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General PoV

"Why did you call us over Marik?" Joey asked worriedly. He could tell there was something wrong. Especially since he had called Seto as well.

"I have a lot to explain to you guys and I am going to need all the help I can get…well Yugi does anyway."

Malik smiled at his brother.

"You love him." Not a question but Marik nodded anyway. "Okay, I am in." Everyone agreed, even Kiba for he had known Marik for a long time and was actually happy that the crazy thief had finally found someone.

"I know why Yugi moved here. I also know where he gets his guts and his fears. Yugi is abused and was taken away from his parents for the abuse. He is now living with his grandpa. When I took him home today a social worker was there. She told us that a sympathetic judge allowed for him to be returned home. I went back with him to his parents and could feel that he is in danger there."

"Seto, I want you to help get lawyers for him to get him out. Other than that, I promised that we would visit him every day."

Marik looked at them pleadingly.

"Kiba Corp. will be representing him. That means I will represent him until we WIN!" Kiba pulled out his cell and started making the calls.

The others smiled at Marik.

"We can't leave Yugi alone now can we?" Joey laughed and they all started to put together a plan.

Yugi on the other hand was cowering in the corner of his room. His back was bloody and he only hopped that he would be saved this time.

The next day Marik found Yami at the game shop.

"Yami, your brother was taken back to that place. I want you to come with me when me and my friends go to visit Yugi today."

Yami looked at him.

"Why do you care?" He growled out. He seemed to be angry and hurt about what had happened to his brother but was covering it with hate for Marik.

Marik returned the growl and slammed him against the wall.

"I love your brother and would die to protect him. I just want you to come to see what you sentenced your brother to when you ran!" Yami looked so guilty but Marik didn't care.

He threw the other boy the ground and walked away to meet up with Bakura.

"Marik, you know I kind of respect the kid and he reminds me of Ryou so I will help. If you find he has injuries then I will help with removing him."

Bakura flashed his knives that lined his jacket. Marik gave a feral grin.

"Should I go off my meds during this?" He asked but Bakura frowned and shook his head.

"We need you sane, no, Yugi needs you sane. How are you supposed help him if all you want to do is kill?"

Marik sighed but agreed.

"Mai will be here at 6 to take us for a 2 hour long visit." Bakura agreed.

They spent the rest of the time just hanging out. Marik kept playing with his bracelet but couldn't figure out what the bad feeling in his heart was.

"Marik, are you and your friends ready?" Mai asked as she drove up. She was driving a huge van.

"Yeah, we are all coming."

Everyone, even Yami, was there and they all piled into the van. Mai hopped in back and pushed Marik into the front seat.

"You drive faster than me and I want to get there quick. I have a few reports of crying and yelling heard."

That was all Marik needed to hear before he floored it and peeled out onto the highway.

He slammed on the brakes when he saw the house. Everyone jumped out, ready to fight if they had to with Mai in the lead with the papers for removal if necessary. She knocked on the door and Mr. Moto answered it.

"Hello, who are all these people?" He asked in a angry voice. Marik answered.

"We are here as his friends and Mai okayed it so you can't stop us."

He didn't wait to be allowed in. They all pushed forward. Marik looked around but didn't see Yugi. He suddenly felt a burn in his wrist and looked down to see it glowing. It was then that he heard muffled crying.

Marik motioned for the others to follow him while Joey detained the father with Mai and Seto called his Lawyers.

Marik found a wooden door in the kitchen that led down to a basement. The crying was louder there.

"Bakura, I will not take a weapon so I am leaving it to you to stop the mother." He said in a deathly calm voice.

Bakura agreed and the others decided that it would be easier to let the 2 of them go down together.

Marik opened the door and rushed down the steps when the smell of blood hit him. There was a light at the bottom.

Marik wanted to kill the instant he saw what was happening.

Yugi was tied to a chair and his mother was beating him with a belt.

Bakura leapt into action and tackled Mrs. Moto to the ground. Marik walked slowly up to Yugi who was sobbing.

"My Little Light, you will be okay." Marik untied Yugi and carried the sobbing boy up the stairs.

"We will be taking the boy!" he heard Seto yell. He heard other voices that he didn't recognize.

"Yugi will be coming with my big brother."

Marik would have smiled to hear Mokuba Kiba standing up for someone he did not know but he was just to angry as he entered the living room.

Yami had their father against a wall while Mai spoke with the lawyers. Everyone gasped when they saw Marik walk in.

Yugi was covered in bruises and cuts but he was awake and had stopped crying. Marik smiled down at the smaller boy.

"I came for you love. I think I have a burn on my wrist but it did tell me that you were hurt. I am sorry I didn't get here sooner."

Yugi smiled back weakly but at least he was doing something. Yami looked like he wanted to say something but stayed silent.

"Thank you for rescuing me. I love you." Marik smiled and kissed his forehead before glaring at the father who had started to laugh.

"I knew you were a little fag! That is all you are, a whore and nothing more! I should have killed you instead of going through all this shit. You'll see, we I'll win and this time I will kill you!"

Yugi cringed but it was Seto who stepped up.

"You won't get him back because I just recorded what you said and I will do everything to keep you away from him."

Mai smiled when she heard the sirens that told them that the emergency vehicles had arrived. They turned though when they heard Bakura step in with the woman by the hair.

"You are lucky the police are here bitch or I would have really tortured you!" The cops entered first and cuffed the man and wife and the paramedics came in to take Yugi but Marik refused to release him.

"Sir you can ride in the bus but he is going to bleed out if we don't do something!" Marik relented but held them to the promise.

1 week later…

Yugi was happy to be home from the hospital but he was dreading the court case the next day.

"Don't be afraid of them. You have me!" Marik pulled him into a kiss which Yugi was all too happy to fall into.

"I love you." Yugi whispered as they lay down to sleep. Yugi would stay with Marik till after the trial.

"And I you my lovely little light." He placed another kiss on Yugi's lips before they both fell into a comfortable sleep.

The next morning was brutal for Yugi who was terrified to have to face his parents again. The new judge had said it would help with closer but Yugi really didn't agree.

Yugi would have to take the stand and Kiba had informed him that the opposing lawyer was a major ass!

Marik led Yugi into the court. All of their friends were already there. "Hello Yugi, don't worry, everything will be just fine. Marik won't let anything hurt you." Duke reassured.

Malik smiled and agreed readily while Yugi and Ryou started to talk about games. Yugi's lawyer came out.

"Marik Ishtar, you have been ordered to appear before the court as well." Marik laughed.

"That will be their mistake then." The lawyer agreed and left them to await the judge.

An hour later, court was in full swing.

"Would Yugi Moto please take the stand?" The judge asked. Yugi stood shakily but smiled when the judge smiled reassuringly. Yugi had been assured that this judge was on their side because he hated child abusers.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?"

"I swear." Yugi took the seat and waited. His lawyer only asked small questions like, did your parents hit you and things like that.

The other Lawyer was much worse.

"Did your Mother really beat you with a belt? Are you sure your not making it up because you are an angsty teen then got spanked by their parents?" Yugi blanched.

"She tried to kill me as well as my father did. Do you want me to show you the scars?!" Yugi demanded. The lawyer smirked thinking he had caught the boy in a bluff and turned to the judge.

"Would that be okay your honor?"

The judge looked put out but agreed when Yugi smiled at him.

Yugi stripped off his dress shirt and turned around. When he looked back at the court, the judge was red faced with anger and his parents Lawyer looked pale when he realized that he really was protecting criminals.

"No more questions your honor." Yugi walked back to his friends.

"The court calls upon Marik Ishtar as a witness."

Marik swore in and took the seat.

"So, Mr. and Mrs. Moto told me that you and their son are dating. How do we know that you are not the one abusing him?" Marik wanted to growl but knew that would not help.

"Yes we are dating but it would be difficult for me to be the original abuser if I have only known him for a few days." The lawyer thought for a minute before asking again.

"Why are you dating if you have only known each other for such a short time? That would show that you two have known each other for longer."

"We fell for each other instantly though I do not see why love at first sight has anything to do with this."

The lawyer got angry then.

"We have documentation that says you are on anti-psychotics for paranoid schizophrenia. How do we know you didn't imagine it was them when it was really you?"

The lawyer had a smug look but Marik wiped that right off his face.

"Sir, I hear voices not see imaginary things. Also, as you previously stated, I have only known Yugi for a maximum of 2 weeks so how could I have been the abuser. As far as the new injuries, I and my friends are the ones that saved Yugi this last time."

"I would never hurt that which I care for. Also, if you must sight my mental state, the voices have only said that I should harm those who hurt Yugi, not hurt Yugi. Even the voices love him."

The Lawyer was shocked but had realized that he was not winning with me.

"Next we call up Tea Gardner."

Yugi cringed but smiled when Marik wrapped a protective arm around his waist.

She swore in and took the seat that Marik had just vacated.

"So how do you know Yugi Moto?" The nasty lawyer said.

"He went to my school before I transferred. He was picked on and when I helped him he became obsessed with me. I maintain that that is why he is at Domino High right now."

The lawyer grinned and continued with the questioning. Finally the court was called for the end of questioning and the jury would break to deliberate.

"Yugi, it will be fine. No one will take you from me." Marik told the nervous boy. They were sitting together but Yugi was very worried after what some people had said.

Most of the people called up though had testified to Yugi's abuse and that he should stay with his grandpa.

"Break is over." The Bailiff called.

Yugi let Marik lead him in and they took a seat with the others.

"What has the jury decided in the case of Moto versus Moto?"

A woman stood and smiled at Yugi.

"We have decided, unanimously, that Mr. and Mrs. Moto, on the charges of attempted murder, child abuse and endangering a minor, that the pair have been found guilty of all charges."

Yugi was in shock but smiled when he heard everyone cheering. Marik swung him around and kissed him full on the mouth while the others did the same to each other.

"You can't do this!! He is just a little brat that deserved it all!!" Everyone looked to see Yugi's mother and father screaming and fighting the cops that were trying to drag them away.

Yugi looked to the judge who smiled and stopped the cops so Yugi could walk up.

"Why did I deserve it? I only did whatever I could to protect myself and not get beat. I didn't run like Yami and I didn't tell what you did because I wanted you to love me. Now I know you could never have loved me."

Yugi turned away and ran into Marik's waiting arms and cried for the loss of never having loving family.

Yugi jumped when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned and saw the judge as well as the woman from the jury.

"I am happy for you, child. It didn't take us long to decide that they were guilty." The woman said.

The judge clapped Marik on the shoulder.

"You take care of him boy. I don't want you two in my court because you are banging him up to." Marik smirked.

"The only banging I plan on is the kind that involves a bed."

Yugi blushed crimson and everyone laughed.

That night Yugi had opted to stay with Marik but Kiba had said they needed alone time and sent them to a hotel for the next three days.

"So my love, how does it feel to be free?" Marik asked as they got ready for bed.

Yugi giggled and snuggled into Marik's chest.

"It makes me giddy and tired." Marik agreed and they fell asleep in each other's arms; both feeling that they could take on the world at that very moment.

Little did they know that that was exactly what they would have to do.

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