Yu-gi-oh! Au fic!

Summary: Marik is the ruler of the school! Nobody would dare mess with him or his friends! At least that was what he thought until he met tiny Yugi Mouto. Short and cute yet with a fiery attitude that makes him even willing to swap insults with Marik! What will Marik be willing to due to capture and tame little Yugi! And what secrets are behind that shield of anger? Will Marik be able to do when he finds out there is more pain then anger inside his little light and what will he do to those who caused the pain!? Stay tuned to find out!

Yugi will be really OOC in this one and Marik will still be crazy but he will be a little tamer because it is really hard to write from the point of an insane person since I claim to be sane…DON'T YOU THINK SOOO!? LOL!! Yami and the gang will be in here but some will not be as friendly as you might have hoped. If you don't want to see this then don't read!

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Warning!! Tea Bashing!! Strong language! And possibly kissing but not till later!!

Yugi's PoV

"It's okay, it will be different here! Nobody will hurt you here Yugi!" My Grandpa and the social-worker told me as I started to get out of the car. I nodded and gave them my best smile. "I will do my best, Thank you Grandpa, Ms. Mai." With that I got out of the car and headed into the school. I walked into the main office giving the woman at the counter my best smile, "Hello, I am Yugi Mouto." I told her with a smile. She smiled back and told me where my first class was and gave me a list for my others.

I walked off, my last thought as I entered the class room was, "A new life, can I survive it?"

General PoV

Yugi walked into the empty class and took a seat in the back. He waited as the room filled and the teacher entered. The teacher wrote his name on the board and turned to the class. "We have a new student, his name is Yugi Mouto, please treat him well! Yugi, can you introduce yourself to the class?" the teacher asked and Yugi stood up nodding to the class saying his name and telling them the well rehearsed story he had come up with so that no one had to know about his past.

When Yugi went to sit down a loud bang was heard the door of the room was kicked open. Yugi looked up to see who had opened the door. The group of boys was headed by one who caught Yugi's attention. The boy was tall and hand a perfect tan that was definitely foreign with blond hair that stuck out from his head in just about a billon angels and violet eyes that showed a calm slow burning fire of insanity and something that looked an awful lot like hunger. Over all he was handsome and it was only heightened by the company he kept, all very good looking and yet nowhere near this strange mans.

"Marik, Bakura have you two decided to join us today?" the teacher as though this happened every day. "Shut it teach, just be happy we fucking showed up to day!" spat the white haired boy next to the tall blond. "Bakura, what did I tell you about being nice to the teacher!" a voice said from behind the two men. They walked into the room revealing other boys behind the first two. "Oh shut it Ryou, just be happy that I even showed up!" Bakura yelled at the smaller boy, Ryou, but with much less anger then when he yelled at the teacher. The other boy just watched the two bicker while the taller boy scanned the room.

"Since you two were late I would…" Before the teacher could continue the loud speaker signaled for the man to come to the office. The teacher sighed and told them to take their seats and he would be back shortly. As soon as he left the 4 boys were greeted by the rest of the class. "Hey guys, guess what!" one boy who had green eyes and black hair pulled into a ponytail yelled at them. "What Duke, we don't have time for games." Bakura snapped back but he was smiling so it was all good natured. "We got a new kid! He also doesn't know but he is sitting in Marik's seat!" Duke yelled, pointing toward Yugi. He froze in shock, 'Oh god I am so stupid! I should have waited before taking a seat!' Yugi thought as the four boys made their way toward him.

Marik's PoV

I had noticed the boy as soon as we walked in. Not only was he in my seat but there was just something different about this boy. As I walked over to him, he seemed to finch and when I was standing next to the desk he did not even lift his head to look at me. "Tiny-one, what is your name?" I asked him, surprising myself with the gentleness in my voice. For some reason I knew this boy would not be handled with brute force. It wasn't that I thought he would break; it was that I knew he would fight. "Yugi, Yugi Mouto." He answered quietly raising his head slowly to look me in the eyes.

"Well Yugi, I am Marik and that would happen to be my seat. Would you mind telling me why you are here?" I asked. Instantly though I knew I had said something wrong for the smaller boy bristled and stood. "I have as much right to be here as any of you! If this is your seat then take it! I don't care in the least who you are and I don't see why you care either!" He started to gather his things and before I could stop Bakura he reached out to grab the boy, catching him by the arm. The boy flinched and pain flicker across those lovely amethyst eyes before he turned on Bakura like a hurricane released.

He dropped his stuff and grabbed Bakura's hand and wrenched it from his arm. Yugi then yanked down roughly, causing Bakura to stumble slightly. When he had Bakura's face low enough he growled out, "Touch me again and see just how long you keep your arm!" It should be said that Bakura was shocked enough to pull backwards and yank his own arm away from Yugi as though he had been burned. "So the little one does have spark!?" I laughed as Bakura and the little light glared at me. "Call me Little again and see if you keep your teeth." Little-Yugi growled out.

I smirked at him, "Now now Yugi, fighting me may by biting off a little more than you can chew. Any-who, you seem to have wanted to sit bake here for a reason so you can keep the desk, I will take the one next to you and Bakura you will move…Boy switch seats with Ryou. Good for you now Kura! Because of our new little friend you can sit closer to Ryou!" With that another boy was forced to find a new seat while Bakura grinned to himself like a fool and I took a seat next to the one I had given over to Yugi.

He seemed hesitant so I made up his mind for him. 'You really should sit while I am still happy, you really do not want to know what happens when I forget to take my happy pills…" I left the threat hanging but Yugi seemed to understand because he did as told with a huff.

When the teacher came back and started the lesson everything was almost peaceful…well as peaceful as it could get as I watched the small boy. He seemed so fragile and yet so strong that I was actually trying to figure out what could have possibly happened to make the little light so strong and yet so weak. I started to take in his appearance. Yugi was wearing our schools blue uniform but had added his own flare to it. The front was completely open showing sleeveless leather top and he was wearing leather and buckles on his wrists as well as a leather choker around his neck. Before I could contemplate anything else it was time for lunch.

General PoV

Before Yugi could get up and leave for lunch alone, his desk was surrounded by the earlier boys. Yugi looked resigned, as though he was waiting to be beat up. Instead he was shocked when Marik reached down and ruffled his hair, "Come on, you will eat lunch with us Yugi-hikari." It was not a request but a demand and Yugi was to shock by the nickname to notice as Marik pulled him to his feet and led him from the room. Yugi only truly became aware of where they were going when he was led to the lunchroom.

Sadly as soon as he walked in he was met with the worst sight he could have seen. Standing there in the cafeteria was the one person he thought he had finally escaped! Yugi froze up, 'This was supposed to be a new life! Not a repeat with new tormentors! How did Ms. Mai miss the fact that she had entered this school!' He thought to himself miserably. Marik, having felt the little lights hand go cold looked in the direction the boy was staring in. He looked back at the boy thinking he had fallen in love on sight with the school slut. Instead what he saw in Yugi's eyes was nothing more than fear in its purest form.

Marik held the boys hand tighter in his and slowly tugged him towards the lunch line. Once he had grabbed enough food for both himself and the little light he led him to a table. Sadly, as soon as they sat down, all hell broke loose.


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