Alright! Man of Mist is finally done!!!!1!!!!11ONEONE!!!!

That...definitely lasted longer than I expected, I was only expecting like, 10 chapters? _

Now that I'm done and you've read the whole thing (unless you just skipped to the end without reading) - you may now leave your hate mail. Flames and critiques are much encouraged! Hate mail is even more so! If you don't like something - don't bottle it up! It's bad for your health - shout it out!


Okay? Now, let's move on to the thank-you-i-love-you's.


This story would never have been possible without.

- Court records dot net. I don't think anyone needs an introduction about that website – we all go to it at one point or another. Without the information on the characters, I would never have gotten beyond more than chapter one. After all, how many times can a person go back and check their DS for information? So yes, a big thank you for them.

-An even bigger thank you is for Svedka – who made a script for AJ : AA on gamefaqs. If it wasn't for the faq, chapter fourteen would have been completely impossible. For one thing I wouldn't be able to piece together the bits of the trial, or determine what is relevant and what is not (I can't scroll back in the game, obviously) and the whole chapter would have simply fell apart. Believe me, I tried writing without the script and failed. Miserably. So thank you so much Svedka, for making the script! xD

- Ellcrys, who is an author of PW fanfiction here. Without ellcrys, there will be no Carlis on ff . His was the first PW fanfiction that I read, and I'm still of the opinion that he's one of the best authors on the PW sections. His writing style is amazing and smooth, and he's the reason I decided to join in the first place, as well as why I started writing fanfiction – to get just that little bit closer to the wonderfulness that is his fanfiction. (Actually, come to think of it – I'm not quite sure if he's a he, except for a mention of a girlfriend. And did I mention it's totally weird I'm gushing over someone I've never even reviewed? =X) It's thanks to him that I managed to motivate myself into starting to write at all.

-All my reviewers! Seriously, thank you everyone, so so much. It's thanks to your support that I manage to squeeze out the story. (And omg, I'm so tired x_x I have school in like, 4 hours and I haven't slept a lick.) I hope you guys enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it! And let this be a lesson to all! : Writing is fun, if only you get to poke Kristoph into doing crazy stuff.

-Capcom. Yes yes, you lucky potatoes. You made Ace Attorney, so now every fan thanks you/worships you/love you/ writes fanfictions about your game. So now that you're on the receiving end of so much adoration...How about making a GS5 with more Apollo? XD Pweeze? *Shiny eyes*

On sequels, part twos, and such such :

Man of Mist will not, for the strictest sense, have a part two/sequel. That is to say I will most definitely NOT come out with a story that goes, Kristoph and Apollo is fighting again/Kristoph comes out and lives with Apollo and [Insert humour/drama here] Actually, after writing about them for so long I'm getting a little tired of them. -Kicks Kristoph into bin- xDDDD

So yes, there will be no MoM part two, happily.

There will be a story later however that relates to MoM. It relates in the sense that it proceeds under the central assumption that Apollo was once adopted by Kristoph and/or he owes a debt of gratitude to Kristoph. Also, the timeline coincides, being placed two months after 4-4, so if you want a sequel to this story because you can't get enough of it (Snorts!) you can keep an eye out for it.

It'll be called Domino Effect and this is the summary. On second thought, let's make it a trailer! More exciting that way.


-Cue grand music-

-Cue curtains rise-

-Cue Apollo's forehead-

When a blackout falls the impregnable Californian State Penitentiary two months after 4-4, the security system fails for the whole of ten minutes. Riots ensued, and when they were calmed down, the officers find that three inmates are gone – Machi Tobaye, Daryan Crescend and Kristoph Gavin. The city issues an immediate information shutdown as the police - what few of them who know about the presence of murderers on their street - race to track down the escaped convicts for their own personal reasons.

Klavier is mobbed by the paparazzi, and he's determined to find his brother and put him back into jail before rumours get worse; Phoenix is convinced that Kristoph is the man behind those anonymous threats and chief of Police, Kazaf has to nab them before the escaped criminals do each other in and he has more paperwork on his hands – because now Machi is on the streets – trying to escape from Daryan, who is determined to give him a taste of his own medicine, trapped in a city where no one understands him. Only Kristoph seems to be missing from the act, showing no signs of hide or hair...

-Cue awesome grand music-

-Cue curtain falls-

-Cue author comes in and bows-

-Cue caramel penguins-

-Cue -- *Gets shot by audience*

Edit : The sequel is now up, under the title : The man who looked at the sky. And yes, it'll be more action packed than it's title suggests.