I'm Mr. Brightside

My feet pounded loudly in my ears. I had been running for days. It didn't seem that far when rage had fueled me instead of desperation.

I couldn't believe she was going to marry that bloodsucker, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I had known the decision was coming and that she wasn't going to choose me, but knowing she was going to be his in every sense sickened me.

I knew he was old-fashioned and would want to marry her, a legitimate claim. I had hoped her aversion for marriage would stop her, but not even the memory of her parent divorce slowed her down. I was so shocked that day, standing outside the tent and about to fight in a battle. Shocked, along with confusion, hurt and anger.

I had suffered through it and put in a brave face. I went on and acted as if nothing was wrong. I had wanted to run when I found out but then I got hurt and I couldn't run. By the time I was healed I had accepted it, my mask was firmly in place.

It had taken a small slip of paper to destroy that mask I had so carefully worn after the newborn battle. I could stand the feel the pitying stares of my father and pack mates on my back. I could even stand Leah's scathing comments but when I opened that letter and read the wedding invitation it all came crashing down. My mask cracked and crumbled and I was exposed with nothing to hide behind.

I had taken off and transformed before I even hit the tree line outside my house. I ran without stopping for days. I ran until I couldn't smell the leeches, until I couldn't hear my pack brother's worried and frantic thoughts, until I couldn't feel my body or bring anymore oxygen into my lungs.

I finally had fallen exhausted to the forest floor. I don't know how long I had laid there but eventually I got up to find shelter and food. I lived as a wolf for a long time. Weeks, maybe months, time didn't pass the same way in my wolf form as it did when I was in my human form.

I eventually decided to go back. I found a town and learned the date. I felt a sense of panic. I had only three days until Bella's wedding. On the third day my love would be gone, trapped forever at eighteen. I had to see her one last time. I needed at least one last glimpse into her chocolate brown eyes. One last hug before her warm embrace would be cold, and her heart would be silent. I would have to live on it for the rest of my unnaturally long life.

I flew back to Forks. It was the day of the wedding but I still had a few hours to get there. I pushed myself harder and I arrived just after twilight. I could see the lights from the house and smell the leeches.

I was shocked to see a pile of clothes laid out just out of sight of the reception. They smelled of Seth, he was a good kid. I wonder how he knew I would return.

I dressed quickly and I knew he could sense me but I send him a message anyway, asking for permission to see his...wife. My brothers had noticed me as well and were moving discreetly in my direction.

Edward threw me an undecipherable look and began to lead Bella in my direction. She looked wonderful, a vision in white. I had never seen a woman look more beautiful and I had little hope I ever would again. I was truly stunned by her. I felt a pang of loss because she wasn't mine. If I had fought a little harder this might be our wedding.

I managed to get my final moments and a last hug but it was marred by my temper. Even though the whole point was to let her go, I still couldn't believe that the filthy leech planned to give her a real honeymoon. He was going to touch her, to soil her with his icy unnaturalness. I felt sick and the fury took over again, even though I tried not to let it.

I was loosing it. I took off running again. I couldn't believe what a coward I was. Tears leaked from my eyes and down my muzzle. I had never been in so much pain. A new wave hit me and I feel to the ground. It took me a few minutes to work through the overwhelming agony to realize that the pain wasn't emotional, or actually mine.

I was lying on the ground, writhing in pain, my nose filled with a sickly sweet stench. I was completely defenseless on the forest floor and surrounded by crimson-eyed vampires.