take his shirt off to sweeten the pot."

Hermione stiffened as the Slytherins laughed around her. Suddenly Malfoy's mouth was very close to her ear and he breathed, "Does it make you horny?"

Appalled, she shrugged him away, but he kept following her.

"Hey Blaise," he laughed, "flex for the mudblood." Blaise shoved him and Malfoy just laughed, "Alright, alright."

Hermione hurried away and heard Malfoy say, "Man, she used to be fun."


Fun, eh? Hermione smirked, an atypical expression on her face. She remembered how much fun it had been to slap him back in third year. Maybe it was time to re-establish herself...

Hermione was fairly bouncing in her seat at the end of Transfiguration. When McGonagal finally dismissed them she grabbed Ron's arm and dragged him out into the hall. "I've got something funny to show you."

"Hey, Mione! Slow down!" Ron panted, but she couldn't wait to see the fun.

Malfoy sauntered out into the hall behind them, his book bag tossed carelessly over one shoulder. Hermione grinned as she flicked her want and his bag began to shake violently.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Professor McGonagal exclaimed, "Open your bag this instant!" Malfoy, looking confused, complied and suddenly a bludger came bolting out of the bag. Everyone ducked, including Malfoy, as the ball flew up and down the hall knocking holes in the walls.

"Finite!" Professor Flitwick's voice rang out as the ball froze midair.

Professor McGonagal took a moment to recover, then said, "Well, what's this Mr. Malfoy? This appears to be a rogue bludger."

"That's exactly what it looks like," agreed Flitwick.

"Alright, to the headmaster's office."

The hallway erupted into a chorus of cheers. "Busted!" someone chimed in.

Draco was completely shocked. There was no possible way a bludger had gotten into his bag unless someone put... Granger. He quickly found her in the crowd. She sat behind him in Transfiguration, she must have put it there. "It was you," he pointed.

Her only reaction was to shrug innocently.

"Listen, I know it was you." He felt Professor McGonagal's hand on his shoulder but he wasn't done. "This isn't over ok?"

She yawned!

"Oh you're so cute," he spat sarcastically. "Listen, I'll get you for this. I will!"

"Lets go," McGonagal pulled on his arm and he felt Flitwick shove his leg.

Hermione grinned, feeling bigger and better already as she watched her favorite professor march Malfoy to Dumbledore's office. "You're right," laughed Ron. "That was funny."

Later that day, Ron and Hermione decided to do some studying outside. At least, Hermione was studying. Ron was making a twig fly around like a broomstick. "Hermione, you've got to see this!" he shouted from across the quad.

With a sigh, she put her books in a pile by the tree and went to him. "Check it out! I can re-enact that great save I did against Ravenclaw last week!"

She was in a good mood, having thwarted Malfoy earlier so she watched Ron's flying twigs for a few minutes. Ron was good at making her forget her worries and soon her studying was forgotten. Almost an hour later she was almost asleep in last rays of sunlight when she heard, "Uh, Hermione?"

"Yeah," she said, not bothering to open her eyes.

"Your books." Something in Ron's voice made her eyes fly open and she whirled around to where she'd left them.

Malfoy was flipping absent mindedly through her Potions book as his friends sprawled under the tree. Hermione approached cautiously, her hand ready to go for her wand if she needed it.

"Hey Granger," his voice was even nastier than usual, "do you know what your little joke cost me?"

"Well I'm pretty sure you won't be getting your bludger back," Hermione retorted.

RIP. Malfoy tore out a large chuck of pages. "Wrong answer. Would you care to guess again?"

Hermione's heart sank at the destruction of her book, but she refused to show weakness. "Clearly your sense of humor."

RIP. This time he tore the book completely in half down the binding. "Nope, and you're usually so good at pop quizzes. No, the correct answer is Quidditch. That's right, they've suspended me from the team for the rest of the year." Malfoy now stood right in her face.

"Uh, Draco?"

Annoyed, Draco glanced away from the mudblood and saw what his friend meant. Harry Potter. That pompous, self-righteous prick.

"What do we have here?"

His voice alone was enough to make Draco curse.

"Blatant hatred toward the art of Potions? Oh no no. I'm afraid that is reserved for Gryffindors, or people Snape has tortured over the years. Not his precious Slytherins."

Draco didn't want to deal with him right now. "Listen man, I don't have a problem with you today."

"That's where you're wrong. Accio book bag!" The book bag at Draco's feet flew to Harry's hands.

"Hey! That's not his, it's mine!" Goyle called out.

"You can bill me. Inflamare!" Draco watched as the bag in Potter's hands caught fire and burned to ashes in mere seconds. "Thats it," Potter said, brushing the ashes off his fingers, "Bugger off. Except for you." He leveled his wand at Draco. "You... Say you're sorry."

Draco wished his wand was out instead of tucked in his back pocket. Still who did Potter think he was? He laughed. "Rub a lamp."

"Stupefy!" The spell hit him full in the face. "I said say you're sorry."

"Kiss my ass!" he yelled back, wiping the blood from his nose.

"Stupefy!" This time the force knocked Draco to his knees in the dirt, with Saint Potter laughing above him.

"Let him go." Granger's voice blocked another spell from Potter.

"Are you sure? I could do this for a while." Potter still had his wand in Draco's face.

"I don't want his apology."

Draco picked himself up, still wiping at his nose to stop the bleeding. As he walked out of the courtyard he felt his so called friends following him. "Hope you guys are comfortable," he muttered.

I have to write this story. It came to me late one night as I sat and pondered the similarities between Draco and Logan... Then all the other characters fell into place. I wish Harry was more like Weevil sometimes... And you'll just have to see where the rest fall into place.